Copy Kids DVD – Review & Giveaway, Ended 4/6

Copy-Kids is a DVD series designed to get very young children excited about eating fruits and vegetables.   It features various (adorable!) kids having a good time eating a variety of different fruits and veggies.  The concept is that when your children watch it, they will want to join in with the happy, giggling, healthy-eating kids on the TV!

Featuring well-known pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, the DVD is intended as a positive approach in the quest to get children eating healthy.

I thought this was an intriguing idea, and I was curious to test it out on my 18 month old son.  He is already pretty good about eating a variety of healthy foods.  So I decided to pick one of the veggies I didn’t think he would eat, and test it out – bell peppers.

He is also extremely active (hence the bruise on his little cheek, in the pictures below), so I didn’t know if he would really sit down and pay attention long enough to develop the desire to copy the kids on the DVD!  But it grabbed his attention and sucked him in right away …

What do we have here?

Hey, I've got one of those, too...


Granted, he didn’t eat the whole pepper, or sit there for more than a few minutes.  But he did take several bites and enjoyed it!

The DVD is layed out with a menu that features a 12 segments for each fruit or veggie – each lasting a 6-8  minutes, and moving from scene to scene of different children enjoying that particular food.  Very cute.

The foods covered include:  bell pepper, carrots, raspberries, broccoli, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, oranges, avocado, apples, and blueberries.

I think this is fantastic and effective idea.  You could use it in segments, and introduce foods as your child is ready (and as you are prepared … you need to have the fresh fruit or veggie on hand for them).

I thought it would also be perfect for little ones with no older sibling to model this type of behaviour.  And I think we all agree that it’s well established behaviour… kids love to “copy kids”!

The Clip

Check out this clip from the DVD, to get a feel for it…

Where To Purchase

You can purchase a copy of the “Copy Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables” DVD for $19.99, from the Copy-Kids website.

The Giveaway

One of my readers can win a copy of the DVD “Copy Kids”!  Please use the entry form below.

I received a copy of the DVD “Copy Kids” to review at no cost to me.  The opinions are my own.

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  1. Id say bell peppers and avocados

  2. I would probably start with apples and bananas and work my way up to more creative foods!


  3. Any green vegetables!

  4. Robin Scott says:

    apples and bananas to start with

  5. Any veggie!

  6. Anastacia Grace says:


  7. Heather R says:

    Bell peppers!

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