Disney Wordless Wednesday

This week’s Disney Wordless Wednesday theme:  Adventure!

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Adventure doesn't run much higher than driving a car, to a 5 year old.

So many Disney adventures to choose from, but Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Speedway wins today … with my daughter’s little fingers gripped importantly around the steering wheel, and a huge smile across her face (which you unfortunately can’t see).

Dad doesn’t even look nervous.

*o*     *o*     *o*

Join us on the funnest photo blog hop around!  Hosted graciously and creatively by Deb at Focused On the Magic.  Click the button to link up, or view more great entries this week.

Focused on the Magic

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  1. That is such a great shot – I can just imagine how excited she must have been!!

  2. Looks like Fun is being had by All!!

    ~ Jill


  3. That is pretty exciting!

  4. This is so cute! I have never been on the speedway, still a must do! 😛

  5. Ah, so cute! One of DS9’s favorite attractions too. He loves that driving “adventure” but I keep telling him if he keeps driving the way in does at Disney, he’s never going to get his license 😉

  6. Just a sweet shot! Great memory of a big adventure!

  7. What an adorable and classic Disney picture! One of our favorite rides. I love seeing the kids’ faces here and how the grown-ups either look relaxed or worried =)

  8. Love that your daughter is paying so much attention to the road that she didn’t even look up for the picture. No wonder your husband looks so relaxed. I had a death grip on the door when my daughter drove me around.

  9. I remember doing this in Disneyland Paris when I was 5! It’s definitely a big adventure at that age! 😀 x

  10. What a great adventure shot! My oldest learned to love driving on the Tommorrowland Speedway–now he drives Indie Cars on real speedways!
    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the hop!!

  11. Oh our son loves this, can’t pass it by. He can almost reach the pedal now so lookout! Thanks for sharing

  12. Super cute pic! Love that ride!

  13. Great shot! I always love how seriously kids take their driving on this. Our son is always determined to get it just right. 🙂

  14. Awesome shot, very cute..

  15. I haven’t been on the speedy way in awhile..next time I go to WDW I am going to go on it! love the pic!

  16. Yes! This is true adventure for any kid without a driver’s license. Good call!!

  17. Oh so fun for her! :)Thanks for sharing your adorable picture!

  18. My kid got to do this on her 4th birthday – high adventure indeed!

  19. I love it, that was one of my boys’ favorite things that we did!

  20. Great shot! My nephew loves “driving” at Walt Disney World. 🙂

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