Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Mix it Up at Chef Mickey’s

This week’s theme:  Mixing it up with Mickey & Minnie

*o*     *o*     *o*

As I see it, there are numerous ways you can “mix it up” with Mickey and Minnie at the Disney Parks.

  1. You can boogie down with them, as they float by during a parade.
  2. You could convince them to ride Mad Tea Party with you.
  3. You could have them mix you up some grub for breakfast (at Chef Mickey’s, of course), and then come mix it up socially by chatting with the hungry masses and signing autographs for adoring fans!

We went with #3 today.  Double mixed.  Not stirred.

*o*     *o*     *o*

Thanks to Deb at Focused On the Magic for hosting this fun, weekly Disney photo blog hop!  Click the button below to come link up, or just enjoy all the great shots from everyone’s posts this week.

Focused on the Magic

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  1. Love the photo! I have got to go to Chef Mickey’s so I can see them in their chef clothes! 🙂

  2. Been a while since we were last at Chef Mickey’s. In fact is was so long ago that when Chip visited our table he got very excited and kept trying to get my son’s attention. (My son was working at the Haunted Mansion in those days). Turned out to be a fellow HM CM who worked with him at the Mansion. 🙂

  3. We were just at Chef Mickey’s a couple weeks ago. Great food, but took awhile to see Goofy and Pluto. What a great shot of both Mickey and Minnie!!

  4. We haven’t been to Chef Mickey’s in forever – I think we have only actually been once, too. Hmmm…might have to go back and check it out again soon!

  5. I just love mixin’ it up at Chef Mickey’s. It’s been way too long–must get back there next time.

    Thanks so much for sharing and joining in on the blog hop fun today!

  6. Great picture this week! We haven’t been to Chef Mickey’s in AGES. Might need to plan a trip sometime soon 🙂

  7. Cute! We were closed out of Chef Mickey’s during our last 2 trips- now we’re on a mission!! It’s been too long… Thanks for sharing 😀

  8. You have both Mickey and Minnie in the same shot! Not always an easy capture. Yeah!! Nice.

  9. That’s one excited looking little girl getting Minnie’s autograph there. Too cute!
    Ummmm….Where is Chef Mickey’s anyways?

    • COMtnMom says:

      Hi Steve!

      Chef Mickey’s is inside the Contemporary Resort (on the Disney World property) – so you can ride the monorail there to/from Magic Kingdom … YAAAAYY!! It’s kindof legendary, so the reservations typically fill up pretty far out.

      Although a little chaotic, the food is pretty good (we did breakfast), we found it really festive, and we all had a super fun time there. Recommended!

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