Celebrate Your Anniversary at Disney World

Disney Happy Anniversary Button

Disney “Happy Anniversary” Button, from our Disney Resort

Visiting Disney World feels like something to celebrate in and of itself, but have you ever timed your trip with a special occasion of your own?

When my parents were set to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, we talked them into meeting us at Disney World for a joint Disney celebration trip (their 40th, our 6th year).  At the time, we didn’t realize how this would end up being the most magical, week-long anniversary celebration we’ve ever experienced.

Disney’s Happy Anniversary Buttons

Perfectly timed with Disney’s “What Will You Celebrate?” marketing theme that year, the Disney reservation site at the time prompted whether you were celebrating a special occasion.  Our Mickey & Minnie Happy Anniversary buttons were ready and waiting for us in our registration packets at our Disney Resort.  What fun!  You can still ask for these buttons at the front desk of your Disney Resort, I believe they continue to carry a supply.

Donning our cheery buttons the first morning out, everywhere we went Cast Members wished us a friendly, “Happy Anniversary!”.  Even a few fellow vacationers joined in the well wishes, and it proved a conversation starter more than once.

My Midwestern, make-friends-everywhere-you-go dad completely ate this up.  Truth be told, by about Day 4 I found myself accidentally forgetting to put my button on.  Not dad – he stuck it out the whole 7 days.

Rafiki Chekin the Disney Happy Anniversary Button

Even Rafiki checked out dad’s Disney Happy Anniversary Button

Disney Happy Anniversary Celebration at Boma and Narcoossee’s

But the celebration didn’t end there.  I had included mention of our anniversary on a couple of our ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) as well, and was tickled to see how the different table service restaurants made the occasion extra special.


Disney Anniversary Celebration at Boma

Disney Celebration dessert at Boma – Happy 40th Anniversary!

Yes, Boma treated us right, bringing out this specially created dessert plate after our dinner that night.  They had also had multiple cast members sign a “Disney Celebration” card for us!  It was an unexpected treat.

Disney Anniversary Celebration at Boma

Happy 6th Anniversary to us, at Boma!

Our other special anniversary evening was spent at Narcoossee’s, where they printed special souvenir menus for us to keep in remembrance of the evening (and fantastic meal).  With hearts, a commemorative date, and “Happy Anniversary!” at the top … this now holds a place in my old school scrapbook that I made for this fantastic trip.

Celebrate Your Anniversary at Disney!

Grandparents have a big anniversary celebration coming up?  Would they consider meeting your family and the grandkids at Disney World?  We can’t say enough about this amazing trip.  It remains our favorite Disney World trip we’ve ever taken, and we’ll never forget the pixie dust they sprinkled on our Anniversary Celebration.

Early in my blogging venture, I wrote about this multi generation celebration trip in Bringing Grandparents Along to Disney – how we stumbled across the idea, how it came together so nicely, and what a beautiful trip it was for us all.  Disney certainly knows how to make a trip magical, and unlike any other destination.  It’s hard to put into words how worthwhile our experience celebrating our Wedding Anniversary there truly was.  I’d recommend it to all.

I mean – seeing fireworks for your anniversary?!  What more could a girl ask for?  And don’t forget your Mickey & Minnie “Happy Anniversary” button … how long can you go wearing it?

*o*     *o*     *o*


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  1. What a great trip! My parents celebrated their 42nd anniversary on our last trip. My mom wore her pin and it was so great to hear all the cast members throughout the day wish her and my dad Happy Anniversary. They celebrated at Yachtsman Steakhouse. Disney definitely knows how to make celebrations special!

  2. A great trip it was!! Nothing like celebrating day after day with the ones you love, in such a carefree setting as Disney. Truly a ‘moment in time’ that will never be forgotten. Thank you, dear daughter, for making it happen. Without all your planning and Disneys help to put it together, it would not have come together in such a perfect way.

  3. How fun! We hope to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a few years at Disney World – I’m counting on it!

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