Nature’s Legos ~ Play Time During Kid Hikes

Family Hike with play Time

As grown-ups, when we go for a hike we’re typically all about following the trail.  When you take your little ones along, do you find yourself constantly saying, “Com’mon!  Let’s go!  Gotta stay on that trail.  We need to keep going…

But if you stop and think about it – in the world of a small person, the hike isn’t about reaching a destination, or getting some exercise.

It’s about being there.  There.  Right there, where they find themselves at any given Nature Moment.  With cool rocks to climb, pretty weeds to pick, and tiny [insert local, crawly habitants here… for us, it’s very speedy lizards] critters to chase.

Or Nature’s Legos to stack!


Natures Legos Kids Play on Hike 2

Sometimes in life, you just gotta stop and stack some rocks, Ma.


So I’m trying to learn to relax in this regard a little.  I still like to keep some forward momentum along the trail, for part of the time.  I think that’s a reasonable request, and it is good for them to get some exercise.

But I also let them stop and play.  Because what a marvelous playground the outdoors is!

Natures Legos Kids Play on Hike

And when you think about it, having your kids discover the joy of being outside, and playing outside, is what it’s all about.

*o*     *o*     *o*

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  1. In our family it’s the other way around. The kids usually want to get to the end of wherever we’re going, while Lori and I like to stop and look at pretty things. I guess I didn’t let the kids stack enough rocks when they were younger.

    • This is perfect! You and your wife can take OUR kids hiking, and we’ll hit the trail with YOURS! 🙂 Shall we start in Colorado, or Canada…?

  2. So true, just had this same experience today! Was hiking with my kids and they started finding what they thought were geodes and quartz and couldn’t move from the fascinating spot. I had to let go of my agenda and go with the flow!

    • Aahhh yes, my 7 yr old gets very excited over any sparkly, crystal-type rocks that we find on hikes! (Ok, I do too… HA)

      What an awesome blog you have – I’m so glad you dropped by, so I could find you back. 🙂 I’m a new fan of Odyssey Outdoors!

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