Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Impressions de France

This week’s Disney Wordless Wednesday theme:  The Letter “I”

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If you found yourself visiting EPCOT with a limited amount of time, the Impressions de France attraction would be at the top of my recommendation list for you.

EPCOT France pavilion

EPCOT’s France Pavilion

This charming film is shown on a 200 degree screen in EPCOT World Showcase’s France, lasts a little less than 20 minutes, and portrays all that I dream romantic Europe to be.  It is well worth a visit.

From the opening bars of the music, and first breathtaking view of French countrysides and castles… it leaves you transported and transfixed!  The soundtrack beautifully pieces together works from French composers Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Paul Dukas – and is the perfect thrilling compliment to your enchanting virtual visit to France.

EPCOT Impressions de France

Entrance to EPCOT’s “Impressions de France” theatre

Race alongside French bicyclists, glide along on a Venice gondola, ski through the scenic French Alps, fantasize about life in one of the real Old World castles displayed, and take a dramatic peek up and into the Eiffel Tower.  So many awesome scenes, it gives me goosebumps every time I see it!

While I enjoy EPCOT World Showcase’s other wonderful attraction films (in China and Canada), Impressions de France is my hands down favorite that I never, ever miss.

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And a big thanks to Deb, at Focused On The Magic, for hosting us and continuing to come up with creative themes!  🙂

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  1. I’ve listened to the music a hundred times, but we’ve never done the attraction. Maybe next month!

  2. We missed this one on our last trip 🙁 Oh well, another reason to go back!!!

  3. We love the France pavilion… great choice! I love the way it is illuminated for the night!

  4. Great “I”! Absolutely beautiful film! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop fun today!

  5. Great “I” we did not think of that one. Love that movie.

  6. Nice one! We haven’t been in to see this film since our honeymoon back in 1998, but you’ve reminded me how great it is, so we’ll have to go back again soon 🙂

  7. Beautiful scenes of France. I love wandering around that area because of the impressions of the land.

  8. Impressions de France is one of my favorites- so moving!

  9. I don’t go to Epcot much, I am more a MK kind of girl. I like France though. My husband and I loved that “country” when we went to Epcot on our honeymoon. Such great food and I also adored that film in the circle theater.

  10. I loved the France Pavilion but sadly missed Impressions de France. It sounds like a great show and something to ignite the wandering soul.

  11. I love the France pavilion but never stopped to see Impression de France. After reading your post, I’m adding it to my list of things to see on our next trip 🙂

  12. I haven’t been to WDW since I was 10, and I remember loving Epcot, but I don’t really remember France….I’ll have to not this so that we can swing by whenever we make it out to the world! Great post!

  13. Gorgeous pictures – you’d swear that it really was Paris wouldn’t you xx

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