Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring at Magic Kingdom

This week’s Disney Wordless Wednesday theme:  Your March Calendar Shot!

*o*     *o*     *o*

Since I have never been to EPCOT’s International Flower & Garden Festival (and officially found out today that I won’t be seeing it this May 9-12th, either … ahem!  But enough about that), I don’t have many lovely topiary character pictures to dazzle you with, for a Disney Spring Calendar shot today.

Although I was excited to see my first topiary, at the Magic Kingdom last month:

Disney Magic Kingdom Spring  topiary

Awwwww… cute!  (stinkin’ maintenance crane)

And although it wasn’t Spring yet when I took this next shot, the fact that you can see beautiful foliage like this in early February (a novel concept to a Midwesterner like myself) is one of the many reasons we love to go to Disney World in winter!

Disney Magic Kingdom Spring

Check out more great Springtime Disney shots this week by clicking the button below.  Thanks Deb, at Focused on the Magic, for hosting this fun weekly photo hop!

Focused on the Magic

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  1. We hate that crane, too!! It’s ruined pictures on our last several trips!! Haha!!!

  2. Wow spring sure is gorgeous at Magic Kimgdom

  3. I really like your 2nd pic – it looks like the perfect spot to spend an afternoon reading a book and watching the water go by 🙂

  4. Your intro had me laughing out loud. I’ll be joining you NOT there in May. It is a nice change to look at the beautiful greenery after being out driving in the snow this morning. Thanks for sharing.

  5. FL winter is very much like spring in the Midwest. I really, really love it here. The weather is almost perfect right now.

    So…your photos definitely pass for spring shots. 🙂

  6. Love your pics, It is a great shot of the Castle 🙂 even with the crane…

  7. I agree, seeing tropical foliage when it’s freezing back home is quite the treat! Great shot.

  8. Beautiful shots! Makes me feel springy seeing the lovely weather in FL. Yup, I won’t be seeing it in May either but I think I’ve got to get there in April. Thanks for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop today.

  9. Disney on Wheels says:

    That crane is always messing up photos. 🙂 I love the one of the bridge.

  10. Beautiful even with the crane! And the second shot is so calming! :]

  11. I love that Mickey and Minnie. 🙂

  12. Great shots, Tami but I really love that second picture – it’s beautiful. I’ve never been to the International Flower & Garden Festival either and hoping to go one of these days especially after seeing all these great shots everyone’s been posting.

  13. Great pics!! I love the Mickey & Minnie topiaries!

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