Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly Pants [$50 Giveaway, Ended 4/15]

Duluth Trading CompanyI’ve been receiving catalogs for awhile now from Duluth Trading Company, and I instantly loved two things about them:  They use real women as models.  And these real women wear Duluth Trading Company apparel while doing REAL work!

We’re talking about an impressive display of female dairy farmers, loggers, ranchers, and carpenters.  And it appears that the durable Duluth Trading Company clothing does a great job of keeping up with the rigors of their daily tasks.  Although I *wish* I were that tough and capable, alas my time is spent more in the categories of office work and outdoor recreation.  So as a better fit for my lifestyle, they sent me a pair of Duluth Trading Company Dry On the Fly pants to try out.

Duluth Trading Company’s DuluthFlex Dry On the Fly Convertible Pants

Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly PantsDuluth Trading Company DuluthFlex Dry On the Fly Convertible Pants (whew!  That’s quite a name!) come in 6 great color choices, and are made from a light yet mid-weight, wicking nylon/elastane fabric.  This great fabric is called DuluthFlex™, and is a specialty of Duluth Trading Company.  It’s tough in resisting rips and dries quickly.    They’ve got a bit of stretch to them, so are quite comfortable.

Technical fabric pants such as these definitely have their benefits, and perform fantastically for hiking, camping, or any type of outdoor adventure.  But they have a tendency to either a) not be very soft-to-the-touch fabric, or b) be really noisy to wear.  I was very happy that the Dry On The Fly pants did not seem to have either problem.  This fabric is more supple and softer than my other technical hiking pants, and they are definitely more quiet to walk in.  Excellent!

Dry On the Fly pants ~ The Fantastic Fit

Fit can be the next challenge.  With the variety in shapes and sizes of women, I honestly don’t know how clothing makers come up with a style that fits most everyone?  I think they’ve got a winner in the Dry On The Fly, with a very forgiving cut.   Described as “fitting both curvy and straight body shapes” (I’m curvy), the well designed comfort waistband contributes to this nicely.

Duluth Trading Company-quick-dry-convertible-pant-waistLike the sound of a “comfort waistband”?  (Who wouldn’t?)  It’s quite heavenly.  It offers either gently cinching on smaller waistlines, or slightly extending to custom fit you perfectly.  There are two small elastic sections (not cheesy looking, once you have them on) in the waistband to assist with this.   And as if that weren’t enough, they lined the waistband with brushed tricot fabric to be extra comfy next to your skin.  I really love this feature.

Sometimes I feel with pants that have stretch to them, that I have trouble keeping them up (unless the waistband is really tight, which I don’t like either).  This can be a real pain, especially for active wear use.   Well, the Dry On The Fly pants did NOT experience this problem.  They stay perfectly in place during my hikes, you don’t even need to give them a thought.  Again, this is a HUGE plus in my book, and has not been something easy for me to find in a pant.

Dry On the Fly Pants ~ Great Features, Great Hiking Pants!

Duluth Trading Company Dry on the Fly convertible to capri

Some other great features of the Dry On The Fly pant:

  • They fit spot-on true to size
  • They have six pockets (the side leg pocket for my phone is my favorite)
  • They are convertible!  Just roll up the legs and snap up the cuffs for capris.
  • UPF 50+
  • Wash up very nicely in the washing machine
  • Duluth’s signature “Crouch Gusset™” for range in motion comfort when bending, climbing, or lunging.
  • They dry very quickly… ON THE FLY!

Here’s a look at me testing out my women’s Duluth Trading Company Dry On the Fly pants, at a nearby National Park.  Not typically a purple kinda girl, I deliberately chose the light plum color because I thought they were so pretty and unique.

First I try out my Red Carpet Pose.  You know, except I’m on a dirt trail.

Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly Red Carpet


Wait… did you get my boots in that last picture?

Duluth Trading Company Womens Dry On The Fly Pants

Aaahhh – there is it.  The money shot.

Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly Hiking

See, that dusty plum color is not even remotely overwhelming.  I really love these hiking pants!  I actually find myself wearing them on an everyday basis, not just when I need a technical/durable option.

Note that they come in 3 lengths, which is awesome.  I’m 5’10”, and chose the medium since they have an inseam of 33″ – borderline for me, as I typically prefer 34″.  I probably could have gone with long, but these are (just barely) long enough, so I’m happy with them.

As Ricker says, “Go on. Hike through that creek!”  Check out this great video for a fun video look at the Duluth Trading Company Dry On the Fly pants.  (Warning:  You’re going to want a pair after you watch this.)

I highly recommend the Women’s Dry on the Fly Convertible Pants as your next favorite hiking pants (they have skirt and shorts options, too!)  They are available on Duluth Trading Company’s website for $64.50.

And for you guys, they also have multiple options for a men’s Dry On the Fly pants or shorts.

Duluth Trading Company ~ Giveaway

Duluth Trading CompanyI love giving away gift certificates, because it offers readers a chance to select something from a brand that they really like.  So I’m excited to tell you that Duluth Trading Company has generously agreed to offer one winning reader a $50 Gift Certificate to Duluth Trading Company!

Open to US residents, 18+.  Entries will be verified.  Enter using the form below.

*o*     *o*     *o*

I received a pair of Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly Convertible pants at no cost, for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own.  Professional images credit Duluth Trading Company.

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    Women’s Runabout Knit Capris

  2. Eugenie says:

    I like the Women’s DuluthFlex Fire Hose Work Pants.

  3. I once hiked the Zion Narrows in jeans and couldn’t lift my foot more than a few inches those things were so heavy. I’m all about hiking pants now.

  4. Women’s No Sweat Longtail T Crew Neck Shirt

  5. Kathlyne says:

    I like the Longtail long sleeve henley T shirt.

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    I like the Women’s Heirloom Gardening Capris

  7. I really love the Andina Leather Ankle Boots.

  8. Kelli Taylor says:

    I like the zip top canvas tote bag

  9. Charity L. says:

    They have some nice products! Never heard of them before. I browsed for a while and I like the Short-Sleeve Henley. Would love to win this giveaway!! Thanks for the chance:)

  10. I like the Men’s Shoreman’s Ear Saver Cap. I don’t like my ears to be cold.

  11. Taryn T. says:

    I want the Teva Niyama Flats!

  12. Diane L. says:

    I like the women’s SmartWool socks. I’ll bet they would keep my feet warm and comfy during our long, cold winters.

  13. I like the dog seat covers for cards.

  14. I really like the WOMEN’S DULUTHFLEX CURVY BOOT CUT JEANS. They look really flattering, but I think these dry on the fly pants are my favorite 🙂 They would be perfect for wading in the creek.

  15. I like the Men’s Armachillo Ripstop Cargo Shorts.

  16. Not only are they great to wear, Buck Naked Underwear is also fun to say!

  17. Sarah Cool says:

    I love the TEVA® NIYAMA FLATS in brown, so cute

  18. Id like to try some of the buck naked underwear for my husband.

  19. Love the look of the Men’s Fire Hose Field Coat

  20. My husband loves Duluth! Would probably get him some undies and hankies…essentials.

  21. mechele johnson says:

    I am loving the Women’s Jambu Clementine shoes!

  22. Amanda N. says:

    I like the Women’s Teva Freewheel Casual Sneakers!

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    I like the Men’s Measure Twice Logo Longtail T Shirt. Love that these shirts are 3″ longer than usual shirts.

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    I would like to get my husband Deluth Trading Company’s Men’s Lifetime Belt

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    I’d like the Women’s DuluthFlex Denim Overalls.

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    I would like to give the Bite Free Natural Cream a try. thank you!!

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  28. I want the Pet Tether for my dog to be safe in the car.

  29. RickyRoberts says:

    I like the Men’s Midweight Duluth Trading Compression Socks. I could use a few pair of those.

  30. I’d LOVE the Women’s Storm Creek Rain Jacket!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  31. mickeyfan says:

    I’ve been wanting to get my hubby their boxer briefs but I’m scared to pay that much to just try them out (he’s REALLY picky).

    Thanks for the contest.

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    I like Women’s Leather Wild Boar Boots


  35. Marti Tabora says:

    My favorite item is the Deluxe Seat Saver for travelling with my dog.

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  37. As a backpacker, the Women’s DuluthFlex Dry on the Fly Convertible Pants would be great.

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    I really like the Women’s DuluthFlex Fire Hose Modern Cargo Pants in Black or Brown. I do a lot of gardening and these seem perfect for it.

  46. I like the No-Crack Lavender Scented Hand Cream

  47. I own one of their lifetime leather bags (the convertible one that goes from messenger to backpack) and it is seriously THE best bag I’ve ever owned. I’d have to say it’s my FAVORITE product from DTC so far!

  48. Theresa D says:

    I really like the Carbon Blue Women’s Longtail T Short Sleeve Zip Hoodie.

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    Men’s Dry on the Fly Nylon Cargo Pants are sweet

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  51. Karen Drake says:

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    the casual sneakers look comfy 🙂 thanks for the chance to win

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    My fav. product is Men’s Wild Boar Oiled Leather Mocs

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    I really like the Fire Hose/Leather Two Bag Combo

  55. Laurie Emerson says:

    My favorite product is the Women’s Longtail T Short Sleeve Henley in yellow.

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    like the Men’s Armachillo Ripstop Cargo Shorts

  57. Diane Baum says:

    I love the dog seat covers

  58. That’s GREAT! Thank you very much.

  59. Aaron Phillips says:

    I’d love to get my wife a pair of their pants for the river but the price has always stopped me from trying them.

    • COMtnMom says:

      Hi Aaron! Maybe try signing up for Duluth emails… they send notice of sales from time to time. Or you could probably snag a last-season color for cheaper, they clear those out once in awhile at a lower price.

      Between the stretch in the fabric, and elastic side waistband – the fit is so comfortable. Duluth is known for their durable, long-lasting clothing. Hope it works out!

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