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Summer is almost upon us! This is fantastic news, we can get rid of those heavy winter clothes for a few months, make the most of the outdoors and turn the heating off. Cutting down on energy bills isn’t the only place you can save this summer, however. It is possible to have the best summer yet without jetting off to Hawaii or investing in a new conservatory. The summer is a time when you can get back to more simple pleasures. Here are some top tips on enjoying the summer to the max without spending a fortune.


Eat Well

Summer isn’t a time to load up on a carbs and big meaty dishes. Filling our faces just make us feel uncomfortable and hotter. The best (and cheapest way) to eat in the summer is preparing light salads with fresh produce. This might mean cold pasta salads, filling potato salads or mixed leaves.

If salads aren’t your thing, fish is a nice dish to have in the warmer weather as is a home-made chicken kebab marinated in a delicious sauce.



There are plenty of destinations in the UK where you can enjoy a fantastic holiday. As well as the various National Parks in which you can be amongst fantastic scenery and breathe some of the freshest air, there are the classic holiday destinations. Go to www.ukbreakaways.com/destination/brean-sands to see offers on trips to Pontins resorts in Brean Sands and others including Prestatyn and Southport.

Staying in the UK means you save money on flights, travel insurance and get the kids to appreciate the country they live in. Obviously you are susceptible to the UK’s unpredictable weather but many of the holiday resorts cater for every eventuality and therefore have activities for all weather conditions.


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Free Days Out

You could even stay closer to home and enjoy the summer months with frequent days out. Many publicly funded museums are free to visit and make for a fantastic fun and educational day. I am also a big advocate of supporting your local library. At a time when many libraries are at risk of closing down it is a good time to discover how much this valuable resource can give you and your family. Many libraries run regular events and clubs. Other ideas for free days out are going out for cycle rides, taking a long walk or organising a treasure hunt.


Fun Around The House

You might think after all those cold, cold months locked up in the house you will want to follow your instinct to get out of the house into the world in the summer months. But you can’t go out every day of the summer holidays. For those times when you need to stay around the house, why not introduce the kids to gardening? Or set up a game of cricket in the garden?


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