One Week of Adventure in prAna #7DayStretch + Discount Code

7DayStretch Challenga prAna Halle Pants

A few years ago, I purchased my very first pair of what I call “outdoorsy” pants, made from durable fabric with some stretch to it.  They were made by prAna.  The comfort factor blew my mind, and they warmly welcomed me to my new “Life Beyond Jeans”.  I was hooked.   Now prAna pants are better than ever.

prana Halle pants in dark khaki

I was recently approached to try out a #7DayStretch test in some prAna pants, and quickly accepted the challenge.  Excited to see they come in three length options, I selected a tall pair of Women’s Halle Pants.

My mission:  To sport my new prAna Halle pants for 7 days straight, testing out the fit, fabric, and wear.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t really go play outside for a week straight.

But fortunately for me, prAna Halle pants look great and work for just about anything you plan to do during your day.

Are you ready?  Here we gooooo…..!  (Plus there’s a prAna discount code for Colorado Mountain Mom readers at the end.)

One Week of Adventure in prAna Halle Pants #7DayStretch

[Subtitle: A week’s worth of Shoes Tami Wore.]

Day #1

prAna Halle Pants Day 1 of 7DayStretch

Just a typical day at the office, taking a little fresh-air break away from my boring computer.


Day #2

prAna Halle Pants Day 2 of 7DayStretch

Heading to work for the day, with my backpack full of food.  (Now I’m telling *all* my secrets…)


Day #3

prAna Halle Pants Day 3 of 7DayStretch

Another day at the office.  And I decide to mix things up a bit, with my very first ever #ButtSelfie.   I am not super proud of this moment.  But I wanted you to see how cute the rear pockets are.  You’re welcome.


Day #4

prAna Halle Pants Day 4 of 7DayStretch

Yes, I left my computer once again to go running around, running around, outside. It’s the best part of my work day. The Halle’s are still going strong, and looking good!


Day #5

prAna Halle Pants Day 5 of 7DayStretch

Wooo hooooo!!!  It’s my 3-day weekend!  Time to roll those Halle’s up for capris. Walking my kids to the bus stop.


Day #6

prAna Halle Pants Day 6 of 7DayStretch

Another exciting day of adventure in my life, tending my backyard chickens.  Aren’t they cute? (The pants, and the peeps…)


Day #7

prAna Halle Pants Day 7 of 7DayStretch

At last, some outdoor adventure time!  Biking the dirt trails with my preschool son.  🙂


That’s a wrap!  A full week wearing my prAna Halle pants.  Here’s my thoughts after taking this #7DayStretch Challenge.

Overall Take on prAna Halle Pants

Fit:  I’m a bit curvy, and these pants fit like a glove.  Flattering cut.  True to size, not too tight, nor too loose.  Even thought they have stretch, they don’t start to fall down after wearing them a few hours.  They have an internal drawstring at the waist to customize the fit even further, but I found I didn’t need to use it… even on subsequent days of wear.  Love that they are available in three lengths.

Fabric:  I was really impressed with this fabric technology – ‘Zion’ performance woven with durable water repellent (DWR) finish.  Although I haven’t had them long, I can tell they are durable, and are unlikely to snag or fade.  The fabric is thick, but breathable – I wore them on some hot Western Colorado days, and didn’t feel overheated.  The stretch is fantastic, and I’m not sure how they do it… but they really don’t stretch out when you wear them.  Let’s hear it for #7DayStretch – hip, hip hooray!

Quality/Design:  Well built, quality materials.  Nice double seaming and design touches. My only quibble is that neither the slim leg pocket (which is a nice feature), nor the front pockets are large enough to fit my iPhone.  Only the rear pockets, which isn’t my preference of where to store my phone.  Otherwise, great style.

Eco-Friendly:  Bonus points to prAna for the awesome way my Halle pants arrived.  Sturdy paper envelope, straw string tie, zero plastic packaging (see opening image).  A+.

I can’t wait to take these baby’s hiking!  They roll up so nicely for capris, with snap tabs to hold them in place… making them super versatile for both coverage and temperature regulation.  They won’t be left behind on any future outdoor adventures of mine!  The Halle would work great for both travel and outdoors.

#7DayStretch prAna Discount Code

The Halle pant is available for $79, and comes in 5 great colors.  Check out the prAna site if you are in the market for some comfortable, great fitting, versatile pants.  They offer numerous styles for both men and women.

prAna has offered my readers a 15% discount code good for any prAna items you’d like to order, including anything from their new Fall line!  Good for August 20-26, 2015, during this #7DayStretch campaign.  Use discount code:  7DayStretchF15CMM

*o*     *o*     *o*

I received a pair of prAna Halle pants at no cost, to participate in this #7DayStretch challenge and share my experience with you.  All opinions are my own.




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