Aventura Now Accepting Ambassador Applications

Aventura Ambassador stamp12/12/16 UPDATE: The search is on for 2017 Ambassadors!  Read on to apply…

Aventura Clothing has decided to extend their Ambassador program yet another year!  This exciting opportunity offers a chance to sample and represent a family owned, eco-friendly, outdoorsy chic women’s clothing brand.

I’ve had the privilege of serving as an Aventura Ambassador for two three years now, and can tell you nothing but good things about this attractive, high quality line.  They offer wonderful fabrics and pieces made with lovely details, that work well for both everyday and travel.

The variety of flattering, comfortable styles will have you looking fantastic and ready for anything from a busy day chasing your kids, looking classy at the office, or dressed to impress for a night out.  And just wait until you see their impressive collection of trendy hats, great fitting leggings, and luscious scarfs.

Aventura Fall dress coat and scarf

One of my favorite Aventura outfits from the Fall 2015 line. Gorgeous!

Aventura Ambassador Application

Are you a social media influencer?  Do you live an active life and enjoying sharing your style and inspiration with others?  Are you a big fan of Aventura Clothing? If so, apply today to join the 2017 Aventura team of ambassadors!

What they are looking for… a woman who:

  • Shows Evidence of Living the Aventura Lifestyle
    • Eco-Sensitive
    • Active in the community
    • Active in life
  • Is an inspiration to others online and in their community
  • Demonstrates ability to articulate the brand’s message and share Aventura with others
  • Demonstrates ability to influence others – strong leadership skills a must
  • Exhibits creativity in brand promotion
  • Represents the brand positively

Why be an Aventura Ambassador?

  • Receive 3 outfits for each season (Fall and Spring lines)
  • Create a unique discount code for each ambassador and send cards or email for dispersing
  • Be highlighted on the Aventura site’s ambassador page
  • Get featured on Aventura’s social media sites throughout the season
  • Have your content repurposed on Aventura Blog
  • Aventura will share your social media posts for more visibility
  • Sneak peeks of new products

What does an Aventura Ambassador do?

  • Post reviews/native content features for outfits received
  • Endorse Aventura by telling others about the brand, its products and any events in the area where the brand will be present. This includes sharing on personal website and social media accounts
  • Interact with Aventura via social media
  • Provide feedback on Aventura products
  • Allow Aventura to feature you in e-newsletter
  • Be featured on Aventura’s website
  • Wear Aventura clothing and be willing to share updates and photos on social media pages.
  • Share unique discount code with extended network when appropriate

For more examples of Aventura’s style and the outfits you will receive (it’s your choice each season), check out my Ambassador Aventura picks  from this most recent 2016 Winter Line.

To find the Aventura Ambassador Application, go to this Ambassador FAQ page.  Application is open until December 31, 2016.

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