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Got pain from working out, training for an upcoming runDisney race, or just sitting at your boring computer all day?  (Those last 2 were me.)  Then you are going to be as happy as I was to discover RAD massage tools for recovery and muscle relief.  These well designed, compact products help you work on those trouble spots by applying pressure and massage.

When Dan from RAD Roller stumbled across my blog and read about my efforts to train for my first half marathon, he emailed me to tell me about RAD.  I’ve now been trying the RAD Roller and RAD Rod for a few weeks, and am sold on their effectiveness.  They are also affordable and high quality, and I’m excited to share these tools with my readers.

RAD massage tools can help massage sore muscles, reduce tightness, and relieve pain in your lower back, neck, hips, legs, and even knees.   RAD’s focus is on achieving full-body mobility through both trigger point and larger muscle relief.

RAD Massage Tools ~ RAD Roller

RAD Roller

The RAD Roller is an everywhere massage tool, point specific, and is their flagship product. Three options for personal preferences –  soft, regular and stiff.

There is pretty much no limit to the ways you can use RAD Roller to target your sore muscles.  You can use this tool to really dig in on those painful knots and right areas.   They provide a YouTube RAD Roller channel with short, helpful clips on some of the key approaches to use for major trouble areas:  neck, shoulders, lower back, upper back, knees, legs, hips.  Like I said… you can use this versatile little guy for just about anything.

RAD Massage Tools ~ RAD Rod


The RAD Rod is used as a flushing device, with pinpoint accuracy and straight relief.  Much smaller and less unwieldy than a large foam roller.  Works like a rolling pin.  I find I use mine most on my legs, post run.  Especially post-long run.  I was impressed with how this worked.  Really easy to control while massaging your legs, and target any sore spots.

RAD Rod massaging legs

The running recovery theory is that use of the RAD Rod (or similar roller tools) moves that lactic acid along on it’s merry way, preventing it from pooling excessively in your legs so you can’t walk the next day.  I do think there is something to this theory, although the true test would be once I’m up to longer distances than my current 3-5 mile runs.  At any rate, it definitely feels good!

RAD Massage Tools for Recovery & Muscle Relief

RAD Roller back and neck massage

Here’s what I love most about these RAD massage tools, and using them for running recover and just the overall variety “my back, hips, and neck are killing me” type muscle relief.

Quality ~  These tools are strong, well built, and won’t break down. And if they do, they are covered by a lifetime guarantee for normal use.

Portable ~ Unlike the big foam rollers you’ve seen people use at the gym (more likely you’ve just seen them sitting on a rack), the compact RAD Rod and Roller can easily travel along with you to your runDisney race weekend.  Convenient.  And awesome.

Effective ~ As in, downright painfully effective!  But in a good way.  Like in the Swedish Massage-pain kinda way.  It actually took some getting used to how much pressure the RAD Roller plus my body weight was putting on those tight areas.  Ouch!  If you can take it, RAD can dish it.

These RAD tools are highly effective for stretching and relieving tight, sore muscles.

RAD Massage Tools ~ The Giveaway

RAD has offered to send one of my winning readers both a RAD Roller and a RAD Rod.

Open to US residents, ages 18+.  Enter using the form below.  Void where prohibited.

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Image credit  I received the  RAD tools described here at no cost, for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. Kimberly Bauer says:

    I have constant shoulder, neck and really bad back pain. Maybe these would help alleviate them.

  2. I would use them on my legs. Sometimes they get really tight.

  3. for my back

  4. Jennifer Reed says:

    I would use this for any muscles that are over exerted during my workouts but especially my right shoulder area that I struggle with.

  5. My husband would love this!

  6. My shoulders! After a long day of work or a bad night of tossing and turning, hurt like nothing else!

  7. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to use it while I work out.

  8. Maryann D. says:

    I would definitely use this for my neck and back area.

  9. My husband really needs this. He is currently using tennis balls to work out tension in back and neck. He works so hard on the computer. This would be a great tool to try!

  10. i do crossfit so i would use it for EVERY muscle!!

  11. Susan Chester says:

    My neck and shoulders are often stiff and sore. Would love to try this on them.

  12. My shoulders! They’re the worst!

  13. Jessica Sage says:

    I’d use this for back pain

  14. Kathryn Hyatt says:

    I would use it on my lower back. I fractured it a few years ago and every few days it’s very sore.

  15. I would use it on my neck, I got into a car accident a couple of years ago and still suffer from pain and stiffness.

  16. my wife and I could both use this we have back issues from cleaning houses for a living

  17. Danielle Marie says:

    i have to go with my neck and shoulders. they are messed up.

  18. I would use the RAD roller for my back. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. I would give these to my hubby.

  20. My husband would use this on his sore calves.

  21. I would use this on my sore neck and my husband’s back.

  22. Melissa B. says:

    I would use it for my lower back.

  23. I would use this on my legs after long runs.

  24. Austin Baroudi says:

    I would use it as a gift for my sister!

  25. As an aging distance runner I am always dealing with muscle soreness and self massage is one of the tools to help alleviate some of the discomfort.

  26. I would use this on my legs and lower back after a run. It sounds like a great product.

  27. Just started the 21 day fix… I’d use these all over my body after workouts! 🙂

  28. Stephanie Liske says:

    I would use them for my back.

  29. I’d use them for upper body pain.

  30. I would use this after I go to the gym.

  31. I’d love to use this on my neck and back.

  32. Shelby Clark says:

    For my back would be so nice!

  33. I would use it on my lower back.

  34. I would use it for my low back and possibly my hamstrings

  35. Holly Mitkowski says:

    I have chronic back pain. More recently my shoulder muscle has been extremely tight so i would use it on that!

  36. Missy Marie says:

    I would use the rod for my shins and the roller for between my shoulders.

  37. kelly mcgrew says:

    i would use for neck pain. thanks!

  38. Katrina B says:

    I would use it for muscle pain in my legs after exercise.

  39. Breanna Pollard says:

    I would use it on my neck and back.

  40. I have chronic pain and the rollers would be handy for my back and shoulders.

  41. For my legs after a backpacking trip.

  42. Brittney House says:

    I would use it for my back after working out.

  43. I have constant back pain in my lower and upper back and it’s hard to find ways to alleviate. Hope these might help

  44. karen mayernick says:

    I would definitely use these on my shoulders and lower back! Fantastic prize! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  45. I would use it on my calves!

  46. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would actually give it to my brother as a gift.

  47. Keeley Sullivan says:

    I would have my daughter use them since she is in track and can get VERY sore.

  48. tina reynolds says:

    I would use on my lower back

  49. Would be good for my back and feet.

  50. Michelle W says:

    I would use the RAD massage tools for my back and leg pain

  51. susan smoaks says:

    i would use this on my husband’s back

  52. Stephanie O'Day says:

    I would use them for my shoulders and back!

  53. carol clark says:

    id use it for my back and legs

  54. I’d use it for working the muscle stiffness out of my back!

  55. I do a lot of business travel and am always looking for small recovery rollers to pack in my carry on. These look perfect.

  56. my shoulder and lower back pain

  57. Laura Johnson says:

    I would use the rod for my hamstring. Also my son plays football so i’m sure he would enjoy these also!

  58. Danielle D says:

    I would use it for my back area as it has always caused me issues.

  59. Christian Alejandro says:

    I would love the roller rod. My back and neck could use it.

  60. Amy Deeter says:

    i would use this for my upper and lower back !

  61. I would use it after tough workouts.

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