My runDisney Princess Half Marathon Training ~ I’m Over It

First, I’ll start by saying it’s 15 more sleeps.  And I’m very, very excited for my first runDisney race ever, the Princess Half Marathon!  The Disney resort plans are all in place: ADRs (Advance Dinner Reservations) and FP+ (FastPass attraction reservations).  I’ve worked really hard to get here.  Six months of following Jeff Galloway’s training plan.  Pretty much religiously.

The Magic Bands have arrived, and we even scored some adorable new custom luggage tags (American Tourister throws them in with your Disney package mailing).

rundisney princess half marathon disney custom luggage tags

I’m grateful to be able to take my two weekly 30 minute runs indoors at a rec center during my lunch break.  I’m *not* super grateful that it’s at a University where 19-20 year old athletes are training, and they frequently lap (and I can only assume pity) me.  But that’s another story.

The long runs on the weekends have been outdoors.  In Colorado.  In winter.  And they hurt.

I know I’m not alone in these struggles.  But it’s my blog, so I’m going to whine.  In the words of Baymax, “I am not fast.”  On bad days, I’d even throw in the further clarification, “I am not a runner.”

rundisney princess half marathon training run colorado river trail

Not pictured: Last 3 miles running in the dark, limping, with a grimace on my face and snot running down my face.

Oh, I’ve had my inspired moments.  I do love that it makes me feel strong, determined, and like I can accomplish any goal I set my mind to.   And I appreciate being able to run along the gorgeous Colorado River Trail.

But I’m over it.

I’m just gonna say it:  I am so sick of running.

I had this little dream in my head, that this 6 months of training for a half marathon would turn me into a die hard runner.  Yeah, that dream has died.

Maybe I’m just burnt out.  Maybe it’s that 13 mile training run (likely in snow) that’s all queued up for me this weekend, darkly looming over my head like a tornado.  It’s my last long run before the race, so I should be celebrating.  But it’s hard to celebrate something that I’ve likened to childbirth.  Yep.  It’s pretty much that hard and painful to me.   Officially the two hardest and most painful things my body has undergone, in my lifetime:  1) giving birth to my children, and 2) running 11 miles outside in winter.

Ironically, here’s my biggest fear:  I’ll love my runDisney Princess Half Marathon experience so much… that I’ll turn right around and sentence myself to another 6 months of this torture, by signing up for another runDisney Half Marathon.  I have begged my husband not to let me do this to myself, ever again.  (He just laughed at me.  No fool, he sees it coming as clearly as I do.)

Friends have assured me that’s exactly what will happen.  I’ll have so stinkin’ much fun, be so blown away by the experience, that it will get under my skin and I’ll hurry back for more.

We shall see.  I’ll let you know it goes!

I’m grateful to have this experience, to have gotten this far, and to be crossing this off my Disney Bucket List.  And I have no doubts my mom, daughter and I will have an amazing weekend.  🙂

UPDATE:  Here’s how the race went!!  –> My runDisney Princess Half Weekend:  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

rundisney princess half marathon mother daughter

*o*     *o*     *o*

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  1. Robert Medina says:

    Good for you! It is a tough road but the feeling that you get crossing the finish line is awesome. And grab two Disney Run boxes at the end. You will be happy you did. I will be doing the first annual Star Wars half on April 17. Training for it now. All that time spent alone will seem like nothing when you hear all of those people cheering you on. I will be doing it from afar but still cheering. Have fun!

    • Well, I’m not usually a weepy kinda girl… but your comment just made me tear up.

      Thanks Robert, that meant a LOT! Maybe we will finally meet at a runDisney event some day. 🙂

      • Robert Medina says:

        I almost forgot. You will need to carb up after the race. In the Magic Kingdom go to The Friar’s Nook. It’s a tiny little place over by Pinocchio and Snow White. Order the Pot Roast Mac & Cheese. My little Disney secret. Dip your medal in the gravy. LOL!

  2. After my first (Princess half as well!) I said running was so dumb and I was never EVER doing it again. But… 6 months later… lol lol lol

    It sucks. I get it. And the race itself may suck for you (it 100% did for me!)

    But… see you next year? 😉

    • Misery DOES love company! It doesn’t seem to phase you Patty, so I actually find it very comforting to hear you say “it sucks”. hahaha! You blew my mind with that marathon craziness last month. 🙂 Thanks for the reality check. We got this!

  3. Tami, you are amazing! I keep saying I am going to do this and I just haven’t since I was injured and couldn’t compete in the 2010 princess marathon (after training and paying for it!). I look forward to hearing what you think after the event!

    • Oh no! You trained/paid/got hurt?? 🙁 Goodness sakes… I guess that’s another thing for me to be grateful for!

      And thank you for your kind words, Beth – I don’t feel very amazing. lol

    • And thanks for the happy reminder that I’m doing something that was on my “some day” list for YEARS. 😀 Don’t cross it off your list, Beth!

  4. You are an inspiration, Tami! You may not be a runner, but after this event, you will be a runDisney-er, and you will most likely sign up for another…and another…and then you’ll get your husband in on it and maybe your daughter…

    Have an absolutely magical time!

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