Perfect Summer Treat ~ Rita’s All-Natural Italian Ice

Ritas Italian Ice

A couple of months ago, I received a very exciting email.  Would I like to be a #RitasIceBlogger during this upcoming year?  Why yes… I’d love to!

Although we do not have any Rita’s Italian Ice locations in my semi-remote Western Colorado town, I knew we could seek them out during our travels.  So when we headed to California a week ago on a family vacation road trip, I made sure to grab a couple of my gift cards so we could finally check this stuff out.

The problem?

It’s amazing.

Now I’m addicted.

And I’m back home with no access to Rita’s Italian Ice.  Waaaah!!

Rita’s All-Natural Italian Ice

Ritas Italian Ice Made Fresh Daily

If it’s new to you (as it was to me), Rita’s Italian ice is:

  • Trans-fat free
  • Gluten free
  • Made with real fruit
  • Served extremely fresh (within 36 hours of mixing), and is
  • Much smoother than a traditional icee
Ritas Italian Ice Mission Hills Commons

The Rita’s Italian Ice we visited in Mission Hills Commons, San Diego, CA

It’s cool and refreshing, and absolutely delicious.  Since I’m a big fan of ice cream, and was never a kid to go in much for Slurpees… I didn’t think I’d be that crazy about it.  I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious Rita’s Italian Ice was.

Now let me tell you about their exciting new menu option.  All-natural Italian ice is made without any artificial colors or flavors.  What a fantastic summer treat choice!

Ritas All Natural Italian Ice in orange

The new all-natural orange flavor at Rita’s Italian Ice. Delicious!

It currently comes in six tasty flavors:

  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Orange Pineapple

At the location in San Diego, California that we visited we were able to try their all-natural flavor of the day:  orange.  It was absolutely delicious.  So much so that my chocolate-fiend son preferred my orange Rita’s All-Natural Italian Ice to his chocolate shake!

Sampling the new Rita's all natural Italian Ice in orange

Yes, I stole my mom’s treat…

The second time we visited, they were already out of the all-natural flavor of the day.  I’m guessing this has been a huge hit this summer.  It’s such a great way to cool down, and has a lighter, more refreshing taste to it than just eating ice cream.

Check out the awesome sampler tray option (for around $5), allowing you to enjoy generous helpings of four different Italian Ice flavors.  My family shared one of these, in addition to our individual treats.  Our absolute favorite flavor picks?   Blood Orange and Mango.  🙂

Rita’s also sells frozen custard, a scrumptious creamy alternative treat.  Or even better… combine them!  If it’s your first visit, I highly recommend their best seller:  Gelati, a cup of your favorite flavor of Italian Ice, with a swirl of frozen custard on top.  Brilliant!

Ritas Italian Ice Frozen Custard Shake and Gelati

A Frozen Custard Shake (left) and Mango Italian Ice with Vanilla Custard Gelati (right).  Half of that yummy shake was gone by the time my order was completed and I tried to take photos… ahem!

We can’t wait to check out another Rita’s Italian Ice location soon.  All Rita’s locations across the country will carry at least one All-Natural Italian Ice flavor every day.   Look for your location here, and don’t miss out on trying this amazing treat.

*o*     *o*     *o*

This year I am serving as a #RitasIceBlogger brand ambassador, and consideration has been provided.  All opinions are my own.

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