The Versatile Mari Convertible Sweater by Allison Izu


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Allison Izu is a designer from Hawaii, who has started a women’s line of comfortable, stylish clothing.  Each of these pieces is 100% made in Hawaii, and are ideal for travel.  While a small collection, the tops and bottoms are easily interchangeable and come in versatile styles.

Always in search of the perfect travel wrap, I was happy to get to try out a  Mari Convertible Sweater.

Allison Izu Travel Clothing

You’ll notice on their website that the Allison Izu line is ideally designed for women that are 5’6″ in height or less.   At 5’10”, I wasn’t sure whether the Mari would work for me?  It definitely does, and I experienced no sleeve or body shortness.

The first thing I liked about this line, is that the pieces have interesting style elements.  Yet they are not so Uber-Urban that they’re just a little too outlandish to fit in with my wardrobe.   Lots of flattering draping. I’m all about comfort, and love the casual yet classy look.

The colors and any patterns are fairly neutral.  The online collection showcases that any of the Allison Izu pieces could be easily mixed and matched.

Soft clothing makes the best travel clothing, and the Allizon Izu piece that I received did fit the bill.

allison izu mari convertible sweater

Mari Convertible Sweater

Mari Convertible Sweater

The Mari Convertible Sweater is made from Rayon, which is soft and slinky smooth to the touch.  I’m not entirely sure why it’s called a “sweater”, as it’s not a traditional woven sweater material.  The Mari fabric is breathable, and should be washed gently then line dried.  Mine is black, and I’ve seen no signs of color transfer or fading.  I do find that the fabric wrinkles if not stored (or packed) properly, but the wrinkles seem to hang out fairly well.

Aside from it’s great feel, the multiple attractive ways the Mari can be worn make it a fantastic piece.  With subtle buttons and loops, plus a strategic design, you can literally wear it 5 or 6 different ways.  This makes it a perfect choice when packing light for a trip.

Wear it opened as a cardigan with full length sides during the day, then cinch up each side for a shorter jacket look in the evening.


Side tails of the Mari cinched up for flowy jacket look.

If the temperature drops, you can completely double-close the front for warmth.  The Mari Convertible Sweater drapes beautifully in any position, and I love each of the different looks.  It’s really a fun piece!

Not only is it versatile style-wise, but also temperature-wise.  The Mari doesn’t feel too hot, yet it’s cozy when there’s a chill in the air.

The Mari Convertible Sweater is a unique yet staple wrap that’s comfortable, stylish and versatile.  It would make a great addition to any travel wardrobe.  Check out Allison Izu to see the whole line.

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I received the Mari Convertible Sweater at no cost, for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own.

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