Expert Thoughts on Dealing with Loss

Expert tips on how to cope with the loss of a loved one.

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The following article was contributed by Christensen & Hymas and Lorii Hubbard Counseling

After losing someone you may be wondering how you are going to adjust to your altered life. It’s not easy but fortunately, there are others who have experienced what you might be feeling.

Additionally, there are professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people who are struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Dealing with Loss

We reached out to Lorii Hubbard, a grief counselor and asked her to share her most helpful thoughts on how someone can cope with death. This blog post contains some of her suggestions.

Include Your Loved One in Your Everyday Life

This can mean a lot of different things including talking about favorite memories with others, talking to a picture of your loved one about everyday things or writing a letter to them thanking them for the place they hold in your heart.

Plan Meaningful Memorial Activities

These can include planting flowers or trees in their memory or prepare a favorite meal and share with families and friends or simply take a drive and find a private spot where you can talk to your loved one openly and honestly about your grief.

Know that Mourning Will Change with Time

This plays out when we come to a natural point in time when, we don’t forget them but we feel it’s time to put their personal belongings away and begin to choose when and where to remember. This should feel natural and healing, not forced.

Consider Seeking Professional Assistance

While there is no perfect way to heal, there are some signs that professional help is needed. A good gauge would be when prolonged grief is disrupting employment or school or if you find that you are isolating or having thoughts that are beginning to scare you or your friends and family.

If this is the case, look for a therapist who can help you with grief. It is important to find a mental health professional that is a good fit for you. This may take a couple of tries but don’t give up.


Advice was written by Lorii Hubbard of Lorii Hubbard Counseling

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