FREE Summer Reading & Activity Program ~ Bug Camp

It's good to have kid activities ready for summer! Camping and getting outdoors tops our list. This free summer reading program called Bug Camp 2017 has some awesome daily activities, games, and ideas to get kids reading and even outside exploring. Free downloads!

As a parent of two school aged children, I confess I don’t worry too much about “stopping the summer slide”.  In Western Colorado, their summers off from school are precious and short.  They need a break.

But I have already noticed the antsy boredom.  And the too-much-screen time.  So when I heard of Cricket Media’s free summer reading and activity program, I immediately checked out the site.  They’ve got a great calendar set up, with something new to check each day.  So far I’m seeing downloadable activities that inspire reading and getting outside to explore with a nature bingo hunt.  Very cool!

This *just* started, so now’s a great time to get started and check it out!

Free Summer Reading Program ~ Bug Camp 2017

Free summer reading program - Bug Camp 2017

Cricket Media invites families everywhere to discover a world of adventure and learning with BUG CAMP 2017!  This free summer reading program launches June 5th.

Created with engaging content from Cricket Media’s award-winning magazines for children and teens, BUG CAMP offers an interactive way to get the family reading and stop the summer slide.

BUG CAMP 2017 will offer nine weeks of reading-focused fun, from:

  • downloadable stories
  • games
  • recipes
  • easy craft ideas
  • outdoor activities

Free Summer Reading Program - Bug Camp 2017

The content will all be crafted by Cricket Media magazine editors for various age and grade levels.

Kids, parents, and caregivers may grab great ideas to fill their summer days with engaging activities tied to each week’s reading.  Make a water scope to view pond life.  Play a “Nature Detective Bingo” game.  Or make dragonflies out of pretzels!

BUG CAMP 2017 is a feature of Cricket Media’s new Keeping Tech in Check initiative.  With the tagline, “a balance, not a ban,” Keeping Tech in Check offers a wealth of tools, tips and resources to help families find the right balance between technology and real-life experiences.

Free summer reading program - Bug Camp 2017! A sample activity download outdoor game for kids, from early June. Daily postings of free books, games, and activities ideas for kids!

The activity download and game for June 6th… how cool is this??

Download Free Nature Journal

Families may also download Cricket Media’s free “My Nature Journal” at PBS Parents’ summer site:

Have fun, get outside, and enjoy your summer!  🙂

*o*     *o*     *o*

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