Essential Gear for Workout Maniacs

5 Things to Not Forget when Hitting the Gym

Nothing gives you the natural high of successfully completing a full workout session. Your body is flush with endorphins, your muscles are tired and you are ready to relax with a cold beverage and some good friends. Everything is right with the world.  You feel good.

Of course, that only works when everything goes right with your workout. Although there are many  things you can’t control, nothing ruins a workout faster than forgetting something before you start.

essential workout gear

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For me, hitting the gym without my iPod blasting out motivational music will send my workout into misery quickly. It goes from being a high-energy romp through exercises and runs into a dull slog around the track or on the machines. Time passes incredibly slowly, and I can’t wait to get done and get out of there.

Forgetting any of the following things makes my workout routine a drag. I follow it, but I don’t want to be there. I want to get done and hit the showers quickly. Turn my back on the day and get over it.


Most of what I do has a soundtrack. When I work, I listen to 90’s alternative to keep the creative juices flowing and make the hours spent on the keyboard fly by. There is nothing like Foo Fighters “Everlong” to keep me pumped up and working hard.

Hitting the gym is no different. I like music and there are certain genres that make the time go by faster and the workout better in so many ways. Music keeps me on track and focused.


Sure, bringing water is a no brainer but I have forgotten more important things in life. Ensuring proper hydration is essential to having a good workout.

Stopping at the store on the way to the gym or interrupting my run to buy a bottle of water (assuming I have my wallet with me) can give me a mental handicap that I can’t get over during the session.  Now I just leave an empty, emergency water bottle right in my gym bag.

Compression Socks

Although there is some question about the effectiveness of compression clothing to help your workout, the socks make my feet and lower legs feel better after my workout.  I don’t have any scientific evidence to back it up, but personally, I like them for recovery.

Not my cup of tea to try and squeeze into compression shirts. I’ll stick with the socks.

essential workout gear

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Heart Rate Monitor

An important aspect is monitoring my workout via heart rate.  I avoid overdoing it, while still getting an effective workout routine in. Keeping an eye on the heart rate monitor also helps you keep yourself in your most effective target zone.

I prefer not working with a trainer, but I think making an exercise plan is a helpful idea to stay motivated.  After working up a new one, it might take a couple of gym visits to tweak it into a plan that’s optimal for you.

Snarky or Motivational T shirts

Many times, I am older than most of the girls at the gym. Nothing wrong with that.  It remains to be seen whether they will still be in the gym when they are a married mom of 2 like I am!  haha.  I do get a kick out of seeing occasional sarcasm or motivation written on people’s chest.  Hey, depending on whether you want to talk with people or not can determine the style of shirt you wear!

Motivationally, RenegadeCitizen workout shirts offer some options for showing off your attitude, and will likely spark a conversation at some point during your workout. More importantly, they seem well made with a good fit.  Hiding those love handles that I am at the gym to get rid of.

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