Lies Travelers Tell Themselves To Justify Their Trip

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We all have our own affirmations about many aspects in life. At work, we say we can do this or that without taking into account what might really happen. In traveling, this is also true as we justify our travel plans with certain affirmations.

However, most affirmations we make when we travel are unrealistic. In fact, there are things that we tell ourselves that are flat out lies, and we travel in vain and return home without achieving anything. There are times that we have travel regrets, whether travel expenses, or a missed opportunity, and it haunts us.

Today, we will go into the five lies that travelers tell themselves, and you can see if any of these relate to the last time you went anywhere.

Five Tall-Tale Lies We Tell Ourselves

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  1. Morning Flights are the Best

You probably want to get a 6:00 am flight, so you can start your day early and reduce your stress. Ironically, air travel is stressful; moreover, morning flights are the time when business professionals are in the biggest rush to their destinations.

  1. Cheaper Hotels are Fine; I’ll Be Outside Most of the Time.

In some cases, this may be true, but this usually doesn’t happen. Most of the time, travelers complain about their hotel accommodations, but if you have a tight budget for your hotel, you have no choice than to convince yourself it’s fine.

  1. I’m Excited to See New Places.

It may be true that you are excited to see a new place and the sights it offers. If you truly were excited to see that new place you would remember to pack and plan for it. As a solo traveler, you can always bring your smartphone and take selfies, but if you don’t go anywhere, you’re only lying to yourself.

  1. I Can Learn a New Language When I Get There.

Most travelers who visit another country would always say that they could have a chance to learn a new language when they visit another country, which is a big fallacy. Even if you stay in one particular country for a month, there is no way you can learn a new language with all its customs.

It is possible to learn a new vocabulary and useful phrases, but these can’t be applied properly without visiting that place. The fastest way to learn a language is through the use of cognitive enhancers; however, you would need to check out the reviews of a cognitive enhancer to know which one to use. Looking at these statements though you can try to convince yourself of this, but it’s just another lie.

  1. I Will Travel in Order to Relieve Stress

Resting at home is less stressful than traveling. You don’t need to go somewhere else to forget your problems. You can escape for a while, but you will go back to the real world after your travels are over with.

Solving the problems you have first will allow your travel experience to be much more peaceful because when you bring your problems with you on a vacation you may find it hard to go to sleep.


Everybody deserves a break, and traveling has become the most popular way to enjoy this. But having specific expectations when traveling can get us to lie to ourselves, and you want to be on the level before you go somewhere.









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