Poolside Road Kill… & What I Love About Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons checking in

My son (2nd from right) checking in for “Waterworks I” on the first day of swim lessons.

I’ve “made” my kids take swimming lessons every summer for years now.  I’m not sure why that’s the Mom’s Job, but apparently it is.  Since my 12 year old daughter has pretty much mastered the four main swim strokes, I finally let her off the hook this year.  But my 6 year old son still has some learning to do.  He actually requested to take them his year, so that was a pleasant surprise?!

Since I work full time days, my husband has been a good sport about taking J to his lessons every day at noon.  I sneak out for a lunch break, and get to go watch him.  It’s been nearly 100 degrees for weeks now, but it’s a worthwhile show to watch.

We are just entering Week 2.  Here are my favorite things I love about watching a 6 year old’s swimming lessons.

Second Time’s the Charm

Swimming Lessons jumping off board

My son hesitated at his very first diving board attempt. His instructor was waiting patiently in the water, with a floating device.  My son approached the end of the board, where he paused for quite some time to chat.  Although I wish I could have heard the details of the philosophical conversation taking place, all I know is there were a lot of gestures involved.

They finally had to resort to the more forceful “second teacher approaches you on the board from behind, crowding your personal space” technique.  He finally jumped off, gingerly.

Oh, hey!  That was FUN!

Second time up… he runs and does a flying leap!

Oh, to shed fears at the drop of the hat like a 6 year old.

Poolside Road Kill

Swimming lessons poolside road kill

Best way to warm up, while waiting in line…

My poor son is as scrawny as they come.  No meat on this poor boy’s bones to keep him warm.  Plus, for some reason we can’t quite comprehend… even after a month of 100 degree days, our outdoor community pool has freezing water?  Well, not exactly freezing.  But it’s pretty pretty dang cold.

So what’s a skinny boy with goosebumps to do?  Lay flat on the hot pavement to warm up, every chance he gets.

Poolside road kill.

1st Grade Hopefully Better Than Kindergarten…?

Swimming Lessons listening to teacher

An active child who never attended daycare or preschool, and was then plunged into full day kindergarten last year… my son had a rough school year.

This is actually his third year of swimming lessons.  Bless the hearts of the patient teenage instructors from the previous two years!  But this year, things are different.  He’s actually *listening* and *following* the instructor… more than ever before.

This bodes well for the first grade. I’m allowing myself to be cautiously optimistic.

Make [Cute] New Friends

Swimming Lessons make new friends

The only thing better than thawing out on the warm pavement during swimming lessons, is having a cute blonde girl join you.


Hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer!  🙂

*o*     *o*     *o*

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  1. I love this!!! Love the pictures and the story. Summer swimming lessons are just a part of growing up memories, don’t ya think?!!. 👏👏👏

    • COMtnMom says:

      Thank you!

      Yes, I agree swimming lessons are integral summer memories. Love watching them get better & better… 🙂

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