10 Tips for Helping Your Child Live a Healthy Life

10 Tips for Helping Your Child Live a Healthy Life! We care about our kids health. Here are some tips, activities, nutrition and fitness ideas... teaching them good, healthy living habits that will serve them well their entire lives.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, we had fewer screens and safer environments to play outside.  Since then, obesity among U.S. children has tripled.  In honor of September being Fruit & Veggies More Matters® month, here are some quick tips to help provide a healthy lifestyle for kids.

In addition to eating fruits and vegetables daily as part of a balanced diet, there are many other ways parents can help their children adopt healthy habits.  I’m sure you know most of these… but it’s helpful sometimes for an overview and reminder.

10 Practical Tips – Healthy Lifestyle for Kids

The non-profit, grant funded project SOPHE helps communities improve access to healthy food, and decrease their chance of chronic diseases.  They have offered the following 10 tips to help your child live a healthy life.

Tip #1: Make eating fruits and vegetables easy

Prepare grab-and-go packets of fruits and vegetables to take on busy days. Provide already packaged fruits or veggies like oranges, apples, grapes, or snap peas.

Tip #2: Model the behavior

Children imitate adults, so be sure you are eating your share of both fresh and cooked produce.  Aim for a total of 2 cups of fruit and 2 1/2 cups of vegetables each day for a total of at least five servings.

Tip #3: Combine your child or teen’s favorite foods with fruits and vegetables

If ordering pizza, get thin crust and use fruit and vegetable toppings – such as broccoli, pineapple, peppers, and more. If making burgers or tacos, try adding shaved carrots, sliced avocado, or zucchini.

Tip #4: Drink plenty of fluids

Choose water, low-fat or nonfat milk, and low-calorie beverages. Ask for healthier alternatives such as 100% juice when eating out.

Tip #5: Eat together as a family

Dinner time means family time. Turn off the electronics and check in with each other about life while enjoying a healthy meal.

Tip #6: Involve your child or teen in shopping and meal preparation

Kids and teens are more likely to enjoy eating a healthy meal if they have helped to plan and prepare it.

Tip #7: Get outside and play an active game

Whether you do geocaching, use a map on a smartphone to explore a neighborhood, have a family football game, or do some other fun activity, being active builds healthy bodies. Team sports, scouting, and school clubs also offer many opportunities for children and teens to be active and for the family to be involved.

Tip #8: Explore nature at a local park

Take time to enjoy the wonders of nature by taking a hike or bike ride with your child at a local park.  Many parks have regular tours where you can learn more about the plants and animals that enrich of our planet.

Tip #9: Set limits on screen time with electronics

Help your child learn to manage electronics by setting a good example yourself. Have an “electronics free” policy for family meal times and use timers to set limits.

Tip #10: Keep up with checkups

Make sure that kids and teens get to the doctor for regular checkups and vaccinations. Many health care providers now offer online tools and reminders to help you stay on track.

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About the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
SOPHE is a nonprofit professional organization founded in 1950 to provide global leadership to the profession of health education and health promotion and to promote the health of society. SOPHE’s 4,000 international and chapter members work in various public and private organizations to advance health education theory and research, develop disease prevention and health promotion programs, and promote public policies conducive to health. For more information, visit www.sophe.org.

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