Disney’s Magic Kingdom Maximized 1-Day Itinerary

Magic Kingdom itinerary front entrance Main Street station

You’ve got one day to spend at Walt Disney World.  Which park should you pick?  I get asked this question all the time, and here’s my panicked response, every single time:  “Wait, one day isn’t enough!!”  But I get it, sometimes that’s all your plan allows.  In that case, if your kids are in the range of ages 5- 12… I recommend Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom itinerary Be Our Guest ballroom

Top Magic Kingdom eating pick: Be Our Guest for quick service lunch!

My children are ages 7 (1st grade boy) and 12 (7th grade girl).  We recently had a whirlwind, long weekend at Walt Disney World to attend an awesome Take Me Fishing event. We had one park day.  ONE. PARK. DAY.  Being the crazy mom uber-Disney-planner that I am, I found this an exciting challenge!

Magic Kingdom itinerary Tomorrowland Speedracers

My kids love driving their own cars at Tomorrowland Speedway

First, I need to give credit where credit is due.  I’m a huge fan of using TouringPlans.com, for everything from their Disney Parks estimated crowd calendar to their optimized park touring plans.  They’ve put a lot of research into park traffic flows, and such.  So I based our strategy loosely on that.  It worked out great, and we packed in a TON of amazing things!

Magic Kingdom ~ What We Skipped

Magic Kingdom itinerary happy on Main Street with castle

Me and my daughter, so happy to be at Magic Kingdom!

First disclaimer:  We didn’t include Space Mountain in our itinerary.  A roller coaster in the dark is just a tad too scary for my kids, at this point.  So that’s one long-line attraction we didn’t need to work in.

Second disclaimer:  My family doesn’t really mind if we have to miss the new Storybook Circus area, in the far reaches of New Fantasyland.  So that’s another thing not included in this itinerary.  You could easily add/swap it for something else.  If it’s your first Disney World trip, I do recommend you add Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction to this schedule.

One last note:  Our ultimate 1-day itinerary included riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice.  Once in daylight, once in the dark.  Because it’s totally awesome.  FAMILY FAVORITE RIDE!!

Magic Kingdom itinerary Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

My family’s top “Must Do”… Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Our 1-Day Itinerary for Magic Kingdom

Without further ado, here’s a perfect itinerary for Magic Kingdom, with kids ages 6-12.  This flow maximizes use of 3 FastPasses, on a moderately crowded park day.  While you may not wish to go to every one of these attractions, using this general order can assist you in reducing wait times.  It goes against the natural/typical flow of the majority of guests.

Here’s a perfect Magic Kingdom itinerary to use in your Disney World planning! Tips for your Disney family vacation and a touring schedule that's ideal for kids ages 6-12. Plus our favorite Magic Kingdom meals and rides, maximizing use of FastPass, and secrets of mapping out your Disney day to avoid lines!

The park hours on the day of our visit were 9am – 11pm, so we even had time for an afternoon swim break at our Disney Resort.

I’d also mention that after numerous family Disney World trips… the attractions I included on this schedule are our absolute favorites!  For crowd level reference, the TouringPlans Crowd Calendar ranked our September park day at Level 6 (out of maximum 10).

Disney World Magic Kingdom new map 2017 2018

Map of Magic Kingdom park. Disney World also has a full downloadable Magic Kingdom Park Map available online.

9:00 am             Wading through security. We miss the Let the Magic Begin welcome show by a gnat’s eyelash.  Get there earlier than we did!!

9:10 am              Headed directly to Tomorrowland… road Tomorrowland Speedway (7 minute wait)

9:23 am              Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (5 minute wait)

9:40 am              Headed to Fantasyland – The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (15 minute wait)

10:00 am            Headed to Frontierland – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (30 minute wait)

10:35 am             Country Bear Jamboree (no wait)

10:55 am             Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade (no wait)

11:15 am              Mickey’s PhilharMagic (10 minute wait)

11:40 am             Peter Pan’s Flight (FASTPASS – no wait)

1:00 pm              Be Our Guest (lunch reservation)

2:00 pm             Headed to our Disney Resort to swim!  This is the hottest, busiest time of day, and ideal to work a break into your park schedule.

*o*     AFTERNOON BREAK    *o*

IF YOU LEAVE THE PARK for the afternoon –> Stop at the Main Street USA shops to grab your souvenirs on your way out.  You can take them right to your resort, and the crowds are much lighter in afternoon than at park close.

IF YOU DON’T LEAVE THE PARK –> watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade (typically at 3:00 pm) It’s fantastic!

*o*     *o*     *o*

5:45 pm               Return to Magic Kingdom

6:00 pm               Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (FASTPASS – no wait)

6:20 pm               Headed to Adventureland – The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (7 minute wait)

6:35 pm               Swiss Family Treehouse (no wait)

7:50 pm               Grab a Dole Whip, Mickey Ice Cream Bar, or Mickey Pretzel

8:00 pm              Find a spot for viewing Happily Ever After fireworks show!  Being able to see the front of the castle is imperative to thoroughly enjoy it.  Grab a snack and save a spot 1 hour prior to the show.

9:00 pm              Happily Ever After fireworks

9:25 pm               Frontierland – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the dark! (FASTPASS – no wait)

9:40 pm               Fantasyland – “it’s a small world”, or “little world” as my 7 year old calls it (no wait)

10:00 pm             Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid (5 minute wait)

Magic Kingdom itinerary Happily Ever After castle show 2

Happily Ever After show projected against Cinderella Castle

Fun Packed Day at Magic Kingdom!

That was a wrap for us!  We left a little before park close. What an absolutely amazing day!  I was so happy with how much we packed in, and we hardly had to wait in any lines.

Magic Kingdom itinerary Country Bears Jamboree

I adore the Country Bears Jamboree! It’s air conditioned, no lines, and is pure, classic Disney fun.

It’s great to have a plan.  Take a look at the Disney World Magic Kingdom website, and feel free to add any attractions I missed.

But my best Disney advice is this:  Go with the flow!  Once you are there, not everything will work out exactly like you scheduled.  Just enjoy whatever fun things come your way, soak it all in, don’t let yourself get frustrated, and be flexible!  It makes for the best possible Magic Kingdom experience.

I hope this helps!  Feel free to ask any questions on specific recommendations for your family.  I love to help with Disney World trip planning advice!

Magic Kingdom itinerary Mickey Pretzel

Mickey pretzels are as delicious as they are cute… don’t forget to try one!

*o*     *o*     *o*

This was a media sponsored visit, and I received admission to Disney’s Magic Kingdom at no cost.  All opinions are my own.

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