How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies At Home

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Flies in general are extremely annoying. They buzz round in circles, potentially carrying a huge range of diseases and then land on your food and work surfaces. Worse than this is the fact that they spit acid to dissolve their food and then suck the liquid up. A completely liquid diet means that they are constantly leaving a waste trail behind.

Cluster flies are larger flies, approximately 10 – 15 mm and are a little slower than the standard fly. They are generally an issue in the autumn when they move inside; they need the warmth to stay alive during the winter. They find places to live in dark corners and they cluster together.  Every cluster fly emits a pheromone which will draw other cluster flies to them. This rapidly builds the swarm and the pheromone remains; even after the flies have died.

There are several steps to take when looking to get rid of cluster flies. You will need to order a good fly control insecticide to aid with the process.

Step 1 – Look for the flies in your home and other buildings.

They will be in small corners, cracks and even under the eaves. You need to search thoroughly to find them.

Step 2 – Spray every place you can reach that may have cluster flies

This is when you will need the insecticide you have just purchased. If you simply can’t get to the cluster flies there are fly bombs which can be deposited as close to the flies as possible.

Step 3 – Remove the Dead

You need to clear away all the dead bodies as quickly as you can. Their pheromone will still be working to attract others to their spot. Getting rid of their body will eliminate this issue.

Step 4 – Re-Treat

As soon as you have swept the flies up you should re-spray the area. This will help to kill any others you missed and stop new flies from arriving as they will not like the insecticide smell.

Re-treating includes any area you have cleared in the past. Although the pheromone does eventually fade away there is little harm in making sue the cluster flies do not want to return.

Step 5 – Keep Vigilant

It is possible that you have missed some in your trip round your home. Keep your eyes open for any new sign of business and spray them instantly if you see any.

Step 6 – Re-Treat Again!

Before the spring starts you need to revisit all the places where they have congregated and spray the areas again. This will help to ensure the cluster flies do not return to their old haunting ground.

Perseverance is the key to successfully preventing the flies from returning. Of course, you can choose to treat the larvae before they become flies. They are usually found in the soil in your garden. To get rid of them at this stage you will need a good soil insecticide. Treat all the areas within 200 meters of your home the cluster fly does not usually travel this far to reach a building.

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