5 Tips to Choose the Best Furnace Repair Company

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No matter how good your furnace is, there’s bound to be the occasional issue. Parts break down and other problems arise, and that’s when you need to have the right furnace repair company.

There are plenty of repair companies available, but you want one that will provide high-quality results. The last thing you want is to hire spend time and money with one furnace repair company, only to have the job done incorrectly. Here are five tips on the qualities you should look for in your furnace repair company.

#1 – Tools

To repair your furnace properly, any repairman will need the right tools, which is why a good Denver furnace repair company will send its employees out with sizable toolsets.

Ask if you can see the repairman’s toolset. If they don’t want to show you or they have only a small selection of tools, they likely won’t be prepared for certain jobs. This means they’ll either handle it poorly or need to make you wait longer while they get the proper tools.

#2 – Licensing

You could get poor results if you hire a repairman from a fly-by-night operation without the proper licensing. Any professional furnace repairman should have their own license that includes all their company’s info, including its name, phone number and address. There should also be a license number on it.

Verify that your repairman has a license before letting them work on your furnace. At SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver, none of our repairmen go to jobs without having their licenses on them.

#3 – Experience

Every furnace repair technician starts somewhere and needs to build up experience – but not on your dime. An inexperienced repair man is far more likely to misdiagnose your issue, which is a huge inconvenience for you and could end up costing you more money.

The consensus among furnace experts is that you should only hire a heating company who has been working on furnaces for at least seven years, and we agree with that.

#4 – Insurance

Let’s say that someone gets injured while your repairman is working on your furnace, or part of your home gets damaged. Who’s going to cover the costs there? Medical bills and home repairs can get expensive, and that’s why you need a Denver furnace repair company with the proper insurance.

Check that the repairman you choose has insurance to cover any potential incidents that could happen during the repair process. Hopefully, they won’t need to use it, but it’s important to have just in case.

#5 – Referrals

If a repair company consistently does good work, then it should have no problem providing you with its referrals. We recommend you only go with companies that have a minimum of five good referrals. These are easy to verify, because all you need to do is get in touch with the people on the list.

Get some details from each referral you contact about the repair and the performance of the repairman. Avoid repair companies that don’t have referrals, because this could be due to lack of experience.

It’s a pain to have your furnace go down, especially when the temperature drops. Use the tips above to find a trusted repair company that can keep your furnace running smoothly.


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