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Is naming your baby more difficult than you imagined?

Naming a baby isn’t rocket science, but it is a responsibility that parents should take seriously. Children live with their names for the rest of their lives, or until they turn 18 and can legally change them.

There are many ways to pick names, such as finding inspirational people after whom to name your son or daughter. Read on for some of our suggestions.

Inspiration from Faith

Many people name their child after a person closely connected with their faith. Traditional names like John or Sarah have been inspired by figures from the Bible.

Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or Buddhist, your baby name list may include names found in texts of your faith or its leaders. For instance, Abraham or Abram is a name found in many faiths, so that it can be found throughout the world.

Inspiration from World Leaders

There are many babies whose names have been inspired by leaders around the world. Many baby girls were named after Princess Diana, both during her life and after she died.

Alexander is still a popular boys name today, and it has ties to Alexander the Great.

Names for both baby girls and baby boys can be inspired by the late President John F. Kennedy. For instance, Kennedy is a name that could be used for either a boy or a girl.

Also, there have been many Johns, Jacks, and a few Fitzgeralds around the world named after the late US President.

Inspiration from Entertainment

Another place soon-to-be parents can get inspiration for names is celebrities. Either a celebrity’s name or the names of their children can inspire people to name their babies after them.

Along with a celebrity’s real name, many television characters have inspired baby names. There is no doubt more Chandlers and Phoebes in the world thanks to the television show ‘Friends.’

If you’re looking for names for your newborn, check out some of the celebrities who’ve inspired parents to name their children after them at this blog.

Inspiration from Sports

Sports stars help influence many parents around the world to name their children after them. Shaquille was a little-known name before Shaquille O’Neal, otherwise known as Shaq, caught everyone’s attention on the basketball court.

Now, there are several Shaquille’s playing basketball within the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Football, or soccer as it is known in the US, has inspired many men to name their sons after their favorite player. Ronaldo has become a very popular pick in many countries.

Inspiration from Family

Of course, the top inspiration for most people when it comes to naming their newborns are their families. Children are often named for their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives.

If their ancestors’ first name isn’t given to children, then some parents will use their mothers’ or grandmothers’ maiden name as their child’s middle name. There are many creative ways to incorporate an ancestor’s name into your child’s.

Are you expecting a baby and want an inspirational name for him or her?

There are many places to find names for your baby that may inspire you.

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