Outdoor Gear Review: Mishmi Takin Jacket ~ Women’s Virunga

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While hiking in his native Himalayas, Kapil realized his high-end boots and jacket were not performing.  So he founded Mishmi Takin, a company that designs ventilation-focused boots and shells with fabrics that vent immediately and outperform in both tropical and temperate climates.  It’s a unique brand with a lot to offer.

Although it’s ideal for wet, humid hiking conditions… would one of these hard shell jackets also work for Colorado snow skiing?  Aren’t we all about our gear multi-tasking?!  Well, I recently tested a Mishmi Takin jacket on the winter slopes of Crested Butte: the Women’s Virunga.  Read on to hear how this impressive jacket performed, and why you should consider adding one to your outdoor gear lineup.

Mishmi Takin Jacket – Hard Shell Women’s Virunga

Mishmi Takin Jacket - Virunga in Teal_Blue

Mishmi Takin Women’s “Virunga” Jacket

The Mishmi Takin Virunga is a year-round, high quality and highly versatile piece.  Named after the equator straddling Virunga National Park in Congo, Central Africa, ‘Virunga’ jacket is optimized for maximum breathability.

I’ve worn it over a warmth layer while family skiing in Colorado, and can’t wait to also try it out in the shoulder rain seasons.


The fabric is high tech, and very tough.  A step up from their 2-layer fabric waterproof jacket, the Virunga is a 3-layer fabric made for durability.  Yet it’s even more lightweight, more waterproof, and more breathable.

Ideal for aerobic activities, there are multiple pit zips and laser cut vents for venting and moisture control.  I found the pockets easy to access while skiing.


I was very pleased with the sizing, and feel it runs true to size.  My fear was that my typical size may not be roomy enough to wear over a packable down jacket (warmth layer for skiing).  But it fits very comfortably, with no tightness through the shoulders.

I’m 5’10” and found the sleeve length to be generous.  The absolute only design detail I took issue with was the placement of the velco cuff adjuster.  It seems like they’d be more practical if they were sewn in a different position, as the fully extended position was pretty much the default size of my wrist (ie no room on the Velcro strip to tighten the cuff any).

Other than that, I am thrilled with this jacket.

Mishmi Takin Virunga jacket snow skiing in Colorado

I’m in the center, wearing the Teal colored Virunga.

Invest in a Quality Hard Shell ~ 3 Features to Look For

I have a very expensive Gortex hard shell I’ve used for 2 years. It’s made by a reputable, well known outdoor brand.  The hood visor internal support rim has broken in two (from being folded into my pack).  And my arms and wrists have gotten wet, while wearing this fancy “Gortex” jacket in the rain.  Whaaaat?  (Not even heavy rain, for goodness sakes… I live in high mountain desert!)

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I’m happy to report that jacket will now be replaced by the Mishmi Takin, due to the Virunga’s superior fit, feel, and features.

Mishmi Takin Jacket Virunga for skiing shell

Such a fun day of family skiing at Crested Butte, Colorado!

After a few years of outdoor sports and recreation, I’ve come to appreciate having just a few key, technical pieces.  All you really need are some proper, high quality layers… and one fabulous hard shell exterior jacket like the Mishmi Takin Virunga.

Look for a hard shell that will:

  1. Move with you – You want an excellent fit that will not get in your way, nor restrict or chafe
  2. Keep you dry – Getting wet while playing on a mountain = no bueno
  3. Breathe well – Need your sweat to evaporate, so changing weather doesn’t lead to discomfort (or even danger)

Although I’ve only tested it through a winter season, I’m confident the Mishmi Takin Virunga will prove to be an excellent year round workhorse.  You can check out both mens and womens available outdoor gear on the Mishmi Takin technical apparel sight.

3 Critical Features to Look For in a Hard Shell Jacket. The right outdoor gear clothing makes all the difference when hiking, skiing, or backpacking in the mountains. Tips of selecting the right apparel in investing in products that will last and perform during your adventures.

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I was provided a Mishmi Takin jacket at no cost, for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own.

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