Goodbye Camper… Sold to an Ex-Con

About three years ago, we bought our first camper.  A 1979 Winnebago bumper pull, the only year Winnebago made a trailer style camper.  Built extremely stout.  After a little cosmetic TLC inside, it was a delightful starter camper.  We’ve made some awesome memories with it. Overall, it was just exciting and fun to own a camper… and we were grateful to have found such a cheap one.  But alas, it suffered two critical problems. Waaaay too heavy to be pulled by our Tahoe. The sleeping arrangements left much to be desired. Every time we pulled that sucker up to our local Grand Mesa, with an elevation of 10,800 feet, my husband would look at me and just shake his head.  “We’ve GOT to stop pulling this heavy camper with the Tahoe.” And every time he’d wake up cranky the next morning after a restless night spent trying to fit his 6 foot frame on one of the two restrictive sleeping spots, “I’m NOT going to sleep another night in that camper.” Osh no!  But I love … [Read more...]

Have a Family #MyDisconnectDay

Even if you don't have close access to some majestic National Park... most of us can make an opportunity to slow down once in awhile, and enjoy spending some time in the Great Outdoors. Doing so as a family can help you reconnect with each other, make some quality memories together, and typically costs next to nothing.  We flat out spend too much time staring at screens (all four members of my family are guilty of this... down to the 4 year old borrowing daddy's iPad), instead of talking, playing, and laughing together.  That's why I immediately loved Cabela's new #MyDisconnectDay campaign. What is #MyDisconnectDay? According to Cabela's, a Disconnect Day is: "One day to put down your devices and reconnect with the great outdoors, your family and your friends." Watch this awesome, quick video that captures the essence of #MyDisconnectDay... and I think you'll fall in love with the idea, too: And if that wasn't enough to get you to join in on a #MyDisconnectDay of your … [Read more...]

6 Things To Love About Camping

Aaaahh... camping.  Don't you just love to get out there, in the Great Outdoors, and sleep with the wolves, moose, and bears?  If you're mom, don't you just love all the work of preparation, packing, organizing, and gathering the needed clothing layers, outdoor gear, hydration and nourishment that the entire family will need on this "back to basics" journey into nature?  (Wait.  Why do I love camping again...?) We hadn't been camping in awhile, but finally snuck away last weekend to camp during my favorite time of year.  Hooray for Fall!    And you know, once you're there, in the moment - it's all worth while.  So I made a list to remind myself of the things I really do love about camping, and thought I'd share in case you needed a little nudge yourself. 6 Things To Love About Camping #1 - Having Your Family Out in Nature This one's kind of a given, but it really does my soul good to see my kids just *be* outside.  I love that there's "nothing to do" when we camp, except enjoy … [Read more...]

Camping Recipe ~ Roasted Rolo Marshmallows

The fact that I consider this a recipe tells you a few things about both my penchant for sweets, and my shaky cooking-while-camping skills.  (I know, I need to read A Little Campy more often...) However, these are definitely good enough to call a "recipe"! If you haven’t given Roasted Rolo Marshmallows a try yet, I strongly encourage you to do so during your next campfire. I spotted this idea on Pinterest, and was eager to make my own. These are incredibly tasty, and a fun variation on the traditional roasted marshmallows or s’mores. Rolo candies now come in “mini” size.  They are easy to find in a bag – I grabbed ours near the gum and mints, at the Walmart checkout counter. Some outdoor-lovin’ genius took this to the next level with the thought, “Hey, what if I melted these all gooey over a fire?  Perhaps encased in a toasted marshmallow?”  Genius, I tell you. Recipe:  Roasted Rolo Marshmallows The first go round, we tried the purist form:  a Rolo mini roasted inside a … [Read more...]

Campfire Tips – Building the Perfect Fire

Did you know that camping is the number one vacation activity in America?   And at the days end, the campfire and some S'mores are arguably the best part. I stumbled across this information from "The Old Farmer’s Almanac", and thought I would share.  Here are 9 helpful campfire tips on building the perfect fire. Campfire Tips for the Perfect Fire Use dry firewood! Never use freshly cut wood, which contains 50 percent more moisture than wood that has been allowed to dry out for a few weeks or months. Assemble a good supply of “fuel.” Before you start your fire, assemble a collection of fuel, including tinder (dry leaves, pine needles, grasses, wood shavings, rolled paper balls); kindling (dry, clean twigs); and chopped firewood (pieces that are thicker than 3 inches in diameter). Clear a site at least 10 feet across. Remove all debris from the fire site. Never locate a campfire site near overhanging branches, standing deadwood, or your tent! Create a solid base. There are a … [Read more...]

Colorado’s Camp Coleman Was Packed With Fun

Last weekend my family and I were privileged to attend "Camp Coleman", an event held in conjunction with National Wildlife Foundation's campaign Great American Backyard Campout to get people outside enjoying the joys of camping. There were Camp Coleman events held in four states, and we attended the one in Colorado.  It was 100+ degrees outside, with not a lot of shade ... but thanks to the hard work and planning of the Coleman staff, a good time was had by all. Camp Coleman Campsite One of the most exciting aspects was receiving a full campsite of Coleman gear for free!  Each family checked in at the front entrance, was told what number their campsite would be for the night, and was greeted with this sight. Fortunately, the tent they provided for each of us was a "60 seconds to put up" Instant Tent for 8.  Intended to take the stress out of tent raising for newer campers, I was surprised at the ease with which this tent went up.  I do think it takes two people, though - … [Read more...]