Coca-Cola’s The Art of Entrepreneurship Event #5by20

Recently I was invited by Coca-Cola to the their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to attend The Art of Entrepreneurship Event.  In celebration of #5by20 artisan products now being made available for sale both online and at the World of Coke gift shop, bloggers were hosted for a fun one-day event to meet some of the inspiring women behind it all, and attend the "unveiling" of these beautiful, handcrafted items made from recycled materials.   These gorgeous items are now all available for sale at the Coca-Cola store online.  100% of the proceeds goes back to the artisan. To give you a little background, Coca-Cola's #5by20 initiative is a plan to help 5 million women entrepreneurs by the year 2020.  This includes all kinds of assistance, from business training and guidance to financial help in getting started.  You can watch video clips and/or read some of the fascinating success stories of women who've had their life significantly improved by participating … [Read more...]

This is What Empowerment Really Means

Sandy is 22 years old, and lives in Mexico.  She was raised in poverty, abused and neglected by her parents, and finally raised by her grandmother.  They lived in a landfill community where most people sort garbage all day, every day.  There were very few opportunities in life for her, and very little hope for change. Then Sandy heard about Coca-Cola's 5X20 initiative, and the training being made available locally in her area by an organization called Mitz.  (You can read my account of Judy's inspiring story, founder of Mitz, here: Helps Women Leave Garbage Heap for a Better Life.) The Mitz Foundation offered to give Sandy training and employment creating hand woven bags and other artisan products, made from recycled Coca-Cola labels. One day per week, Mitz taught Sandy a series of 9 lessons on weaving, and how to assemble a bag.  By her own admission, she struggled with it, and the craft did not come easily for her.  "They told me my bags were not such good quality", she … [Read more...]

Meet Judy: Helps Women Leave Garbage Heap For a Better Life

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear some of the women involved in Coca-Cola's 5by20 initiative speak at World of Coke in Atlanta, GA.  This is where I heard from Judy Achar, one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Here is her moving story, of how she's been able to channel her passion for helping others into empowering impoverished women in Mexico to obtain a better life. Judy Achar, Mitz Founder and President "The only real change and opportunities in Third World countries is through education.  Not just in a classroom, but also in life." ~ Judy Achar.  Living in Mexico and working as a teacher at the only Montessori school serving underprivileged children, Judy wanted "to help kids have an easier and more delightful life".   This school was their Garden of Eden, a great source of pride for the children.  In many cases, it was the best thing they had in their life.  A clean place to come and learn each day, and receive a good meal. Yet it was a constant … [Read more...]

I’m Headed to Atlanta for Coke’s #5by20 Event!

Nearly three years ago, I was invited by Coke to attend a fun blogging event, Conversations with Coca-Cola.  Held at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA, this was a fantastic experience for me.  Touring the World of Coke and meeting the Coke Bear was a definite highlight. He *almost* licked my camera lens.  He loves me, and I love him back. It was at this conference that I first heard about Coca-Cola's program #5by20.  Simply put, it's The Coca-Cola Company's global initiative to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.  To achieve this, they implement programs to help women entrepreneurs -- from fruit farmers to artisans. #5by20 has since been launched in over 40 countries around the world, and can boast a number of beautiful, inspiring success stories.  This short video about Mama Njeri in Kenya, who became a mango farmer, gave me goose bumps.  :) So I was very excited to receive an invitation to return to Atlanta for the #5by20 Art of … [Read more...]

It’s International Happy Day! [Video] #HappyDay

Did you know today is the International Day of Happiness?  Coca-Cola is joining the celebration by releasing the Happiness Remix, a new track designed to bring out the happy in all who hear it. The track can be downloaded for free on Coca-Cola Journey. Acclaimed pop music ‘super producers,’ Rock Mafia,  produced Happiness Remix – an upbeat, infectious pop song that fuses rhythms and melodies from songs created by 17 different independent artists. Each of the artists from around the globe was invited to create a song inspired by a place that makes them happy. So get your happy on today!  :)  And enjoy the #HappinessRemix ... #HappinessRemix This fun video is a montage of happy moments featuring the artists, as well as footage from Coca-Cola ads from around the world.  Coca-Cola shared its #HappyDay campaign with me, but I was, in no way, obligated or compensated to write this post. All opinions are my own. … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola’s “America Is Your Park” Campaign #TakeItToThePark

It’s summertime and Coca-Cola is issuing a challenge to all Americans. They are asking people to “Take It to the Park,” get active and vote for your favorite park to win $100,000 as part of the America Is Your Park campaign. An offshoot of their Live Positively initiative, I appreciate that the Coca-Cola company reaches out with campaigns like this, both to try and contribute to the preservation of our natural parks and environment, as well as encouraging an active lifestyle for families. Coca-Cola's "America Is Your Park" Campaign Does your family have a local park where you enjoy spending outdoor play time?  Get your vote in and help your favorite park win up to $100,000 from Coca-Cola.  The money won by "America's Favorite Park" will be a recreation grant to help restore, rebuild or enhance activity areas in the park. There are three ways to vote, including an easy daily click.   Other options will gain even more votes, such as checking in from your park with Foursquare, … [Read more...]

Minute Maid Lights ~ New Lower Calorie Juice Flavors [Giveaway, Ended 4/18]

Just released this January 2013, the Coca-Cola owned Minute Maid is now offering four tasty flavors of Minute Maid Lights - a lower calorie juice option.  While not a big juice drinker, I'm a new fan of these... they really are light and refreshing We don't drink much juice in our house, largely due to the high sugar and calorie content.  So this will prove to be an interesting and tasty new option. The four new light juice beverages include: Minute Maid®Pure Squeezed Light No Pulp Minute Maid Light™ Mango Passion Minute Maid Light™ Peach with Tea Minute Maid Light™ Raspberry with Tea This product line was introduced to provide an additional variety of choice for all lifestyles, and will join the previous Minute Maid Lite Lemonades. My family tried the following flavors, and really enjoyed them.  We intend to try the others soon!  Here's what we thought of our samples... Minute Maid®Pure Squeezed Light No Pulp Orange Juice The Minute Maid Light Orange Juice is … [Read more...]

“Hello, Heart Owner!” ~ Diet Coke Supports The Heart Truth Campaign

Diet Coke is showing its heart with The Heart Truth® campaign through the month of Februrary! For the first-time ever, millions of Diet Coke packages will prominently feature the hashtag #ShowYourHeart (have you seen one yet?), in hopes of igniting a digital conversation. From now through the end of February, you can join in the effort to raise awareness and support for women’s heart health programs. Diet Coke The Heart Truth Campaign What can you do? Generate Donations Socially!  When you upload a picture “showing your heart” (see the website for some cute examples!), using the #ShowYourHeart hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, you will trigger a donation from Diet Coke to the cause - up to $100,000. For every upload, Diet Coke will make a $1 donation to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health to support heart health research and programs. Your heart works every day behind the scenes. This month let's join Diet Coke® in raising awareness of keeping it … [Read more...]

Atlanta’s “World of Coke” Houses History, Fun, & a BIG Secret

  This past Fall I was able to attend the "Conversations With Coca-Cola" blogging conference, in downtown Atlanta.  On the agenda, a tour of their notorious museum World of Coke. Between the fascination with Coca-Cola's secret formula to the impressive story of this beverage giant enduring and growing to become the world's largest (500 beverage brands in 200 countries) - there's a whole lot of interesting history to behold here. I'm going to try and give you a photo walking tour of the fun exhibits we were able to take in at World of Coke, along with relaying a couple of the stories that our Coca-Cola Historian tour guide told us along the way. World of Coke ~ Coke Polar Bear Character Greeting No doubt it's the grown-up-kid, Disney-World-lover in me... but I was awfully excited about getting to meet the Coca-Cola Polar Bear.  When you first walk in to the main central area of the museum, there is a gorgeous central atrium. On the main floor is … [Read more...]

Best of Conversations With Coca-Cola Blogging Conference #CCLP

Last week I was invited as a guest of Coca-Cola to attend one of their regional blogging conferences, at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA.  They cut us Western U.S. bloggers  some slack by starting at 9:30 a.m. on the first day (time zone!).  But after that, it was full steam ahead with a packed schedule over the next two days. This is the first expenses-paid blogging event that I have been invited to, so other than a fun little mom getaway I wasn't sure what I'd be taking away from the experience.  It ended up being as beneficial as it was enjoyable, so I wanted to share with you the best of what I learned. What I Learned - How You Get Invited to a Blogging Conference When I received my email invite to attend the Conversations With Coca-Cola blogging conference, I already knew a good deal about the event.  I'd caught wind of the #CCLP hashtag on Twitter during a previous conference, watched some of my attending friends tweets, and shook my head in awe, pondering, "How … [Read more...]