Colorado ActionPass™ ~ Hot Deals on Outdoor Fun for 2014

The Colorado ActionPass™ is back for its second year and is better than ever, with additional participants this season and hot deals on outdoor fun throughout Colorado. This awesome program received much acclaim from outdoor enthusiasts last summer, and helped contribute to more affordable outdoor adventure and fun. As a result, for 2014 even more providers have ponied up to offer some great deals... and this time all offers are Buy One Get One Free!  Make Colorado your very own playground, and take advantage of this great money saver. Colorado ActionPass Offer ~ Where Do I Get It? This program is easy to use, free of charge (with gas purchase), and offers a great option for families to tap into additional play here in Colorado - for less money. Shell has your pass to summer fun.  All you have to do is buy a minimum of 8 gallons of fuel  at a participating Shell station, and  you will receive a Colorado ActionPass™ voucher good for a BUY 1 GET ONE FREE ACTIVITY at any one … [Read more...]

Colorado Aromatics Natural Skin Care

Start with all natural, plant-based ingredients grown on a farm in Colorado.  Add in well-studied, fact-based science and a desire to create skin care that  is particularly formulated for the outdoor lifestyle and repairing damage caused by the environment.  And you've got a wonderful natural skin care line of products from Colorado Aromatics. The "farm-to-skin" movement was new to me.  I love Colorado Aromatics' idea of tapping into traditional herbal remedies, and combining them with cosmetic science to achieve healthy, vibrant skin. In part, Dr. Cindy Jones, CEO and Founder of Colorado Aromatics focused on inflammation and oxidation of the skin cells - two key processes that accelerate the aging process.  To help combat these signs of aging and skin damage, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, or live in high altitudes, Dr. Jones has designed a skin care line to utilize herbs which have multiple and complex antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. To … [Read more...]

Summertime Fun Discounts With Colorado ActionPass [Giveaway, Ended 6/12]

What would you like to play in Colorado this summer?  The outdoor recreation options are almost limitless in this beautiful state, and the free Colorado ActionPass is your ticket to receiving discounts on over 40 activities throughout Colorado. If you were familiar with the Ski Free promotion during winter time, you have likely heard how easy it was to participate.   This is a similar promotion, designed to help you and your family get out to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer in the summer! Colorado ActionPass ~ What Types of Activities? Colorado ActionPass has over 40 activity partners, providing great discounts on fun things such as: river rafting kayaking ziplining mountain biking hiking rock climbing golf horseback riding cowboy cookouts kart racing air shows adventure parks Just about everyone can find something fun that strikes their fancy on THAT list! Free Colorado ActionPass  ~ Where Do I Get One? All you have to do to get your very own FREE … [Read more...]

Colorado Products Make Great Gifts

Check out these great products, made proudly in Colorado.  There are some tasty looking gift ideas here! I've tried the Decadence Gourmet Cheesecakes before, and can testify that they are delicious and fun - made in individual sized jars, and sold in "6 packs".  Looking forward to testing out some of the other products mentioned below... I noticed there's a product local to me, made from Palisade peaches.  Well, now - that's always a good idea!   And there's even something special for that furry love of your life. *o*     *o*     *o* Great Gifts - Colorado Products     Colorado gift baskets from   Share the Colorado Proud love to friends and family that live outside of the state. The Big and Little Colorado gift baskets are filled with delicious Colorado products in a unique, ready-to-ship Colorado gift box. From cheese and crackers to dried fruits and chocolate, these baskets will give recipients a “taste of Colorado.” For ordering … [Read more...]