Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ 4 Things I Always Take Pictures Of

Hooray for Disney Wordless Wednesday!  With only 27 sleeps left on my family's countdown to our next Disney World vacation, I enjoyed looking through photos for this week's theme.  Here are the four most common things I always take pictures of. # 1 - The Castle and Fireworks I don't want to talk about Wishes going away.  *sob* At least we'll get to see it one last time. #2 - Family Photo Entering Magic Kingdom A classic.  It's no small feat to pull this off, either... as my family's always vibrating with excitement to get inside Magic Kingdom and start our day of fun! #3 - Disney Food, Particularly Mickey Waffles A blogger's annoying habit.  "DON'T EAT THAT YET!!!"  :) #4 - My kids with Mickey I wish I had used some consistent pose/character/location for photos with my kids on our trips through the years, like I've seen some parents do.  Oh, well... shots like this still make me happy. It doesn't matter where we find Mickey, seeing him is always a highlight! … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Royalty

I'm joining the awesome Disney photography blog Focused On The Magic today for their fun Disney Wordless Wednesday hop! This week's theme:  Disney Royalty Our most recent brush with Disney Royalty was when my mom, daughter, and I took a girls trip to the runDisney Princess Half weekend in February!  We had some unexpected runDisney ups and downs.   But overall, we had a fantastic time and great memories were made. Waiting back at the cold, dark Epcot parking lot as a runDisney half marathon spectator... my daughter was so excited to find princesses available to meet! And what's  more fun than dressing like Disney Royalty YOURSELF?!  This was a Disney First for me (aren't those fun???) Who is your favorite member of Disney Royalty? *o*     *o*     *o* Thanks to Deb at Focused On the Magic for hosting this fun weekly Disney photo blog hop.  Join in the fun and click on the button below to see more great shots from this week!   … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday – Wild Rides

I'm joining in on the fun Disney Wordless Wednesday hop this week, since I'm really missing Disney lately and I love today's theme:  Wild Rides! On our previous trips, we've had a "just barely tall enough for a few crazy rides" 4 year old, and a "not super crazy about wild rides" 9 year old.  Given those parameters, here are some of our family's favorite WILD RIDES... For pure adrenaline, we all love Test Track. A Magic Carpet flies through the air... that's wild, right? Waterslides DEFINITELY count as wild.  The largest one at Caribbean Beach is much zippier than you'd think... Ever rode in Mater's mouth while he drives backwards?  You guessed it. Wild. And if "super exciting and full of happy anticipation" counts as wild, this is one of our absolute favorites... What's your favorite wild ride at Disney? *o*     *o*     *o* Thanks to Deb at Focused On the Magic for hosting this fun weekly Disney photo blog hop.  Join in the fun and click on … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Unforgettable (Photobombs)

We just returned a couple of weeks ago from one of our all time best Disney World trips!  We tried a split stay for the first time, with a 2-night ocean break in between.  It was fantastic, and is probably our new favorite Florida vacation itinerary, making it very hard to leave. Disney Wordless Wednesday I love using Disney's PhotoPass service to capture family shots during our trip.  But I had to chuckle at some of our results this time, hence my take on this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme Unforgettable... these were either traditional photobombs, or just photos that kindof... err... "bombed"! Pretty, but mildly creepy, mystery princess photobombs my daughter's big Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reveal. Falling under the "bombed photo" category... I retroactively discover that my 4 yr old son has made fish lips, in nearly every single family Disney PhotoPass picture during our vacation. And last, another "bombed photo" that is, admittedly, my own fault.  No words, … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Favorite Disney View

Welcome to the fun Disney Wordless Wednesday photo hop!  This week's theme is "Your Favorite View". *o*    *o*    *o* What an interesting theme.  Is my favorite view *of* something at Disney, or would the view be looking *out from* something at Disney?  After some thought, I realized the obvious.  My favorite view at Disney is "viewing" my kids taking it all in! Anticipation. Wonder. Silliness. Laughter. And love. Ok, and also I really love this view... because it means I'm about to ride my favorite attraction!  :)   *o*    *o*    *o* Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting!  Click on the button below to see more great Disney photos from this week.   … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Disney Details to Love

This week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme is:  Disney in the Details! There are thousands of details which are cleverly and artfully woven together at Disney World, each delightful and unique.  For me, "details" doesn't just mean the tiny things.  It's anything that's above and beyond, that makes the whole experience extra special.  Here are a few of the Disney Details I love. Disney Details to Love I love Disney Details like... Snow falling outside my castle.  In Florida.  All year round. Snoring guards Towel Mickeys   Feeling like a world traveler, even when I'm not.  (Yet.) Lush landscaping Live horses on Main Street USA (wearing gold Mickey harnesses) Danish plates with frolicking characters & fireworks What are some of your favorite Disney details? *o*     *o*     *o* Thank you Deb at Focused On The Magic, for hosting this fun weekly Disney photo hop.  Click on the button below to see more great "Disney Detail" pictures from this week! … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Characters at Mickey’s Toontown Fair

Welcome to Disney Wordless Wednesday!  This week's theme: Character Encounters A few short years ago, we took our first Disney World trip together as a young family.  This was a time when Mickey's Toontown Fair was still open, and the Walt Disney World Railroad featured a stop in this area. Characters at Mickey's Toontown Fair As we pulled into the Toontown Fair station, we were very excited to see an entire group of characters ready and waiting to greet us, at an area just off to the side (literally, no lines... I believe they had just been brought out). Still new to the Disney trip scene, none of us realized how rare the situation being presented actually was - from the large number of characters, to the very few people in the area, to the unique characters we saw that day. Being totally drawn to her, and there being no other fans around... my daughter ran back up to Marie 3 different times!   We've never had a "Character Encounter" quite like it - before or since.  It … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Anniversary at Disney World

For this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme of "Your September Calendar Shot", I decided to go with a collage of memories and highlights from our Anniversary trip to Disney World.  This was a first time for us, going to Disney sans kiddos.  What a wonderful place to celebrate! Anniversary at Disney World It was a brief but very fun trip to Disney World last winter, with just my husband and I celebratating of our 10th wedding anniversary.  Here were some of my favorite moments. Every Princess (even the grown up ones) should get to sleep in a Royal Room for her special wedding anniversary.   And just to be clear, every wife is a Princess on her anniversary. For us, leaving the kids behind allowed us to do some more laid back, leisurely activities like rent a surrey bike at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort. Throw in a romantic Disney sunset... Fireworks always kick the celebration factor up a notch. Lunch with my favorite person, at my favorite quick service … [Read more...]

Disney Wordless Wednesday ~ Mickey, Minnie, & More!

This week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme:  The Disney Inspired Letter "M" As it turns out, there are so many magical Disney "M"s... that I'm not sure if there could be a Disney without them? Magical Makeover (at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique) Mexico (EPCOT's version) Mmmmm... Mouth-watering Moose Mousse (at Le Cellier) Mom in Morocco (noticing all the Magnificent Ms in EPCOT?) My Little Man Meets Mickey Mouse  My 2 favorite Minnie Mouse! And I can't wait to see people's pictures of my favorite Main Street USA today!  I just ran out of time...  ;) *o*     *o*     *o* Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting this weekly photo hop.  Click on the button below for some more great Disney pictures this week!   … [Read more...]

Disney Worldless Wednesday ~ Disney On The Road Show

This week's Disney Wordless Wednesday theme is:  Social Media Disney Memories Although I've quite publicly pined away for receiving an invitation to the coveted Disney Social Media Moms conference and thus far been unsuccessful, I have been able to attend a Disney On The Road event in Houston, TX. I was very excited for this Disney media event, and it this was a lovely opportunity to finally meet one of my fellow Disney blogging friends... Mary, of Capturing Magical Memories.  She saved me a seat, greeted me with a big hug, and immediately calmed me down and got me in a pixie-dusted mood (after the stress of downtown Houston navigation, rush hour traffic, and sadly arriving late!)  I'm still grateful to her, and remember her friendliness and kindness fondly.  :) Here were some of the magical highlights of that day.   (More pictures and details from the #DisneyOnTheRoad event here, if you are interested...) Great memories were made - it was quite a morning!  … [Read more...]