Is Disney California Adventure’s “Frozen – Live at the Hyperion” Worth the Time?

It's new, it's hot, and everyone wants a seat.  Being a full scale Broadway-caliber musical, the new Frozen - Live at the Hyperion production that recently opened at Disney's California Adventure Park is a bit of a time investment.   Even with a FastPass, waits will be involved.  And the Frozen musical itself lasts about an hour. So is it worth the valuable park time? This was my family's recent dilemma, when for the first time in forever... we had just one precious day to experience both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. Frozen... Are You Over It? First, let's address the elephant in the room. I'm a huge lover of all-things-Disney, and I feel like Frozen was one of their best animated films ever.  But at the risk of sounding like a hater, I'm over it. I'm sorry, but I feel like the saturation of merchandising, attractions, and promotion of that movie has given me a bit of a Frozen hangover. I love Olaf.  I do. "Let It Go" gives me goosebumps.  It … [Read more...]

Toddlers First Disney Character Greeting

The month my son turned one, we took a family trip to Disney World.  The first time you get to take your child to Disney is special for many reasons.  Meeting so many beloved Disney characters for the first time is, of course, a highlight! If your child is young, or timid, here's a few tips you can follow to help make it a carefree and happy experience for them. Toddlers First Disney Character Greeting Tips Even at a young age, toddlers often recognize the live Disney characters found in the parks, just from the shows they have watched.  So be sure to watch some of your Disney movie favorites before your trip!  It will keep the characters fresh in their mind, and hopefully help them warm up more readily when they spot them in the Parks. I had my son in Disney Jr Mickey Mouse Clubhouse boot camp for a few weeks prior to our trip.  I think it paid off nicely. When the big moment arrives - ease in slowly, and don't pressure them to be held or get close to the character once … [Read more...]

Magical Blogorail: Favorite Time to Visit Disney

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Donna Kay and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail. I’ve been to Disney World at various times throughout the year, but my family’s hands-down favorite time to go is:   January! Here’s my case – let’s see if I can convince you?  As I see it, there are three distinct advantages to visiting Mickey in mid-to-late January: Price Weather Crowds Best Time to Visit Disney ~ Lower Cost I wish we didn’t have to budget our Disney trips, but we definitely do.  Going during the Value Season and using the awesome special offers Disney runs, with the correspondingly lower price tag, is often the only way we can afford to go. Remember the amazing “Buy 4, Get 3 Free” offer in the winter of 2009 - Disney’s answer to the tanking economy?  Ooooh yeah … how I wish upon a star that they’d bring back that sweet deal again! Best Time to Visit Disney ~ Better Weather As I mentioned, we are from a … [Read more...]

Bringing Grandparents Along to Disney

Don't forget the back-up. This idea was not original to me, I’ll just lay that out on the table right away.  My daughter was 3, I was at a lunch with some fellow stay at home moms, and one of them was talking about their recent trip to Disney World. Thinking back, this very likely started that first seed.  Not the seed to “bring grandparents along with you to Disney” … the seed to even GO to Disney!  That seed which rapidly grew inside me to become the, I’ll admit it, obsession of vacationing at Disney which I now have today. … [Read more...]

Chat With a Disney Guru ~ Days In The Park

Weekly series! Welcome to a great new way to compare notes, pick up some helpful tips for your next Disney visit, and discover some fantastic Disney bloggers!  Each week I will be highlighting an interview with a certified, pixie dusted fan of The Mouse.   … [Read more...]

Keeping Track of Your Kids At Disney – Giveaway (Ended 12/31/11)

The next time you head to Disney with kids, here's an innovative way to easily keep visual track of them - and them, of you!  Why not try wearing matching striped shirts?   (Oh, how I wish there were a castle in the background, but you get the idea...) Red and white go particularly well with Minnie Mouse ears! … [Read more...]