Making Exercise Your Self-Care “Me” Time

Have you heard the latest craze going around the MomiSphere about “Self Care”?  Self care. Huh.  Sounds.... selfish.  And who the heck has time for self care, anyways?  With all the other demands on our time?  Plus all those other things we’re supposed to be doing, which are also important, like getting regular exercise?  And then there's the precious, regenerative yet oh-so-elusive "Me" time. What if we rolled it all into a ball:  Self care, "Me" time, and the need for exercise?  I’ll be honest, I really struggle with fitness motivation these days.  So I've been thinking maybe this is a fresh perspective that can help me. Could this put a more positive spin on getting my rear in gear? Finding Fitness Motivation I’ve always been a reasonably active person, who enjoyed staying in shape.  I do believe keeping yourself fit allows you to enjoy life more.  So when your friends invite you on a long hike, it's totally doable.  When your kids want to go on a bike ride, you've got no … [Read more...]

Mistaken for Pregnant, at the Gym

Yep.  That’s a real thing that happened to me. I’m still processing it. Mulling it all over. Trying to determine if I find this event a) motivating, or b) deflating in my overall efforts to improve my fitness. So here’s how it went down. Never, Ever Ask a Woman if She’s Expecting. Just Don’t. I liked him at first.  He had brought his own towel laced with eucalyptus oil, and had draped it over the steam vent.  I love this effect, and the steam room smelled much better than it normally does.  So I was appreciative.  We were amicable steam room buddies, at this point.  Off to a great start. Then he asks me a question, in very broken English.  An older Hispanic gentlemen, I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying.  He repeats himself, while rubbing his stomach by way of a demonstrative gesture.  And it dawns on me what he is asking. “Is baby coming?” Ouch.  Am I pregnant?  So apparently I look pregnant in my swimsuit.  That’s awesome. I was so stunned at first, I … [Read more...]

Helping Your Kids Get Badly Needed Exercise

You've heard the debate before, and even pondered it yourself. "When we were kids... we used to play outside until dark!  And ride our bikes all over town!  And have dirt clod fights for hours!" Oh, wait.  Maybe the last one was just my little brother. Sadly, times have changed.  And frankly, conditions aren't as safe for children as they once were.  Add in the fact that we now live in a much more sedentary society, one riddled with screens for entertainment.  So how do you keep kids active? Personally, I find it very challenging to help my kids get badly needed exercise.  I look for opportunities to provide active play for them both.  But my tween daughter is at an age where I'd like her to start learning to be self-motivated, when it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  This past year she turned 12, which was an age which allowed her to be added to our family gym membership. She really enjoys this, and it's helped being able to take her along with us to go get some … [Read more...]

Essential Gear for Workout Maniacs

5 Things to Not Forget when Hitting the Gym Nothing gives you the natural high of successfully completing a full workout session. Your body is flush with endorphins, your muscles are tired and you are ready to relax with a cold beverage and some good friends. Everything is right with the world.  You feel good. Of course, that only works when everything goes right with your workout. Although there are many  things you can’t control, nothing ruins a workout faster than forgetting something before you start. For me, hitting the gym without my iPod blasting out motivational music will send my workout into misery quickly. It goes from being a high-energy romp through exercises and runs into a dull slog around the track or on the machines. Time passes incredibly slowly, and I can’t wait to get done and get out of there. Forgetting any of the following things makes my workout routine a drag. I follow it, but I don’t want to be there. I want to get done and hit the showers … [Read more...]

“Pulses” ~ 11 Foods That are Cheap, Delicious, & Good for You

Aside from checking my heart rate, talk of "Pulses" was completely new to me.  But once I had a quick lesson on this low fat, high-protein, affordable, good for the environment food... I was instantly a [renewed] fan! Pulses are the edible seeds of plants in the legume family, which grow in pods and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pulses Food List The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognizes 11 types, check out this pulses food list: dry beans dry broad beans dry peas chickpeas cow peas pigeon peas lentils Bambara beans vetches lupins pulses nes ("not elsewhere specified") Ok, honestly I've only heard of about 5 of those.  How sad.   They are healthy, nutritious and easy to cook with.   They are a key ingredient in traditional cooking around the world and are used in soup, stew, falafel, hummus, curry, dal, tacos and more. Here are 4 reasons why you (and I) should care about pulses. 4 Reasons … [Read more...]

Professional Massage Relief at Home ~ MyoBuddy Massager Review

One gander at the almost comical expressions of relief people display when trying the MyoBuddy® Massager, and you'll be dying to give this a try.  At least that's the reaction my husband and I both had when we watched this.  Filmed at what appears to be a trade show booth, it's pretty convincing.  I've now tried it myself... here's my honest MyoBuddy Massager review. October 2017 UPDATE:  My husband recently took a physically demanding job, and now uses the MyoBuddy Massager DAILY.  He's commented several times how well it works, reduces his pain, and is a lifesaver!   Though professional grade, this nifty handheld massager is a soothing and helpful tool you can own and use right in your own home.  It can assist in boosting workout recovery.  Or simply aid in relieving those painful knots from tension and stress that we so often hold in our shoulders and upper back. Between my husband and I, we work long hours at an office computer job, lift weights, work out, and … [Read more...]

Control Diabetes Risk With These 8 Tips

Did you know that diabetes causes more deaths than AIDS and breast cancer combined?  This disease is becoming ever more prevalent, between our processed high carbs foods and sedentary lifestyles. Fear not, there are easy measures we can all take to prevent this serious illness.  The bonus being... they are also great overall fitness tips to follow for good health.  And even more critical when heading into that time of year where platters full of fattening treats are lurking around every corner. (By the way, do you hate me for using that photo of cupcakes??  I know, how annoying.  And luscious.  Hey, per tips #1 & 7  - go for it!  Just wash it down with some water and fiber...) 8 Tips to Control Diabetes Risk Increase Fiber and Water - Eat more fiber and drink more water during the holiday season as this will keep you feeling full and lessen the chances that you’ll overeat on goodies! Set an Alarm - While at home or work, set an alarm clock to sound every 45 minutes … [Read more...]

Every Active Woman Should Give This a Try

This past month I reached a personal fitness goal, and in the same swoop was able to cross off a Disney Bucket List item of mine.  My mom and daughter were my support team, and went along with me to Disney World.  Although our runDisney weekend had some dramatic ups and downs, I was able to complete my first half marathon - the Princess Half. Achieving that milestone felt pretty fantastic.  It was a gratifying trip, satisfied my curiosity about all the runDisney hoop-la, and was an extremely fun experience overall. But hooked on half marathons, I am not. It took me 6 months of training to work up to those 13.1 miles.  Along with a bottle or two of ibuprofen, repeated icing of my knees, entire Sunday afternoons dedicated to long runs in the winter cold, and a fair amount of limping around my office (I ran during my lunch breaks).  For long distances, I need to wear knee braces on both legs.  In short, I've concluded that running isn't for me. So my knees are shot.  What's … [Read more...]

Healthy 21-Day Wellness Challenge [Giveaway, Ended 2/16]

Did you know that by one week into January, 25% of people have already abandoned their New Year’s fitness resolutions?  That's why I like this idea of a Boulder, Colorado company's unique wellness campaign.   BackJoy, the makers of wellness products which help you sleep, sit, and move more comfortably, have created this 21-day Get Down to the Core challenge to help you reach your health focused goals. From feeling better (less back pain) to looking better (flatter tummy), the TrA muscles are important, yet often overlooked.  This FREE program is easy for anyone to complete.  Plus I've got a giveaway of a BackJoy prize package (worth $55) for one winning reader. Get Down to the Core Challenge This attainable 21-day challenge kicked off February 1st, but it's not too late to join in!  Give yourself a second chance at meeting those goals to get healthy in 2016.   The program can be completed at home, the gym, or even the office.  It was specifically designed to work … [Read more...]

10 Best Workout Songs of 2015

Workout music site Run Hundred has just finished its 8th annual poll!  Over 100,000 people cast votes to narrow down their favorite top 10 tracks.  I thought this was a great resource to help anyone looking to jump start their workouts in 2016. I'm always on the lookout for great running songs to add to my playlist.  Especially lately, when I've been doing long runs while training for a runDisney half marathon.   Although I've never selected songs with a BPM that matches my pace, I do believe it's highly motivating to create an optimal music playlist that works for you.  I may experiment with the BPM of some songs listed below, to see if they can drive me to run a little faster.  I'm gonna need a race buffer for "selfies with Disney Princesses" time! So by popular vote - here's the list of best workout songs of 2015!  Are there any you already love, or will be adding to your workout? 10 Best Workout Songs of 2015 #10 - Demi Lovato – Confident – 130 BPM #9 - The Magician & … [Read more...]