10 Best Workout Songs of 2015

Workout music site Run Hundred has just finished its 8th annual poll!  Over 100,000 people cast votes to narrow down their favorite top 10 tracks.  I thought this was a great resource to help anyone looking to jump start their workouts in 2016. I'm always on the lookout for great running songs to add to my playlist.  Especially lately, when I've been doing long runs while training for a runDisney half marathon.   Although I've never selected songs with a BPM that matches my pace, I do believe it's highly motivating to create an optimal music playlist that works for you.  I may experiment with the BPM of some songs listed below, to see if they can drive me to run a little faster.  I'm gonna need a race buffer for "selfies with Disney Princesses" time! So by popular vote - here's the list of best workout songs of 2015!  Are there any you already love, or will be adding to your workout? 10 Best Workout Songs of 2015 #10 - Demi Lovato – Confident – 130 BPM #9 - The Magician & … [Read more...]

Muscle Recovery & Relief With RAD Massage Tools

Got pain from working out, training for an upcoming runDisney race, or just sitting at your boring computer all day?  (Those last 2 were me.)  Then you are going to be as happy as I was to discover RAD massage tools for recovery and muscle relief.  These well designed, compact products help you work on those trouble spots by applying pressure and massage. When Dan from RAD Roller stumbled across my blog and read about my efforts to train for my first half marathon, he emailed me to tell me about RAD.  I've now been trying the RAD Roller and RAD Rod for a few weeks, and am sold on their effectiveness.  They are also affordable and high quality, and I'm excited to share these tools with my readers. RAD massage tools can help massage sore muscles, reduce tightness, and relieve pain in your lower back, neck, hips, legs, and even knees.   RAD’s focus is on achieving full-body mobility through both trigger point and larger muscle relief. RAD Massage Tools ~ RAD Roller The RAD … [Read more...]

5 Things I Can’t Run Without

There's a formula.  The gear and circumstances I can queue up for myself, to make sure I actually take that run.  Because as much as I've been enjoying training for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon, there are days when I really don't want to go running. Granted I'm a beginning runner, still in the early stages of training.  I'm averaging 2.5 miles, three times per week.  I use Jeff Galloway's genius run-walk-run method, and I swear it's saving me a great deal of pain.  (Love you, Jeff!)  I've also been experimenting with various gear and items to support my running.  Thus far, I've identified these 5 things I can't run without! Note, some of the items below were sent to me as samples to test out.  Some of them I purchased myself.  All are truly great running gear, and are items I feel I can't live without. 1.  Tiny, Rockin' Music Player I have music on my phone, and music on my iPod Nano.  However, neither of these have *exclusively* running music on them.  This left me … [Read more...]

Finding the Perfect Sports Bra

A good sports bra is a core fitness routine staple, and fairly vital piece of gear.  So how does a girl go about finding the perfect sports bra? Start by deciding what features you prefer, and are looking for in the ultimate sports bra. Do you want soft & supple fabric, or more firm and supportive? What style of straps do you prefer - traditional over-the-shoulder for a crossover daytime bra, or a racerback style? To underwire... or not to underwire.  That is the question. Are you on the prudish end of the modesty scale, and want some serious nipple-proof padding? (Ahem! *raises hand*) Will you be wearing your sports bra for Warrior Pose... or a Warrior Half Marathon?  (or both?) Some bras wick better than others... how sweaty do you get? Do you want 'em squashed down together, compression style... or do you want some separation and definition, more like a daytime bra? Personally, even though I often wear a fitness top with a built-in bra, I still end up … [Read more...]

I’m Finally Going to runDisney!

For literally years, I've spent hours "dabbling" in running... along with absorbing photos, blog posts, and social media buzz about runDisney events, with longing in my heart.  Running with other tutu-clad, Disney-loving princesses THROUGH THE CASTLE?!  Are you kidding me? Because my family takes trips to Disney World as frequently as possible, I just didn't think such an extra trip/expense would ever be feasible.  But I kept wanting it.  Badly.  And I kept getting another year older, each year when they held the runDisney Princess Half Marathon registrations. If you're not familiar with runDisney, they host weekend events of races, typically held early mornings on routes that wind through Disney Parks before they're open to the public.  They are spendy, spectacularly fun, and fill up very, very quickly.  Plus, you have to be ready to commit far in advance - registration was in July, for the February runDisney Princess weekend.  (FYI, there are other ways to get in... joining … [Read more...]

Pure Barre, Pure Results

Caught in a fitness rut?  We all get there.  As I learned last Spring during a 6 week fitness challenge, if you don't mix things up once in awhile during your workouts... you start to lose the benefits of your exercise, as your body acclimates to the same old activity. I recently tried out something I've heard of, but that was entirely new to me:  a barre workout, using the "Pure Barre, Pure Results" DVD. Barre workouts have been described as a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates. Exercises focus on isometric strength training, combined with high reps of small movements. And I'm here to tell you... It's tough!  You will FEEL it working, literally minutes into the workout.  I honestly couldn't get through an entire workout, but don't let that discourage you.  It's effective, and something I plan on continuing to try in order to improve in. Pure Barre, Pure Results The abs-focused workout "Pure Barre, Pure Results" is a … [Read more...]

On-The-Go Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Recently I participated in a 6 week fitness challenge that included a session with a nutritionist.  She had so many good ideas, but the most lasting healthy lifestyle take-away that I've continued to use daily is the on-the-go breakfast smoothie. If you are like me, you need to eat breakfast.  But doing so first thing in the morning, when you are stressed out, rushing around getting ready for your day... just isn't your stomach's favorite time to chow down.  Breakfast smoothies are so much easier for me to digest versus trying to eat something, both on-the-go convenience wise (I drink mine on the way to work), and stomach-tolerance wise. But will it leave you feeling hungry, 45 minutes later?  It doesn't have to. The key to a healthy on-the-go breakfast smoothie that will stay with you is this:  Protein. If you include some ingredients with protein in your smoothie, it will stick with you and keep you feeling full much longer.  When you make your smoothie at home, you can … [Read more...]

Register for the Colorado Mudderella and #OwnYourStrong

The first and only full-day athletic event designed for women by women, Mudderella is an experience that promises to both challenge and uplift you.  Joining the movement to help make fitness more fun and social, this event encourages women to #OwnYourStrong, and come enjoy an amazing day with a team of friends. What an awesome way to infuse a little motivation into your fitness routine!  Mudderella focuses on helping women feel empowered, and strengthening bonds with a group of your closest friends.  I love the 3 "truths" they feature on their About page: Truth #1:  you’re stronger than you think you are. Truth #2:  there’s more to life than going to the gym. Truth #3:  you deserve an awesome experience. I want to do this SO BADLY!!  I was really, really bummed when I realized I have a convention date conflict with the Colorado Mudderella event taking place August 22, 2015 in Snowmass Village.  Here's the glimpse that got me so hooked, and super excited about trying a … [Read more...]

Hooked by My First 5k

  My ten year old daughter, a 4th grader, has been participating in a great after school running program called Girls On The Run (GOTR) this Spring.  As a running newbie, her goal was the final event to be held in early May:  The Girls On The Run 5k. Although I only dabble in running myself, I was hoping this would be something I could both share with her, and support her in.  So I, too, registered for what would be my very first 5k. I've been exercising, but I haven't been running lately.  Poor K had twisted her ankle earlier in the week, on our new trampoline.  So with that wrapped and hurting when the big day arrived last Saturday, we weren't sure how this whole "first 5k" thing was going to go down for us.  Was this going to do us both in? Alas, we were for a high-energy, motivating, fun experience quite unlike anything else we've ever done before! How did I not know this?   How did I not know how incredibly exciting and fun a 5k race can be?? Here are … [Read more...]

Family Fun At The Trampoline Park!

Last week we went to to our local trampoline park Get Air (such a great name), located downtown Grand Junction in an old commercial silo building.  Holy cow was that unexpectedly fun!  All kids go crazy for this place, and I had been there once before, but previously just watched.  Mostly because I'm too cheap to pay my jumping admission.  And it seemed like... you know... it was for kids. Lo and behold - Monday nights are "parents jump free" nights, so we made it an extended family affair.  And we ALL jumped, like Champions! I was surprised at what a total blast this was.  We had SO MUCH FUN!  There's something about doing youthful things like this, that you maybe haven't done or felt in decades (seriously, when was the last time your body got thrown up into the air?), that makes a little kid giggle involuntarily bubble forth.  Accompanied by a feeling of glee.  It's a good feeling! My entire family was there… my brother & his family … even Nanna and Grandpa came to … [Read more...]