Oh la la ~ Velata Chocolate Fondue! [Giveaway, Ended 6/6]

Taken from the French verb meaning "to melt", fondue has been a popular dish in North America since the 1960s.  Originally composed of melted cheese in which to dip your bread, it has blossomed and evolved to an even more delightful level:  chocolate! If you are familiar with the Scentsy company, you are aware of their design technology which utilizes a light bulb housed in a charming ceramic container to heat (melt, and release the aroma of) scent cubes in a top tray. Well some clever person at Scentsy took that concept and adapted it to a new, ingenious use:  Welcome Velata ... a brand new line of chocolate fondue warmers! In addition to the attractive fondue warmer options available, you get a mouth watering selection of four types of Belgian chocolates to choose from: White Chocolate Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate Caramel Chocolate A nearly impossible decision to make, if you ask me, because each of them sounds delicious. For review, I selected a "Blue Razz … [Read more...]

Recipe: Pumpkin Buttermilk Pancakes

Is there anything more detectible in Fall than eating warm comfort foods containing PUMPKIN?  These Pumpkin Buttermilk pancakes are so amazing, that I just had to share the Food Love! I don't recall where the recipe came from, and I usually end up modifying things like this to use 1/2 whole wheat flour - so below is the version I've come up with for my family.   Using whole wheat flour makes them healthier and keeps you feeling fuller, longer. Quick comment regarding use of whole wheat flour.  If you don't like, or aren't use to, the stronger taste of whole wheat - I have two options you could try.   You can usually find "whole wheat pastry flour" at your local health food grocer.  It is ground finer and has a great, milder flavor.  Or there is a lighter, but still whole grain, option called "white whole wheat".  Our local Walmart stocks one called Prairie Gold, by the Wheat Montana Farms & Bakery company.  Also very mild, it hardly seems like wheat at all. Also, when … [Read more...]

Ever Tried a Cookie Exchange Party?

I enjoy an excuse to invite girlfriends over on a Saturday afternoon, and about once a year I host some sort of home sales party as an excuse to do so.  The downside being, you know there are always some people who don't feel comfortable with the sales aspect of such situations, so they end up staying home and missing out on the fun of visiting and eating treats with your friends.Enter the cookie exchange party!  I recently saw an offer on Hershey's newly launched Cookie Headquarters Website that you could enter to host a cookie exchange party.  So I gave it a shot.  This is the supply pack I received from them.Cookie making ingredients, recipe card and pastry box party favors, and an apron for me! I love this idea.  Make a few of your favorite cookies or bars, then get together with friends to visit and trade goodies - and everyone leaves with a fun, tasty assortment of treats!  I know this is something … [Read more...]