Little Brother to the Rescue

Brushing my 7 year old daughter’s long, fine, naturally curly hair each morning is easily the worst moment of the day. For us both. Add the rush of getting ready for school, and it only increases the adrenaline and adds an additional layer of stress (and therefore drama) to the scene. She prefers me to comb it out, versus her father. I remember the days of knots at the base of my neck, and how painful it can be to comb out long, tangled hair. So I douse her with de-tangle spray, and try to take my time. But tug too firmly just once, and she correspondingly kicks the drama up a notch and really starts to holler. There was even a stray tear out of her right eye on this particular morning. As her protests increased in intensity and volume, even her baby brother toddled in to the bathroom to investigate the ruckus. Natural empathy and an inborn tendency to imitate his older sibling combined in him, and he aligned himself next to this poor, tortured sister. He scrunched his … [Read more...]

1st Grader’s Perspective: Mall Purchase Criteria

Spoiling the kids.  That Big Black Hole that's so hard to free yourself from ... once you've been sucked into its bottomless vortex.  It is so hard to strike a balance, isn't it?  You get sick and tired of your child with their sense of entitlement, which you know that you have fostered, constantly asking for more.  Then discarding the new toy or piece of clothing within days - no longer meriting their interest. That's it.  You're done.  No more new stuff. The questionable object of my 6 year old's affection:  "Shake It Up" sneaker boots, from Payless. Days later (Weeks later?  Hours later??) you find yourself swinging the other direction.  You see something you know they would love.  It fun to give your child presents!  It's just something you want them to have and enjoy, purely because you are their parent and love seeing their eyes light up with excitement and (albeit fleeting) gratitude.  Is that so wrong?  Aaaand... and the cycle continues. I love … [Read more...]

1st Grader’s Perspective: Mom’s Bad Haircut

It’s not that I’m totally unselfish, or do not enjoy being pampered from time to time.   But I have never been one to spend great amounts of money on my hair at beauty salons.  There is a part of me that would love to have my hair dyed and highlighted professionally on a monthly basis.  However there is another, larger and stronger, part of me that is way too cheap to fork over the $100+ per month that this habit would demand.   Whether I have the money or not, I can’t get past all the things I would rather spend $100 on! Between that and having longish, not-a-hairstyle hair … I typically scrape by with a combination of coloring my own hair and getting it trimmed about once every 6 months.  (I know.  Who do I think I am, right?  Bragging all up in here about my gorgeous doo...) My signal to call and make that appointment is usually the morning I look in the mirror and realize, “Ok.  Your hair’s not pretty.  It’s just long.”  That means it could use a little shape up.  So I go and … [Read more...]

1st Grader’s Perspective: Movie Candy Smuggling

Are you a Movie Candy Smuggler?  How about a "Sodas and Bottled Water in your Huger Than Normal Purse" Movie Goer? Image courtesy of digitalart Oh, I'll patronize them for their $64.50 large bucket of hot, buttery popcorn.  It's out of my realm of control, really - I have to do it. It doesn't matter what strategy I try to employ, prior to a trip to the movie theater.  I can be filled to the brim after eating an entire ribeye hanging-off-the-sides-of-my-plate steak dinner, five minutes prior to leaving for the theater.  It won't matter.  The second I get a whiff of the concession stand's steaming, freshly popped popcorn ... I'm getting in line for some. … [Read more...]