Plan Your Trip With The Unofficial Guide to Disney [Giveaway, Ended 6/5]

Hey, hey... cover photo by the talented Tom Bricker

A trip to Disney is kind of a big deal.  Planning it with the assistance of a great guide book, a smart idea.   Disney vacations are investments.  To maximize your fun and enjoyment, doing some research up front will more than pay off. Unofficial Guides to Disney can offer extremely valuable advice to help plan your trip.  They feature topics such as: Selecting your trip dates Learning about Disney economics, and Disney trip packages Receiving guidance on where to stay Deciding on character or theme dining you'd like to experience  (this is a big one at Disney World where you definitely need ADRs, "Advance Dining Reservations") Getting a feel for how best to spend your days, so you minimize time spent waiting in line Discovering which attractions appeal to you and your family most, and what you absolutely don't want to miss ... and much, much more.  Plus, how about just plain building anticipation for that trip?   :) The Unofficial Guide to Disney ~ … [Read more...]

Duluth Trading Company Dry On The Fly Pants [$50 Giveaway, Ended 4/15]

Duluth Trading Company Dry on the Fly convertible to capri

I've been receiving catalogs for awhile now from Duluth Trading Company, and I instantly loved two things about them:  They use real women as models.  And these real women wear Duluth Trading Company apparel while doing REAL work! We're talking about an impressive display of female dairy farmers, loggers, ranchers, and carpenters.  And it appears that the durable Duluth Trading Company clothing does a great job of keeping up with the rigors of their daily tasks.  Although I *wish* I were that tough and capable, alas my time is spent more in the categories of office work and outdoor recreation.  So as a better fit for my lifestyle, they sent me a pair of Duluth Trading Company Dry On the Fly pants to try out. Duluth Trading Company's DuluthFlex Dry On the Fly Convertible Pants Duluth Trading Company DuluthFlex Dry On the Fly Convertible Pants (whew!  That's quite a name!) come in 6 great color choices, and are made from a light yet mid-weight, wicking nylon/elastane fabric.  This … [Read more...]

Lug Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag [Giveaway, Ended 3/7]

Lug cartwheel bag_ocean_blue_550

Anyone who appreciates well designed, quality travel gear (and a cheery rainbow of colors!) will appreciate Lug, one of my favorite travel accessory and bag brands. Not only do they make fantastically organized, well thought out and extremely useful products for your travel adventures... they clearly use them themselves.  Because they're always spot on.  Take the Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag, for instance. I recently went on a quest to replace my bulky, disorganized gym bag.  I'm so done with the ugly mammoth duffel.  So I started Googling "women's gym bag" to see what alternatives were out there.  When my search turned up Lug's Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag, I knew I'd hit pay dirt. What?  What??  Lug makes a gym bag?  Booo-yaaah! I've reviewed some Lug travel items before and was highly impressed.  (In fact, I still use and enjoy both of those pieces.)    Here's how my experience using the Lug Cartwheel Bag at the gym has gone, over the past few weeks.  I think you're … [Read more...]

Tieks Heart Box Giveaway

Photo credit  Tieks

Tieks by Gavrieli, makers of the famous and fabulous Italian leather designer flats, have crafted some gorgeous heart boxes using their signature teal design... and filled them with amazing pampering treats that you'll love!  The Tieks Heart Box Giveaway is now underway, so enter today for your chance to win 1 of 20 fantastic gift-filled boxes. Tieks Heart Box Giveaway You can enter this Facebook Tieks Heart Box Giveaway with one quick entry of your email address.  Go ahead and "like" their Facebook page while you're there... they post some of the most colorful, fun, and breathtaking photos of any page I've ever seen. Last week I was tickled TEAL to receive this surprise in the mail. I'd be hard pressed to say which gift item I was most excited about, but here's a glimpse for you of what the Tieks Heart Box Giveaway includes: $100 Tieks Gift Card ~ Hmmm...I've got my classic black pair of Tieks.  Now I believe it's time to get a little more adventurous, with my 2nd … [Read more...]

Clif Kid Zfruit & Veggie Ropes [Giveaway, Ended 2/20]

Clif Zfruit and veggie reusable planter

Any active, on-the-go family would likely agree it's a challenge to find convenient, yet healthy, snacks to have on hand.   In our household, we think Clif Kid products do a nice job at tackling this problem, offering yummy, energy fueled snacks that our kids love... which are also nutritious.  And now there's another tasty option added to the lineup:  Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes. Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes Fruit seems to work it's way into our diet fairly regularly, and given the option I do like to feed my kids fresh fruit.  Fresh fruit doesn't always travel well, however, like when it's shoved into the cramped confines of a school or hiking backpack. And veggies are a whole other story.  I find it a constant challenge to try and include more of them into our diet.  So when you start talking about working some vegetables into the mix, in a kids snack... you have my attention! Enter the new Clif Kid Zfruit + Veggie Ropes.  Described as "a tangy, twisted fruit and veggie … [Read more...]

Grow Exploring ABC & 123 Board Books for Outdoorsy Kids [Giveaway, Ended 1/28]

Grow Exploring ABC 123 Board Books for Outdoorsy Kids

Sterling and Sarah of Grow Exploring love sharing outdoor adventures with their three young kids.  In a moment of brilliance, they decided "Why not create some children's books which feature outdoor gear, to both educate and inspire outdoor recreation?"  Behold... the birth of Grow Exploring ABC & 123 Board Books! The result of this brain child is now available as a great series of four ABC and 123 outdoorsy kids board books, by Grow Exploring.   They feature photos of gear you'd use while engaging in the popular outdoor activities:  camping, rafting, climbing, and skiing.  I was really excited when I first heard about them, as this concept is unique and unlike anything I've ever seen before. Grow Exploring ABC & 123 Board Books Available for purchase either individually, or as a set - we received all four of Grow Exploring's ABC & 123 books to try out.   Although board books were likely designed as a practical and sturdy option for bookworm infants and toddlers (known … [Read more...]

Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag [Giveaway, Ended 1/16]

Travelon Urban Tour Bag

Travelon is a company offering numerous essential travel gear items, from bags and accessories to locks, eye masks, and travel-sized toiletry containers.  They've done their research, making many clever travel solutions available to you in one site.   But one product line where they truly stand out is their Anti-Theft bag series, including the Urban Tour bag. Being on the road, and away from home, you want peace of mind in feeling your valuables are secure.  I love the features this Anti-Theft series have incorporated, and think they are a fantastic idea to use while traveling, or even just during your urban commute. Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag only comes in black, but it's useful and hip style will quickly win you over. To give you an idea of its size, it can hold your iPad in it's protective, thick internal felt-like sleeve - that footprint being a good descriptor of the general height and width of the bag itself.  This sleeve is really … [Read more...]

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure [+$25 Disney Gift Card Giveaway, Ended 11/1]

Disney Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway

My Disney friend James, from, tried out Disney's Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure and offered to give us a full report.  Let's see what he has to say about this Disney experience! Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is not your standard Disney Resort. Located on over 750 acres of land, the site has almost 800 campsites and over 400 cabins available for rent. While it has all the amenities that you’d expect at a Disney Resort -- such as great pools and restaurants -- there are a lot of things that you might not expect to find. In addition to activities like horseback riding, canoeing, and archery, you’ll find miles of woodland trails winding through the pine and cypress forest. The most unique way to explore those trails is riding on a Segway personal transporter, on the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Disney's Wilderness Back Trail Adventure is a 2½-hour guided tour on a Segway X2.  No prior Segway … [Read more...]

Dublin Dog Trail Gear ~ “Koa” and “All Style, No Stink” Collars [Giveaway, Ended 10/11]

Dublin Dog Koa Collar, in Brook Trout

Dublin Dog are the makers of quality canine products for people who love the outdoors, and want to include their dog(s) on their adventures.  They back all their products up with a satisfaction guarantee.  And they've come up with some impressive technology for dog collars.  Our family dog Daisy tested out the "Koa" and "All Style, No Stink" styles. These collars are high quality and truly designed with active dogs in mind, made to withstand any outdoor elements you and your pup come across during your exploring:  water, rain, snow, sweat, mud, trash, or even beach! Dublin Dog All Style, No Stink Collar   Let's start with the All Style, No Stink collar because it's Dublin Dogs original dog collar design.  You know how most dogs love to swim, waddle through, or just plain ROLL in any form of water they are thrilled and oh-so-fortunate to come across during an adventure?   Sometimes (think clear mountain streams, with rock covered beds)... this is no big deal.  Other times, it … [Read more...]

Magical Blogorail Disney Coast-to-Coast Giveaway

Magical Blogorail Disney Coast to Coast Giveaway

  Hop Aboard the Magical Blogorail!   A fantastic way to discover ideas and advice for your Disney trip... or just get a pixie dust fix, to tide you over until your next visit. The Magical Blogorail is a group of Disney bloggers, organized into 8 teams of colored Blogorail loops.   (I'm on Magical Blogorail Red - wooo hooo!)  Each month they write about a fun Disney vacation topic. New Disney topic loops are run every week on on Tuesdays and Fridays.   As you read through the 4-5 Disney blogs participating on that Magical Blogorail loop, you will find them presenting their own photos, tips, ideas, and experiences on the Disney theme that's been chosen.  At the end, you are directed to your next "stop". Planning a trip, and are looking for information on a specific topic?  Check out the main Magical Blogorail site - it's an excellent way to find a huge and informative array of past Disney topics which have been featured.   Just head to the Magical Blogorail Loops by … [Read more...]