Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag [Giveaway, Ended 1/16]

Travelon Urban Tour Bag

Travelon is a company offering numerous essential travel gear items, from bags and accessories to locks, eye masks, and travel-sized toiletry containers.  They've done their research, making many clever travel solutions available to you in one site.   But one product line where they truly stand out is their Anti-Theft bag series, including the Urban Tour bag. Being on the road, and away from home, you want peace of mind in feeling your valuables are secure.  I love the features this Anti-Theft series have incorporated, and think they are a fantastic idea to use while traveling, or even just during your urban commute. Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag only comes in black, but it's useful and hip style will quickly win you over. To give you an idea of its size, it can hold your iPad in it's protective, thick internal felt-like sleeve - that footprint being a good descriptor of the general height and width of the bag itself.  This sleeve is really … [Read more...]

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure [+$25 Disney Gift Card Giveaway, Ended 11/1]

Disney Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway

My Disney friend James, from, tried out Disney's Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure and offered to give us a full report.  Let's see what he has to say about this Disney experience! Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is not your standard Disney Resort. Located on over 750 acres of land, the site has almost 800 campsites and over 400 cabins available for rent. While it has all the amenities that you’d expect at a Disney Resort -- such as great pools and restaurants -- there are a lot of things that you might not expect to find. In addition to activities like horseback riding, canoeing, and archery, you’ll find miles of woodland trails winding through the pine and cypress forest. The most unique way to explore those trails is riding on a Segway personal transporter, on the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Disney's Wilderness Back Trail Adventure is a 2½-hour guided tour on a Segway X2.  No prior Segway … [Read more...]

Dublin Dog Trail Gear ~ “Koa” and “All Style, No Stink” Collars [Giveaway, Ended 10/11]

Dublin Dog Koa Collar, in Brook Trout

Dublin Dog are the makers of quality canine products for people who love the outdoors, and want to include their dog(s) on their adventures.  They back all their products up with a satisfaction guarantee.  And they've come up with some impressive technology for dog collars.  Our family dog Daisy tested out the "Koa" and "All Style, No Stink" styles. These collars are high quality and truly designed with active dogs in mind, made to withstand any outdoor elements you and your pup come across during your exploring:  water, rain, snow, sweat, mud, trash, or even beach! Dublin Dog All Style, No Stink Collar   Let's start with the All Style, No Stink collar because it's Dublin Dogs original dog collar design.  You know how most dogs love to swim, waddle through, or just plain ROLL in any form of water they are thrilled and oh-so-fortunate to come across during an adventure?   Sometimes (think clear mountain streams, with rock covered beds)... this is no big deal.  Other times, it … [Read more...]

Magical Blogorail Disney Coast-to-Coast Giveaway

Magical Blogorail Disney Coast to Coast Giveaway

  Hop Aboard the Magical Blogorail!   A fantastic way to discover ideas and advice for your Disney trip... or just get a pixie dust fix, to tide you over until your next visit. The Magical Blogorail is a group of Disney bloggers, organized into 8 teams of colored Blogorail loops.   (I'm on Magical Blogorail Red - wooo hooo!)  Each month they write about a fun Disney vacation topic. New Disney topic loops are run every week on on Tuesdays and Fridays.   As you read through the 4-5 Disney blogs participating on that Magical Blogorail loop, you will find them presenting their own photos, tips, ideas, and experiences on the Disney theme that's been chosen.  At the end, you are directed to your next "stop". Planning a trip, and are looking for information on a specific topic?  Check out the main Magical Blogorail site - it's an excellent way to find a huge and informative array of past Disney topics which have been featured.   Just head to the Magical Blogorail Loops by … [Read more...]

GoWallet App Tracks Your Gift Cards On-the-go [Giveaway, Ended 9/18]

GoWallet Bass Pro Shop

A great new option for active people on-the-go, GoWallet is an app that helps people keep track of their gift cards online or via a smart phone. The GoWallet app allows you to order cards, get special deals on them, track other gift cards you own, and instantly see all of your balances in one handy place.  Many of the cards can be spent at the cash register through the app, without ever having to bulk up your wallet with cards. I've played around with the site a bit, and I like it.  Here's how my experience went. GoWallet App Tracks Your Gift Cards - The Experience I don't know about you, but it always makes me a little nervous to carry gift cards around in my wallet.  They aren't like credit cards.  They are like cash.  For the most part - if you lose them, they are gone.  GoWallet seems like a nice safety net alternative to this. GoWallet Mobile is available for iPhone and Android.  It also allows you to consolidate balances, if you have multiple cards, and will display your … [Read more...]

Back to School Reusuable Lunch Gear From Mighty Nest [Giveaway, Ended 8/15]

MN Fluf Cotton lunch bag

First, please allow me to tell you about Mighty Nest, because they are an amazing site and central resource for finding healthy, eco-friendly, natural products for your home and family.  And then we’ll move on quickly to the Back to School reusable lunch gear giveaway they are sponsoring, because it includes some fantastic products! Mighty Nest has waded through all the marketing claims for you, tested these items on their own loved ones, and brought together the best of the best when it comes to high quality, healthy products.  I've become quite a fan of theirs over the past few months. They have helped me discover healthy home products that I didn't even know existed, which were quickly and pleasantly assimilated into our everyday life.  And I'm convinced from my experience with the products I've purchased from them, that the brands they are featuring (and hence recommending) are all ones you are going to be very happy with. So save yourself the time consuming, no … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola’s “America Is Your Park” Campaign #TakeItToThePark [Giveaway, Ended 7/8]

coca-Cola takeittothepark

It’s summertime and Coca-Cola is issuing a challenge to all Americans. They are asking people to “Take It to the Park,” get active and vote for your favorite park to win $100,000 as part of the America Is Your Park campaign. An offshoot of their Live Positively initiative, I appreciate that the Coca-Cola company reaches out with campaigns like this, both to try and contribute to the preservation of our natural parks and environment, as well as encouraging an active lifestyle for families. Coca-Cola's "America Is Your Park" Campaign Does your family have a local park where you enjoy spending outdoor play time?  Get your vote in and help your favorite park win up to $100,000 from Coca-Cola.  The money won by "America's Favorite Park" will be a recreation grant to help restore, rebuild or enhance activity areas in the park. There are three ways to vote, including an easy daily click.   Other options will gain even more votes, such as checking in from your park with Foursquare, … [Read more...]

Summertime Fun Discounts With Colorado ActionPass [Giveaway, Ended 6/12]

Colorado Action Pass

What would you like to play in Colorado this summer?  The outdoor recreation options are almost limitless in this beautiful state, and the free Colorado ActionPass is your ticket to receiving discounts on over 40 activities throughout Colorado. If you were familiar with the Ski Free promotion during winter time, you have likely heard how easy it was to participate.   This is a similar promotion, designed to help you and your family get out to enjoy everything Colorado has to offer in the summer! Colorado ActionPass ~ What Types of Activities? Colorado ActionPass has over 40 activity partners, providing great discounts on fun things such as: river rafting kayaking ziplining mountain biking hiking rock climbing golf horseback riding cowboy cookouts kart racing air shows adventure parks Just about everyone can find something fun that strikes their fancy on THAT list! Free Colorado ActionPass  ~ Where Do I Get One? All you have to do to get your very own FREE … [Read more...]

Travel Planning With Office 365 & OneNote [Giveaway, Ended 6/5]

OneNote Travel Notebook TripBook tab

The new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is an essential tool to help you and your family plan and prepare for that next big trip - so you can enjoy more of the things you want to do. With Office 365 Home Premium and the new features in OneNote, you can access all of your ideas and information even when you’re on-the-go.  Plus, you can now put all of your notes, reservations, confirmation numbers, directions, website links, and more into one place and get great travel advice from the new, free travel notebook, with expert tips from Travel + Leisure. Your information will be easier than ever to find with the search and tagging features, plus you can access it from anywhere by saving it to the cloud on SkyDrive. I have no doubts that this is the wave of the future in personal home (and mobile) computing, and a very handy tool to have for travel planning. -->  Before your trip, the free OneNote travel notebook offers you a cool template which can help guide you through which … [Read more...]

Avon’s Bug Guard Plus ~ 50% Off Sale [Giveaway, Ended 5/31]

Avon Bug Guard 1

I've reviewed Avon's Bug Guard Plus in the past, and my family has had success with this product line.   You can read about our experience with it and our favorites here. I frequently receive inquiries on the Avon Bug Guard Plus products, from concerned moms who want to protect their little ones from bug bites (and the sun!) but in a gentle way. So today I've got a guest post written by Avon representative Mary Bertsch.  She put the following article together to let you know a little more about Avon's Bug Guard line, let you know that it's currently on sale for 50% off, and to offer a great giveaway. *o*    *o*    *o* Summer time means fun with your family outdoors. You don't want to leave home without protection from sun and the nasty mosquitoes and bugs. You probably have heard that Avon has a great insect/bug repellent. When you look at the assortment of Avon Bug Guard products, you probably don’t know which one to choose from for your family’s needs. I will inform you … [Read more...]