Bringing Grandparents Along to Disney – Part II

So in Part I, you read the riveting saga of how and why my parents agreed to meet my family (party of 3, at that time) at Walt Disney World.  In this post I will include my Top 4 Reasons why I recommend that your family plans a trip to Disney with Grandparents! My parents live in a different state, so they flew down separately and met us at the All-Star Movies Resort, where we had booked our 7 day package (3 of them FREE!  THIS is what I lose sleep over ... please, please, PLEEEASE bring that off season deal back, Disney!!  Please and thank you.) If you have not been to Walt Disney World, they have "value" resorts with affordable prices that I guarantee will pleasantly surprise you.  They are a hustling, bustling blast and frankly have more Disney theming than the other, more expensive resorts on property.  I'll save that analysis for another post.  Top 4 Reasons to Bring Grandparents On Your Disney Trip: 1.  Babysitter for that Date Night Out. I know you guys figured this … [Read more...]

Bringing Grandparents Along to Disney

Don't forget the back-up. This idea was not original to me, I’ll just lay that out on the table right away.  My daughter was 3, I was at a lunch with some fellow stay at home moms, and one of them was talking about their recent trip to Disney World. Thinking back, this very likely started that first seed.  Not the seed to “bring grandparents along with you to Disney” … the seed to even GO to Disney!  That seed which rapidly grew inside me to become the, I’ll admit it, obsession of vacationing at Disney which I now have today. … [Read more...]

My Magical Moment at Disney

My Disney blogging friend Disney Blue Fairy Shares Ariel runs a great series featuring different Magical Moments that fans have experienced while at Disney. A former Cast Member herself, who used to work at Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, she has had quite a few pixie dusted moments of her own! But she wanted to create a forum to share others happy memories as well. … [Read more...]

My Magical Moment at Disney

This post has moved!  Please click the link to read at it's new location... My Magical Moment at Disney … [Read more...]