Personal Wellness Time is NOT Being Selfish

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  I recently had a conversation with a friend, where we compared notes on paying attention to our personal wellness.  She commented, "I need certain things to take good care of myself - to reduce stress, and to keep myself feeling well and happy. It took me until my 40's to not feel guilty about that, but to just embrace it.  Boy, is it liberating!" As I've gotten older, I'm finally reaching this stage myself.   And I've learned a thing or two about how important total body care is.   I work hard.  And that daily emotional and physical wear and tear needs some wellness counter balance. Without guilt.   Without feeling like I'm being selfish.  It's time I invest in myself, in order to stay happy and healthy... for both myself and my family.  Everybody wins. We all have our routines that help us feel better.  Be it exercise, eating healthy foods, having some quiet "me" time,  … [Read more...]

14,000 Things To Be Happy About – Favorites List #2

happy feelings emanating from the kitchen cotton velour terry wrap robessaunteringgetting carried awaydinner with laughtersnorkelingwindow spray de-icerknowing there will be many surprises in the futurewall storage systemscloudy days and sunny thoughtsfood giftspersonality profiles strawberry-peach pieworking on a projectthe first week of schoolmoss-laden terra-cotta pots of geraniumswatching others playafter-shower colognetrue, lasting valuesspun glassa new canvasan Italian coffee pressan apothecary jar with multicolor, different-shaped shellsbraking for rainbowsfeeling heady with optimism and warmthkicking off your shoes and splashing your feet in a fountainpie wedges encouraging your children to be creativethe best informationthe cool underside of a pillowtiger-stripe cats seeing happy parents *o*     *o*     *o*Excerpt from one of my favorite books, by Barbara Ann Kipfer … [Read more...]

14,000 Things To Be Happy About

A stream-of-consciousness list pajamas at breakfast seeing the moon rise the feel of a rug under bare feet a lake catching the last flecks of sunlight coming in over the pines … [Read more...]