The Importance Of Staking Your Property Lines

The following is a guest author's contribution, from one of this blog's partners. Owning your own property is a wonderful feeling but there are many things which can damage or ruin the experience. This is why you may need to consider staking your property lines. You will need to use a licensed surveyor who will conduct a survey and put survey markers at every corner of your property. You will then be able to draw lines from marker to marker which will show the exact boundary of your property. Of course, you may wonder why it is so important to stake your property lines: Visible Border Property markers allow you to identify exactly where your property ends which can be very helpful if you are intending to erect fences or even plant a hedge on your border. In fact knowing your border is also useful if you are intending to build any sort of structure in your yard. You will need to comply with local regulations and these are likely to include guidelines regarding how … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Choose the Best Furnace Repair Company

The following article was written and contributed by one of this blog's partners. No matter how good your furnace is, there's bound to be the occasional issue. Parts break down and other problems arise, and that's when you need to have the right furnace repair company. There are plenty of repair companies available, but you want one that will provide high-quality results. The last thing you want is to hire spend time and money with one furnace repair company, only to have the job done incorrectly. Here are five tips on the qualities you should look for in your furnace repair company. #1 - Tools To repair your furnace properly, any repairman will need the right tools, which is why a good Denver furnace repair company will send its employees out with sizable toolsets. Ask if you can see the repairman's toolset. If they don't want to show you or they have only a small selection of tools, they likely won't be prepared for certain jobs. This means they'll either handle it … [Read more...]

2 Simple Plumbing Fixes That You Should Know About

The following was contributed by a blog partner. Plumbing and electricity are two areas where many people are not confident with doing the work themselves. This is understandable. While electrics can cause injury or even death, leaking pipes can rapidly ruin your home and cause a range of health issues. This is why it is important to have the number for an emergency plumber to hand; they can effectively save your home. You can learn more about your local plumber and the services they offer. It is worth learning these two simple fixes; they could be just what you need while waiting for your plumber to arrive: 1. The Running Toilet A running toilet is annoying; it can also be expensive as every bit of water will increase your water bill. It is actually very simple to deal with the running toilet. The cause is usually a stop valve or the floater switch. You can usually tell it is this by jiggling the handle on your cistern and the water will stop running. The water … [Read more...]

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Backyard Chickens

We’ve been the proud owners of backyard chickens for 2 ½ years now.  Although we don’t know it all, we have learned a few unexpected things about this venture.  If you are debating about buying some peeps and taking the plunge, here's what to know about backyard chickens.  A few helpful tips that may help you make your decision. There’s definitely many benefits to owning these enjoyable and funny birds, and we are still very happy with ours.  However, there are both good and bad aspects to having them roam your backyard. # 1 - They Will Trash Your Yard First up for what to know about backyard chickens:  Let’s talk about that backyard.  Prepare yourself, cause the girls are gonna trash it. Sure, you could keep your backyard chickens in their coop at all times.  It would certainly be tidier.  But in order to get the full benefit of those extra-nutrient rich, free range eggs - you gotta let the girls out. The upside is that they have so much fun around the yard.  … [Read more...]

Papa Murphy’s Law Brings Calm to my Hectic Week

I work a full time job, have two young kids, and adore pursing my blogging hobby.  My schedule does allow me to have Fridays off of work. It’s my blissful catch-up day!  As a mini-celebration of the weekend’s arrival, we eat pizza every Friday night.  Our absolute favorite choice is Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizza. Papa Murphy’s Law:  The exact opposite of Murphy’s Law!  When life serves you chaos, Papa Murphy’s Law of Delicious is your solution.  An easy food option made from fresh, quality ingredients allows peace to reign at dinnertime. Sure, I could cook dinner on Friday night.  But by the end of our hectic week, and my finally having a chance to tidy up the house… I love just custom ordering a fresh pizza for my family. No mess.  No fuss.  Super fresh ingredients.  Everyone gets exactly what they want.  A calm, relaxing Friday night together at home!  Papa Murphy’s Law works like a dream for us. Gourmet Pizza for the Parents, Mini Murph® for the Kids Once we learned … [Read more...]

5 Clever Strategies for Packing School Lunch

It's official:  my Little has started kindergarten!  Among other things, this means I am now packing two school lunches every day. Oh joy. So when I received these clever tips on packing school lunches, I actually read them.  Written by Certified Nutritional Health Counselor, Sara Siskind, she makes some great suggestions here. #1 ~ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Focus on fresh fruit, purified water, protein, and fiber while kids are in the comfort of their home. Fuel them up with a simple smoothie that is quick to make and satisfies their nutrient needs. I like blending yogurt, banana, strawberries, milk, baby spinach and touch of honey. If smoothies aren’t their thing, try a snack plate with cut up cheese, berries, wholegrain crackers or bread. This wakes their bodies and brains up in a healthy way and will sustain them for the long day ahead. #2 ~ Who Say’s Leftovers Are a No No? Whole grain pancakes for lunch? If it’s good enough for breakfast, why … [Read more...]

Why It’s Vital to Know Your Stuff… Plus a Free Home Inventory Tool

Have you or a family friend ever experienced a home fire, or weather catastrophe that left extensive property damage?  It’s an extremely stressful time, and not something I’d wish on anyone. It's not a topic you may think about often.  But it could definitely pay off in the future, if you simply take some time today to think about gathering a home inventory.   Better yet, read on to find out about a free tool you can use to easily do so. Why It’s Vital to Know Your Stuff Our good friends recently went through this with a house fire.  Once the smoke damage was accounted for, their entire home and all its contents were considered a loss.  Fortunately, they had insurance to help them with replacements. Before watching them go through such a sad and stressful experience, I had never thought about it.  Can you imagine attempting to remember each and every one of your belongings, in such a scenario?  Where would you even begin? Having a good home inventory can be a vital step, … [Read more...]

Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas

In the past, you could buy a new home at a lesser price than when you had your old home remodeled. But today, the opposite is true. Many homeowners are planning remodeling projects to ensure they have more livable space. If you want to make your home energy efficient and eco-friendly, here are some good reasons to invest in the remodeling; Decreased costs The costs of remodeling are low. As new constructions are on hold, remodeling bids have become competitive. Over the past few years, remodeling costs have decreased by 30% Improved project timelines As the materials are more accessible, remodeling your home can be done faster than in the past. Also, contractors and designers are readily available to do the projects, and you should no longer have to wait for up to 18 months to get the remodeling done. Accessible and cheaper remodeling materials When there is a boom in construction, the cost of materials is inflated leading to delays in the completion of projects. Therefore, … [Read more...]

Robert Medina’s “If You Can’t Stand the Heat” ~ Cookbook & Seasoning [Giveaway, Ended 12/19]

An adventure and a tasty delight, retired firefighter Robert Medina brings classic New Orleans fare as well as many original firefighter recipes right to your anywhere kitchen with the cookbook "If You Can't Stand the Heat". I walked away from this review with a number of things I now value.  My first roux making experience.  A recipe for my new favorite spice combination (Flashover Seasoning - more on that below).  A new, interesting, and fun Disney-loving friend acquired.  Oh, and how could I forget... finally knowing how to make some amazing fish tacos at home! I met cookbook author Robert Medina on Twitter.  There he was, just tweeting away about Disney (kinda like me).  His profile intrigued me:  He is a retired New Orleans firefighter, now living close to the Magic in Florida.  I just had to check out his recipes in If You Can't Stand the Heat for myself. If You Can't Stand the Heat ~ Firehouse Origins If you've ever known any firefighters, you know they have long shifts … [Read more...]

Easy Handmade Baby Gift for $15

Looking for a guaranteed hit gift, that you can easily craft from hand for around $15?   Try making a fleece, no-sew, kid-or-baby blanket. … [Read more...]