Nutcase Helmets ~ “I Love My Brain”

In the past I had read good things about Nutcase Helmets, including their slick and easy "magnet closing" clasp.  Peruse the website and you'll quickly detect a creative and funky vibe, via their atypical and fun helmet designs.  And last but not least, because we concur with their motto.... "I love my brain"... we were quick to jump on board with a gear review! Nutcase Helmets for Kids Nutcase has a great line for the wee ones called Little Nutty.  I absolute adore some of their styles in this line.  But be sure to check their sizing guidelines. My just-turned-5 year old son was outside the top measurement for Little Nutty, and got bumped up to the regular, full sized biking Nutcase Helmets.    (Which was too bad, cause just look at that adorable dinosaur one!  Oh well... he has a big head for his BIG BRAIN.  We've come to terms with it.) In our experience as parents of kids who love all-things-wheeled... there are two crucial elements to getting them to wear a protective … [Read more...]

Kids Gear: Deuter Junior Backpack

Our youngest child has a Deuter Kids backpack that we are very impressed with.  So when my 8 year old daughter needed a slightly larger, but still kid sized pack... we looked to the Deuter Junior Backpack. In the specifications for the Deuter Junior Backpack it says 'ages 3 and up'.  Personally, I think the Deuter Kids would work best for any toddler, up through about age 5 or 6.  Once they pass that age, I think they would do even better with a Deuter Junior Backpack.  While still a reasonable size for a child, it also features a small back system but offers additional space. I've not seen a better backpack designed with such great features for a child to use while hiking.  Take a look at what we experienced with the Deuter Junior Backpack. Deuter Junior Backpack Features Deuter backpacks are of excellent quality, made of nylon fabric with ripstop threads.   The Deuter Junior Backpack is lightweight, and the buckles are sturdy but still easily opened by young … [Read more...]

Kids Gear: Julbo Kids Sunglasses

In my search for some quality kids sunglasses, I wanted to find: a "better than normal" fit use of good lenses, and the ability to stand up to some wear and tear Throughout this quest, the name Julbo popped up repeatedly.  Julbo Kids Sunglasses receive consistently excellent reviews for their children's specialty line, and for good reason. Every parent with kids who play outside has likely experienced this problem.  You want your child to wear sunglasses when in the sun, to protect their eyes.  You buy a cheap pair at the grocery store.  They're cute.  But your child just won't keep them on.  (Or they break after a couple of rough-n-rowdy use play sessions.)  And frankly, the cheap lens probably aren't blocking out all the UVA rays anyways... which is kindof the whole point. We recently tried out two different styles, for two different ages:  a 2 year old, and an 8 year old.  Here's what we thought of Julbo Kids Sunglasses. Julbo Kids Sunglasses Julbo Kids … [Read more...]