Take Your Happy With You

Last week my family vacationed at Disney World.  And as is true of anyone reaching the conclusion of a fun filled vacation... we were very sad to see it come to an end.   This is how we felt, waiting for the Disney Magical Express to pick us up and take us back to the airport. Even if you are generally a positive person, this is something that's hard to rally from. You save, and plan, and save, and wait, and save, and anticipate, and save... for us, a year or more.  The trip is fantastic, but a total whirlwind that feels like it passes in the blink of an eye.  And then it's over. As we were frantically zipping up suitcases, and stuffing souvenirs in every nook and cranny we could find, we heard the bell hop's knock on our hotel room door.  He's there to help us with our bags, and when we finally make clear to our 4 year old "we're leaving Disney, we have to go" - he breaks down in tears.  Not really even tantrum-type tears (he's got those, too), but more the heartbroken-type … [Read more...]

Letting Go Of Regret

Something happened to me today that I'm still digesting, but it promises to be a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. After 20 years of regret, someone told me something today that allowed me to let it go. Many moons ago, I was riding a horse on the last stretch towards home, along a paved road. A nearby sprinkler system fired up, sounding eerily like a hissing snake, and spooked my horse. He proceeded to throw me, resulting in my landing flat onto my hip (and elbow) in the middle of the concrete. Ouch. In the ensuing circus, my teenaged riding friend dismounted, captured my bolting horse, and came close enough to me that her now-also-freaked-out horse could take a big, splattering pee on the road, up slope from me. Which then proceeded to trickle downhill towards me. I, of course, couldn't move. Talk about adding insult to injury.  Although it sounds like a semi-comical scene in retrospect, at the time it was a hot mess of pain, chaos, and general unpleasantness. I was in my … [Read more...]

Death by Cartwheel…My Cruel Dose of Reality

As summer winds down, changes have been slowly settling in for me. As a family, we've been trying to enjoy the warm days outdoors. Recently we found ourselves at a state park with a fishing pond and large, lush-grassy area perfect for gymnastics. (Because hard as we try, we just don't have "lush-grassy areas" at our house.) So my 9 year old was playing one of the things she loves to play best: gymnastics, on that inviting lawn. Overcome by a spirit of whimsy, I felt the need to join her... and spontaneously launched into a cartwheel. A little background. I used to be able to do cartwheels effortlessly. But it's been a long, long time since I tried to engage in one, and I have a bad hip from a horse injury long ago.   So although I executed my cartwheel nearly flawlessly… it almost killed me. To the tune of a sharp burst of pain in my leg and hip, and a sickening “POP!!” sound. Holy painful, Batman! Subsequent googling on my phone came up with a diagnosis that matched … [Read more...]

10 Moments From Everyday Life in the West, Vol 1

http://instagram.com/p/apDXZmK2XR/# For the most part, I think there are remarkable similarities between all people, no matter where they live.  But every once in awhile I travel to a completely different part of the US, and it amuses and intrigues me to take in all the culture related differences. I recently traveled to West Virginia, for work.   It was an enjoyable experience, but I'm always glad to return back home to Western Colorado.  I feel I'm a better fit here.   It's a good feeling to be able to live where you feel that way, and it's something that I do not take for granted. So allow me give you a little glimpse of my everyday life here in the West.   I've decided to take a lesson from one of my favorite social media moms, Amy of Using Our Words.  Amy writes a funny, heartwarming series called 10 Things I Learned This Week, which I thoroughly enjoy. So I'm going to try out a similar new feature, here on Colorado Mountain Mom.  An occasional post of just random, … [Read more...]

Tale of a Waking Baby

What DIDN'T we do wrong?  You know as a parent, when you see yourself making these classic parenting mistakes ... and you are well aware of why you shouldn't do what you're doing ... but you can't seem to stop doing it? As brand new parents, we brought my daughter home from the hospital 6 years ago, not having a clue about what to expect.  Since her bedroom was upstairs, and ours was downstairs - I put her in a pack and play in our room. See, we at least we draw some lines in the sand.  We usually have a handful of things we have all planned out ahead of time,  like... "I will not have the baby sleep in our bed" "I will not send the baby to sleep with a bottle" "I will not cater to picky eating, and prepare a separate meal for my child each night" "I will not be That Lady in Walmart... responding in a harried, nasty voice to my child's repeated inquiries and/or begging in a public place" "I will not tolerate insubordination - the parents are going to be in charge … [Read more...]

14,000 Things To Be Happy About – Favorites List #2

happy feelings emanating from the kitchen cotton velour terry wrap robessaunteringgetting carried awaydinner with laughtersnorkelingwindow spray de-icerknowing there will be many surprises in the futurewall storage systemscloudy days and sunny thoughtsfood giftspersonality profiles strawberry-peach pieworking on a projectthe first week of schoolmoss-laden terra-cotta pots of geraniumswatching others playafter-shower colognetrue, lasting valuesspun glassa new canvasan Italian coffee pressan apothecary jar with multicolor, different-shaped shellsbraking for rainbowsfeeling heady with optimism and warmthkicking off your shoes and splashing your feet in a fountainpie wedges encouraging your children to be creativethe best informationthe cool underside of a pillowtiger-stripe cats seeing happy parents *o*     *o*     *o*Excerpt from one of my favorite books, by Barbara Ann Kipfer … [Read more...]

14,000 Things To Be Happy About

A stream-of-consciousness list pajamas at breakfast seeing the moon rise the feel of a rug under bare feet a lake catching the last flecks of sunlight coming in over the pines … [Read more...]