Haiku Bucket Bag ~ Outdoorsy Meets Chic

Haiku Bucket Bag, new color for Spring 2014

If you are new to Haiku bags, you are in for a treat.  This is one of those discoveries which will quickly work its way into your heart.  Outdoorsy truly meets chic in the Haiku Bucket Bag. Since the onset of motherhood, and as part of our fairly active Colorado lifestyle, I bring quite a few practical items along with me when I leave home.  Ok, sometimes I use a backpack. So I'm just not a small, shiny, "Glam" purse kinda gal (those never look right with my trail shoes?)  Haiku bags have caught my eye on more than one occasion, offering a fantastic option which combines practical with exceptionally artsy and chic. But don't be fooled by me describing them as "outdoorsy", or a great travel bag (which they also are).  Haiku bags are not plain utilitarian styles, made of boring backpack-type fabric.  You'll instantly notice their winning combination of interesting and practical designs, along with fun patterns and colors which make them stand out from the crowd. I was very … [Read more...]

Lug Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag [Giveaway, Ended 3/7]

Lug cartwheel bag_ocean_blue_550

Anyone who appreciates well designed, quality travel gear (and a cheery rainbow of colors!) will appreciate Lug, one of my favorite travel accessory and bag brands. Not only do they make fantastically organized, well thought out and extremely useful products for your travel adventures... they clearly use them themselves.  Because they're always spot on.  Take the Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag, for instance. I recently went on a quest to replace my bulky, disorganized gym bag.  I'm so done with the ugly mammoth duffel.  So I started Googling "women's gym bag" to see what alternatives were out there.  When my search turned up Lug's Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag, I knew I'd hit pay dirt. What?  What??  Lug makes a gym bag?  Booo-yaaah! I've reviewed some Lug travel items before and was highly impressed.  (In fact, I still use and enjoy both of those pieces.)    Here's how my experience using the Lug Cartwheel Bag at the gym has gone, over the past few weeks.  I think you're … [Read more...]

Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag

Everything Fits Gym Bag Black - white backgroun

Frustrated with my cumbersome, bulky gym duffel bag... I went on a quest to replace it with something more helpful, cute, and appropriate.  Take a look at the Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag I've been trying out for the past few weeks.  I love it's size and features, and think you will, too. Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag ~ Price & Features. Well designed for the specific purpose of toting a woman's things to and from the gym, I was excited to see the size and check out the utility factor of the Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag. First, the reasonable price.  I've shopped around online a fair bit for gym bags lately.  At $60, I feel Gaiam's "Everything Fits Gym Bag" is a comparatively well-priced gym bag option. Here's what Gaiam has to say about this bag: "This eco-chic bag keeps you organized. Its roomy interior features a zippered pocket, an elastic pocket, and a key tether. A vented outside compartment can hold shoes, wet clothes or towel. It also includes an easy-reach … [Read more...]

Point6 Merino Wool Socks for Women & Kids [Discount Code]

Poimt6 Merino Wool Women Kids Socks

Point6 makes high quality merino wool socks for the entire family, for just about any activity.  They've got a nice selection of designs and styles to choose from, and feature sock options for men, women and kids.  I had heard very good things about them, from a fellow outdoor blogger (and experienced gear tester), so wanted to have my family give them a try. So what does their name mean?  Point6 is named for 98.6° F, the body's optimal temperature.  It stands for the temperature stabilizing properties inherent to Point6 merino wool, which help naturally regulate your body temperature. Not all merino wool is created equal, and Point6 prides itself on using "highest quality merino wool fibers, combined with state of the art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft merino products". The Benefits of Merino Wool Merino Wool is a natural fiber with numerous benefits, including being able to moderate both hot and cold temperatures - keeping your feet at an … [Read more...]

The Perfect Travel Sweater: Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan

Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan

Clothing companies that are born from an outdoor adventurer's pursuit of finding comfortable, durable, useful and attractive clothes are typically my favorite brands. Headquartered out of California, Royal Robbins definitely fits that bill, offering a complete outdoor & travel clothing line. I tried out their Women's Chenille Cardigan, and feel that in addition to being a great wardrobe staple... it makes pretty much the perfect travel sweater. The Perfect Travel Sweater:  Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan The Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan comes in four colors, and is an incredibly soft, cozy delight. It's quite warm, very comfortable to wear, and offers a number of great features. First, why is this the perfect travel sweater?  Chenille!  Seriously, when was the last time you wore chenille?  For me, it's been awhile, and this high quality version won me over quickly.  Despite what I anticipated, it's not bulky at all.  When folded, it's both light and surprisingly … [Read more...]

Mountain Khakis Women’s Old Faithful Sweater


Mountain Khakis is an apparel company headquartered out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, who makes clothing "built for the mountain life".  Or perhaps, if you just wished you lived in the midst of some breathtaking and rugged mountains... you're gonna love their style, too.  Although they originally started out with just a mens line, they've since grown and expanded to offer some great clothing for women and kids, too.   I recently tried out Mountain Khakis Women's Old Faithful Sweater, a new addition to their Fall/Winter 2013 line. Take a look at this classic wardrobe piece. Mountain Khakis Women's Old Faithful Sweater First I'd like to reiterate, for any who missed my previous Mountain Khakis review, that this brand uses only the best materials in their construction.  I have a great deal of confidence in the quality of MK clothing. I've noticed the recent use of this unique, two surface fabric from at least one other high-end outdoorsy brand this Fall.   I've never seen the … [Read more...]

Goodbye Boring Luggage, Hello American Tourister Colora #PackMoreFun

American Tourister Colora Spinner

When I got married ten years ago, we received a set of American Tourister luggage as a wedding present.  So I'm already a fan, and on many occasions I've sang the praises and passed along my recommendations of this particular brand of luggage.  With that confidence in quality under my belt, I was happy to meet a new, most welcome addition to our travel lovin' family:  the American Tourister Colora! I really love this bag.  Let me tell you why... American Tourister Colora What a fantastic, well designed, and FUN line of luggage this is.   You pick up quickly on the playful vibe by following American Tourister's #PackMoreFun hashtag on social media, but your first clue about Colora line is the gorgeous, distinctive colors these bags are available in:  Lime green, Orange, and Raspberry. Mine's lime green.  He's stunning, and lovely.  (And I call him Mike Wazoski...  :)  ) But he's oh, so much more than just a pretty, stand-out-wherever-he-goes kinda bag.   Colora comes in three … [Read more...]

Travel Kool With TrendyKid’s Travel Gear


As the airlines continue to squeeze additional fees out of travelers left and right, more and more people are resorting to packing smarter (ie lighter) and bringing a carry-on suitcase.   Since my kids are now of an age where they can negotiate their own rolling case through an airport, I began the quest for a great kids travel gear option.  I found TrendyKid, a Washington DC-based children’s travel accessory company.  And we were very excited when our TrendyKid Travel Kool Case arrived! TrendyKid Travel Kool Case Billed as being the perfect size and style for tweens, the TrendyKid Travel Kool case is a great 17" size, meeting carry-on regulations.  This is an ABS hard shell design case, so it's nice and light weight.  In the world of hard-side luggage, ABS is said to be not as durable of a material as polycarbonate.  But it is lighter, which is probably a more important feature in a kids travel case. It features polyester lining and polycarbonate wheels.  If you do decide to … [Read more...]

Stay Grounded with Earthing Shoes from Juil

Juil Hera company photo

Do you find the experience of walking barefoot in the sand or grass peaceful and calming?   Juil, the Wisconsin based makers of high quality shoes, have spring-boarded their entire product line off of this concept.  They offer a line of "earthing" inspired footwear, said to allow your feet to tap into and absorb Earth’s energy from the ground.  Before you scoff at this notion, consider the science behind it. Grounded with Earthing Shoes ~ The Science Behind It Walking barefoot is obviously not always possible, fashionable, or appropriate.  Juil shoes incorporate use of copper conductors located through the toes and heel of the shoes, also called “Exclusive Energy Flow Technology” connectors.  The thought behind this design is that these dots act as a conduit, connecting you to the Earth. Here's how Juil describes how their footwear works: “Our sandals make you feel better. They cleanse your body of stress and toxins, letting you live a healthier, balanced life. They’re not … [Read more...]

Nike Free 5.0 iD ~ Kids Use Own Designs to #FreeYourMoves

Nike Free iD 5.0 Kids Modeling

Have you heard about Nike's current #FreeYourMoves campaign, inspiring kids to be active? Initiated last summer with the thought of promoting lots of healthy active play during summer break, it's something worth striving for year round. And with Nike Free 5.0 iD, kids can literally design their own athletic shoes to help them #FreeYourMoves. After wearing a pair of Nike Free 5.0 iDs for a few days, I knew my 8 year old daughter found them really comfortable.  But I asked her if they felt any different from "regular" tennis shoes?  Here is her reply: "Yes!  They are so comfy, and it almost feels like you are barefoot.  But not really.  I can run alot faster, because I can 'feel' when I'm wearing other tennis shoes... but I can't really feel these on my feet when I'm playing." More on this awesome, flexible design below.  But first let's get to the most fun aspect of Nike Free iD 5.0 - your kids get to design their very own pair online. Nike Free 5.0 iD ~ Design Your Own … [Read more...]