Back to School Shoes from Keen ~ Harvest MJ

Keen Harvest MJ 2 colors

Whether you long for it, or dread it (or a little bit of both), it's that time of year again to get kids geared up to head back to school!  Ahhh... and along with that comes the big SHOE decision.  My daughter has been trying out a pair of Keen Harvest MJ [Mary Janes] - so take a look at this adorable and durable option. My family has had good experience with the quality of Keen products in the past.  An outdoor brand by nature, I love that their footwear is sturdy and intrinsically built for outdoor adventures, at any given time. Keen Harvest MJ   Keen has had the Harvest MJ style available for women for awhile now, in various fun colors and prints.  Now for back to school 2013, they also have two Harvest Mary Jane options in girls sizes: in Black Iris (shown above left), and Hot Coral (shown above right). From the product site: "Crafted of beautiful patterns and natural canvas, the adorable Harvest MJ is perfect for back to school or weekend outings. The easily … [Read more...]

Peet’s Coffee ~ What Do You #GiveACup About?

Peets Coffee

Peet's Coffee known for their handcrafted coffee blends, has now introduced Single Cups available for single serve brewers, after 5 years spent carefully taking their time to get them just right. They worked to perfect each blend, using more coffee than most, designing a specific dose for each blend, and using a different kind of filter than allows more flavor to pass into the cup. Peet's Coffee #GiveACup To celebrate, this Summer Peet's Coffee is hitting the road with their new Single Cups.   They've launched #GiveACup, the Internet's very first social sampling experiment. So it's up to America to decide where they hand out free Single Cups! Each week they post new and current topics on Do You Give a Cup for America to vote on.  The topic s are fun and a little quirky, and they want to know - do you give a cup?  The voting will determine where they host their sampling events each week. This week's vote:  "Do you give a cup... about KALE?"  Ha. What Do I "Give a Cup … [Read more...]

Variety of Energy Snack Choices from Clif Bar

Clif Bar Luna

Most on-the-go families are fans of the energy bar.  Whether it's fuel for our hike, or just fuel for my kids while running errands, we typically have an assortment of energy bars stocked in both the vehicles and mom's purse, at all times.  And Clif Bars are a definite favorite at our house. Clif Bar recently sent me an assortment of flavors and types to try.  First let me say the standard Clif Bar is a hiking and pre-workout staple for me, and are always found in my backpack and gym bag.   They come in fantastic flavor  options, deliver great energy, and I love the square-ish size and chewy texture.  Most people are familiar with these, and beyond this lil' shout out, I'm not going to feature them in this particular post. Our Clif Bar samples included a surprising and delightful variety, so allow me to tell you about the 3 Best in Class (in my opinion) here... Clif Kid Z-Bar I started with this one, because it's already an established staple for us, and we purchase them … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen ~ What You Should Know About Your Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen pin text

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is a Colorado manufacturer of broad spectrum sunscreen, lip balm, and bulk sunscreen.  They focus on skin cancer prevention, and believe that early protection and prevention is the key.  Since I've been down the not-so-fun skin cancer path before, I wholeheartedly agree with this approach. And I'm always interested in finding new quality sunscreen options to protect myself and my family.  Especially this time of year, when it becomes more crucial because we all head outside to play! The Rocky Mountain Sunscreen mission?   " provide the highest quality sun protection products available, in easy-to-use, convenient packaging. Through education and marketing, Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is advancing skin protection for the purpose of helping people maintain healthy skin throughout their life." What You Should Know About Your Sunscreen Did you know there are 3 different types of sunscreen formulas: Wax-Based (most sunscreens), Film-Based, and Bonding-Based … [Read more...]

Ultimate X-1 Momentum In-Ear Headphones for Athletic Use


If you aren't completely thrilled with your athletic use headphones, you need to read on and learn a little more about the X-1 Momentum In-Ear Headphones. Because you will be completed thrilled with these. The X-1 Momentum In-Ear Headphones have features that I didn't even know existed.  Built for athletic use of any sport and any climate, these ultra light headphones are weatherproof and sweatproof, and can be rinsed after use for a fresh, clean fit. I tried out a pair of "X-1 for Women" Momentum In-Ear Ultra Light headphones.  Here's what I thought of how they fit and performed. X-1 Momentum In-Ear Headphones ~ Features I'll start by stating the first thing that all true music lovers want to know:  the sound quality is excellent. But in addition to that, allow me walk you through the three fantastic features that make the X-1 Momentum In-Ear Headphones truly stand out above the rest. 1.  Pause and Volume Control Device Although they can provide audio for any … [Read more...]

Aventura’s Eco-Friendly Sutton Organic Cotton Capri

Aventura logo

Aventura clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s.  They design and make clothing with an active focus, while being thoughtful to both people and the environment.  Their eco-friendly styles are from fabrics like bamboo blends and organic cotton, such as the new Sutton Organic Cotton Capri and Shorts. Aventura's mission is to help the earth one garment at a time, and they're passionate about creating fashionable clothing with low environmental impact.  Their eco-friendly clothing not only prevents synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals from polluting the soil, but they look and feel pretty amazing, too.Sutton Organic Cotton CapriAventura Sutton Organic Cotton Capri Aventura Sutton Organic Cotton Capri "These may just look like a casual pair of capris, but the unique organic cotton blend fabric has a subtle sateen-like luster that feels luxurious against the skin. Check out the back view to see the fun detail on the waistband." I … [Read more...]

My Job Chart ~ Stop Overlooking Your Biggest Investment


We've recently started expecting a bit more out of our 8 year old daughter around the house.  You know - clearing the dinner table, picking up her room... that sort of thing.  As all parents know, this can be a process which takes some time, patience, and training. This past week I was introduced to My Job Chart, a free online chore chart for kids (and their parents) to use.  It appears to offer some interesting assistance in  motivating your child to get their tasks done around the house.  A nice side bonus is that it strives to help them visualize and appreciate the concepts of earning and saving money.  That oh, so valuable lesson in life - how to manage money. If you are interested in learning more, here's a message from My Job Chart founder, Greg Murset. The following is a sponsored post, paid for by My Job Chart. *o*    *o*     *o* Stop Overlooking Your Biggest Investment In honor of Financial Literacy Month, stop overlooking your biggest investment.(Hint: It’s not … [Read more...]

Colorful Bento-ware Lunches End Plastic Baggie Waste [Giveaway, Ended 4/8]


Do you tire of packing your child's lunch, and feeling like you are wasting an average of 2-4 plastic baggies per day?  I do.  I own a variety of storage containers, and use them occasionally.  But they are typically too bulky or misshaped to be able to use to pack my daughter's entire lunch.  So at best, we had been using a combination.  But still so wasteful.  Enter the colorful Bento-ware Laptop Lunches as a fun and effective solution! We recently tried out a Bento lunch box (laptop lunch) and a Bento Buddies set.  Here's what we thought of how these fun, creative, and effective products helped solved our problem. Bento Lunchbox and Bento Buddies I fell in love with these the second I read about them online.  My daughter already eats in compartmentalized fashion, and I knew a Bento lunch box, or "Laptop Lunch", could put a stop to our daily packaging waste problem. You can purchase Bento-ware laptop lunches by either customizing which containers you'd like, purchasing them … [Read more...]

Great Family Jackets at Affordable Prices from Free Country

Free Country Arches Power Down Jacket inside

Had I not experienced Free Country outerwear for myself, I may have been a bit skeptical.  You read their website descriptions of down jackets with great technical features... and then you see the price.  How can a jacket like that be so affordable? Granted, being the end of the winter season, their winter coats and jackets are currently available for great sale prices (up to 60% off).  But even their regular prices were good.  So after selecting a jacket to review for myself, I did something I've never done with a product review... I immediately also made a purchase as a customer, selecting a winter coat for my daughter, too! Here's what I thought of the women's down jacket I reviewed. Free Country Women's Arches Power Down Jacket I knew I wanted something in down, because let's face it:  once you've tried the cozy warmth of a down coat, you really just aren't interested in wearing anything else when it's cold outside.  Free Country has several down jacket options. But I … [Read more...]

Which Kind of Tieks Girl Are You?

tieks logo

One of Oprah's Favorite Things, and now also one of mine...  What's compact, foldable, wearable, fashionable, comfortable, can easily tuck into your purse or suitcase, and comes in a very tempting rainbow of colors? Tieks by Gavrieli!  "Designer flats you can fit in your purse and wear all day, every day." I found Tieks Italian leather ballet flats when searching for some great travel shoes.  While not cheap, they are fantastic quality and come in an addictive and alluring range of colors and prints. They are extremely high quality, and fill a definite niche.  Well, a few niches, by my calculations... Which Kind of Tieks Girl Are You? Tieks Girl #1:  Check out their visually appealing website and you'll quickly find yourself swept away by the glamorous lifestyle display of "I wear high heels daily, and need foldable flats in my purse for when my feet are aching at day (or evening's) end" images.  Although quite sexy and alluring... this particular category of Tieks Girl … [Read more...]