Ambassador Picks ~ Aventura Best Wardrobe Staples [Discount Code]

Aventura Amassador best warddrobe staples

As an Ambassador for Aventura, the makers of eco-friendly women's clothing, I've been able to try out several pieces from the new Spring/Summer line. One of my favorite things about this season is the infusion of bright and cheery color. When I spent a week in downtown LA for business, I was surprised and saddened by the dreary sea of neutral wardrobe colors.  Sorry, but that's just not me.  Especially during these warm weather months I propose that wearing fun, gorgeous colors both bolsters your mood and sends a message to others that you are full of life, and up for adventure! You really can't go wrong with Aventura Clothing, as their fabrics are all soft and comfortable, the styles versatile, and the designs typically generously cut and flattering.  But if you are looking for some core staple pieces for your wardrobe, which you can use to create outfits for pretty much every occasion - I'd love to share with you some of my favorites. Aventura Clothing ~ Best Warddrobe … [Read more...]

Athletic Gear for Tweens by Dragonwing Girlgear [Giveaway, Ended 5/15]

Dragonwing Girlgear_cami_

With my daughter being more active this year than ever before, how exciting to find some athletic gear made just for tween girls by Dragonwing Girlgear!  She helped wear the goods, and perform this review... so here's what we found after having my 10 year old girl wear this active wear for a month of running and gymnastics.  Dragonwing Girlgear This great company was founded by a soccer mom, who (in her own words): "...wanted girls everywhere to be empowered to play sports with determination and joy—free from distraction and constraint." They feature a basic, high quality line of solid pieces tween girls can use for multiple purposes.   The lineup includes tees, tanks, sports bra, shorts, and full or capri length leggings. My daughter has been enrolled in "Girls On The Run" this Spring, and we recently just ran our first 5k together!  She wore her Dragonwing capris, and they worked really well for running.   These are Dragonwing Girlgear Chill Weight Capri … [Read more...]

SPF Protection for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid at

As we head into some glorious, longer, sunny days... the month of May is dedicated to Skin Cancer Awareness. It's the perfect time of year to give thought to this topic that is ever increasing in importance.  And it's the time to make sure your family is ready to have safe fun this summer - with SPF protection from sun hats, sunscreen, and SPF clothing. Did you know that more people have been diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined?  It's been described as a "lifestyle disease", affecting people of all ages.   One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. The good news is, because skin cancer is primarily a lifestyle disease, it is also highly preventable.   SPF Clothing All clothing is not created equal, when it comes to sun protection.  It's the same concept as sun screen, which have varying SPF levels of protection. Well, the same holds true of that tee shirt you think is keeping harmful rays off of you while … [Read more...]

Firmoo – Cute Frames, Low Prices [Coupon Code]

firmoo glasses

This nerdy girl has worn glasses since the 4th grade.  My prescription is hefty, and although I wear contacts it's nice to have some updated glasses with a recent prescription available for when your eyes are tired.  Or you're lounging around the house on a Saturday morning.  Or perhaps you get a wild hair to look like a trendy Hipster. Thank goodness, gone are the days of paying between $3-400 for a pair of prescription eyeglasses from my eye doctor.  If you haven't tried ordering eyeglasses online, you need to.  It's slick, easy, and pretty much fool proof.   And it will save you a ton of money!  Firmoo offers cute frames and low prices. - Online Optical Store This is actually the second time I've worked with Firmoo on a blogger eyeglasses review, so I have two different pair from them.  Both of great quality, and I have no complaints.  We've been so impressed, that when my husband needed new glasses... we used as customers, and ordered his … [Read more...]

Spring 2015 Line ~ Haiku Bags Stride [Giveaway, Ended 4/2]

Haiku Bags Stride in Canyon

The Spring 2015 line from Haiku Bags is now available, with some great new designs being offered, and new fun colors!  If you aren't familiar with this brand, Haiku uses recycled material fabric to make cute bags with lots of convenient and well-designed features.  They find poetic inspiration for their designs from the beauty of natural landscapes, made to support your active life. Haiku Bags are durable, and their signature style is a combination of using high-performing fabrics, well-placed straps and pockets, detailed embroidery, and bold, energetic color.  New for Spring 2015 is the Haiku Bags Stride, which I've been using for a few weeks now.  Here's a little about it's features, and why you'll love this great little bag. Haiku Bags Stride The Haiku Bags Stride is an exciting addition to the Haiku lineup.  For all those times when you need a wallet... but also a few more vital items along, too!  Although the Stride's got a sleek profile, it has a pleasantly surprising … [Read more...]

Sol Republic Wireless Sound Review

Sol Republic rainbow of PUNK wireless speakers

Sol Republic is a relatively young, and definitely up-and-coming, company that's dedicated to "enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones and accessories."  They are music lovers, which is a great place to start.  And they offer a variety of cool looking and great sounding headphone and speaker options. I've recently tried out two Sol Republic wireless sound products, and was very pleased:  Tracks Air Wireless Headphones, and the Punk Wireless Speaker. Sol Republic ~ Tracks Air Wireless Headphones I use ear buds a lot, but have a love hate relationship with them.  I love to hear my music.  I hate ear buds that constantly - and I mean constantly - fall out of my ear.  Annoying, and a very sad lack of bass.  What ever happened to the good old fashioned REAL headphones, like I used to borrow from my parents, as a kid in the 80's? What happened to them is that Sol Republic took them, morphed them into some eye catching, comfortable and perfectly padded … [Read more...]

iCoffee Single Serve OPUS Brewer Review

iCoffee Single Server OPUS Brewer

I adore coffee. If you ask me, it's one of the best things in life, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a coffee snob.  I prefer my finely ground, high-quality coffee beans prepared into a fresh, hot brew.  Being quite happy with the results, I'd like to share with you my recent experience in performing an iCoffee Single Serve OPUS Brewer Review. iCoffee has developed an exciting concept they've incorporated into this new single serve machine, using a method that's not been done before:  SpinBrew™ technology.  The results are the freshest possible cup of coffee (or other hot beverage of your choice... the K-Cup options are endless!), with a smooth and delicious flavor and zero bitter aftertaste. Here's a little about why I really like the iCoffee Single Serve OPUS Brewer. iCoffee Single Serve OPUS Brewer Review iCoffee Single Serve is the first single-serve machine to use SpinBrew™ technology, which releases the locked-in flavors of coffee while eliminating bitterness and … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses from Coupon Code

My pick:  Springfield Rectangle in Black

Have you seen an ad for the online eyeglasses store, and been wondering whether to give them a try?  Well, here's my personal experience with receiving glasses from this company, which may prove helpful.  Because ordering prescription eyeglasses from an eye doctor's office is so costly, this appealing alternative of purchasing from an online glasses stores is becoming more and more popular.  I've now tried it twice, and although I was initially hesitant... I'm now a pretty big fan, and recommend it. offers both sunglasses and eyeglasses, with a nice selection that is searchable by gender, type, materials, or shape.  I had no trouble finding more than one style that appealed to me - it was actually hard to make my choice.   You pick a frame you love, and the price shown includes free prescription lens (single vision lenses, with anti-scratch coating).  Overall, it's a HUGE savings from the traditional method of purchasing from your local eye doctor's … [Read more...]

Outdoor Gift Idea ~ Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp

Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp

Looking for an outdoor gift idea, for that outdoor enthusiast in your life?  With a durable and waterproof housing, Cree technology LED light with a max output of 550 lumens, and a comfortable and adjustable head strap - look no further than the powerful Olympia EX550 Waterproof Headlamp. Headlamps are extremely useful, and are what most outdoorsy folk would consider necessary gear.  They can make the difference in keeping you safer during that nighttime adventure.  They can equip you for that middle-of-the-night trek to the bathroom when camping, making it much less treacherous.  And at times they are just plain lifesavers, basically any time you find yourself needing to do something in the dark, with both hands... like riding your bike, night skiing, trail running, exploring a cave, changing a tire, or pitching a tent. And you don't have to worry if your gift recipient already has one, for a couple of reasons: Because you can always, always use a 2nd headlamp!  For those … [Read more...]

Stonewear Designs Pants Are #DownwardDogApproved [Instagram Contest]

Stonwear DownwardDogApproved

Stonewear Designs is my absolute favorite active wear company, run by a fabulous group of women in Louisville, Colorado.  They truly understand the need for comfortable active wear that moves with you and flatters all figures, made from fabrics that are functional, soft, and stand the test of time. I've been an Ambassador of Stonewear Designs for three years now, and wear their clothes  daily.  They are extremely versatile, and look as cute as they feel good on.  I wear my Stonewear to work at my office, when traveling, to the gym, running around town with my kids, and for all manner of playing outside! Their product line isn't huge, but they have some absolutely awesome core staple pieces that once you've tried, you won't want to live without.  I actually love that they are a smaller company, and it truly shows in their pride of workmanship, careful attention to design, and the level of quality clothing they continue to produce. Classic favorites continue to stick around, … [Read more...]