Back to School Shopping ~ The Peak of Parenting Stress?

Summer went way too fast this year.  For the first time, we found ourselves shopping for supplies and some back to school clothes the Saturday before school starts.  It felt a little like 4 a.m. on a Black Friday. Having to park in the last empty notch in the parking lot is your first clue that you're in for an interesting crowd.  Amidst the chaos, I bounce between amusement and annoyance at how obnoxious people can get in these situations.  Sparse shelves with only a few remaining sale items and long ugly check out lines don't appear to bring out the best in people. Back to School Shopping ~ The Dressing Room War Zone And neither do dressing rooms.  Have you had a dressing room moment with your child that brought out the ... umm... let's just say "less than perfect parent" in you?  Maybe it's a girl thing.  And I don't even have remotely-close to a teenager yet.  Scary. You're exhausted.  You're frustrated with the clothing options and prices.  You're stressed out about how … [Read more...]

Spring Shopping Decisions

  I absolutely love that my 7 year old daughter makes her new dress selection based almost exclusively on the Twirl Factor.  The best twirler wins, every time. When Spring comes it always puts me in the mood for getting out my warmer-season clothes, and maybe doing a little shopping to add a couple fun styles and colors to my closet. Remember when we weren't so critical of ourselves when we went shopping?  No, "ugg - this makes my hips look huge"... or "yuk - this color totally washes me out".  I miss those days.   … [Read more...]