Apply To Be a Stonewear Designs Ambassador

For two years now, I've had the privilege of being a brand ambassador for a womens active wear company that I've grown to truly love:  Stonewear Designs.  This Colorado-based business makes beautiful, quality clothing that is durable, functional for multiple active uses, extremely comfortable, flattering, and stylish enough for anywhere from the trail to the office. It's not an exaggeration when I say that I wear my Stonewear Designs daily.   Whether you are a rock climber, yoga enthusiast, runner, hiker, traveler, or just all around busy Woman-On-The-Go... they offer fantastic fabrics and styles to keep up with you in all your endeavors.  If you don't already, you will quickly come to love them, too! Now for the exciting part... they have just launched a search for new Stonewear Designs Ambassadors!  Here's what they are looking for: "Do you lead an active sports lifestyle? Are you involved in your community, and/or do you give back to the world with your energy and time? If … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips for New Bloggers

So you'd like to start blogging, and have a pretty good idea of what you'd like to write.  Now you just have to figure out:  How do I get people to start reading my new blog? A friend in this situation recently asked me for some social media and promotion tips.  I've only been blogging for one year, but I've experienced some fun successes and have definitely learned a few things along the way.  Here is my best advice to new bloggers. Social Media Tips for New Bloggers Things I Did (or Wish I Had Done), When I Was Getting Started as a Blogger: 1. Find and Interview a Blogging Mentor Something I did right out of the chute which was extremely helpful, was email a few existing bloggers I admired with some specific questions.  Any advice for me?  How did you grow?  Is trying to build Google GFC numbers a waste of time (retro, year-old question now...)?  Do you prefer Blogger or WordPress?  How did you get hooked up with Disney Movie PR information?!  You get the idea. To this day, … [Read more...]