Sol Republic Wireless Sound Review

Sol Republic is a relatively young, and definitely up-and-coming, company that's dedicated to "enhancing people’s lives through better-sounding headphones and accessories."  They are music lovers, which is a great place to start.  And they offer a variety of cool looking and great sounding headphone and speaker options. I've recently tried out two Sol Republic wireless sound products, and was very pleased:  Tracks Air Wireless Headphones, and the Punk Wireless Speaker. Sol Republic ~ Tracks Air Wireless Headphones I use ear buds a lot, but have a love hate relationship with them.  I love to hear my music.  I hate ear buds that constantly - and I mean constantly - fall out of my ear.  Annoying, and a very sad lack of bass.  What ever happened to the good old fashioned REAL headphones, like I used to borrow from my parents, as a kid in the 80's? What happened to them is that Sol Republic took them, morphed them into some eye catching, comfortable and perfectly padded … [Read more...]

Travel Packing Makeover by Travelon [Giveaway, Ended 10/27]

Being a savvy, hassle-free traveler these days means being organized, and traveling light. The bad news is, that can be very challenging. The good news is, there are many great travel organization products out there that can help a great deal - including those offered by Travelon. This month I've teamed up with Travelon to identify some of their best selling travel accessories, toiletry bags, and organizers to help give you a travel packing makeover, so you can start packing smarter. Travelon Travel Accessories, Toiletry Bags, and Organizers Let's start with your accessories.  Have a tendency to pack way too much jewelry?  Or have a hard time finding those small pieces in your suitcase?  Try out the compact, organized solution offered by this cute Folding Jewelry Organizer.  It has plenty of zippered compartments, clear vinyl to see contents, a snap down ring strap, and even a place to hook your earrings.   (Which I thought was kind of silly at first, but I tried it on my last … [Read more...]

Travelon Anti-Theft React Tote [Giveaway, Ended 9/3]

Nothing beats a great tote bag.  Never leave home without one, that's my motto! Totes can be a busy woman's best friend - providing a roomy, hands free catch all for all that "stuff" you end up grabbing before you go.  I've been using the gorgeous and versatile Travelon Anti-Theft React Tote for the past few weeks now, and would love to tell you a little about this great bag. First, a word about Travelon's fantastic  line of anti-theft bags, since the React Tote falls under this family and as such offers some awesome features you won't get with your average tote bag. Travelon Anti-Theft Bags I've tested a Travelon anti-theft bag as a safe travel bag in the past, and am very impressed with the well thought out features they include. While each style varies slightly, these core anti-theft concepts are incorporated into most of their designs: slash-proof construction cut-proof straps (many can attach to the chair you're sitting in) locking compartments organizer … [Read more...]

Best Laptop Travel Bag ~ STM Velo 2

When I found out I was headed for a week in LA on a work trip, I decided it was high time to up my laptop bag game.  I searched for the best laptop travel bag, and I believe I found it:  the STM Velo 2. It needed to be able to securely house my beefy 15" Dell work laptop.  And it also needed to be a slick travel companion in the airport, efficiently toting all my needed carry on items as my primary travel bag.  It did both, and it did it in style. Best Laptop Travel Bag ~ STM Velo 2 After it arrived, the STM Velo 2 instantly impressed me with it's quality construction.  I'm fairly obsessed with bags, and own quite a few brands and styles.  Quality-wise, this is one of the best I've seen. Sturdy, smooth release buckles Easy gliding zippers with handy pull tabs Nicely cushioned shoulder pad Generously padded and soft-lined compartments for both your laptop and tablet Durable material and overall solid construction. Impressive.  This picture gives you a nice … [Read more...]

Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag [Giveaway, Ended 1/16]

Travelon is a company offering numerous essential travel gear items, from bags and accessories to locks, eye masks, and travel-sized toiletry containers.  They've done their research, making many clever travel solutions available to you in one site.   But one product line where they truly stand out is their Anti-Theft bag series, including the Urban Tour bag. Being on the road, and away from home, you want peace of mind in feeling your valuables are secure.  I love the features this Anti-Theft series have incorporated, and think they are a fantastic idea to use while traveling, or even just during your urban commute. Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag The Travelon Anti-Theft Urban Tour Bag only comes in black, but it's useful and hip style will quickly win you over. To give you an idea of its size, it can hold your iPad in it's protective, thick internal felt-like sleeve - that footprint being a good descriptor of the general height and width of the bag itself.  This sleeve is really … [Read more...]

The Perfect Travel Sweater: Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan

Clothing companies that are born from an outdoor adventurer's pursuit of finding comfortable, durable, useful and attractive clothes are typically my favorite brands. Headquartered out of California, Royal Robbins definitely fits that bill, offering a complete outdoor & travel clothing line. I tried out their Women's Chenille Cardigan, and feel that in addition to being a great wardrobe staple... it makes pretty much the perfect travel sweater. The Perfect Travel Sweater:  Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan The Royal Robbins Chenille Cardigan comes in four colors, and is an incredibly soft, cozy delight. It's quite warm, very comfortable to wear, and offers a number of great features. First, why is this the perfect travel sweater?  Chenille!  Seriously, when was the last time you wore chenille?  For me, it's been awhile, and this high quality version won me over quickly.  Despite what I anticipated, it's not bulky at all.  When folded, it's both light and surprisingly … [Read more...]

Goodbye Boring Luggage, Hello American Tourister Colora #PackMoreFun

When I got married ten years ago, we received a set of American Tourister luggage as a wedding present.  So I'm already a fan, and on many occasions I've sang the praises and passed along my recommendations of this particular brand of luggage.  With that confidence in quality under my belt, I was happy to meet a new, most welcome addition to our travel lovin' family:  the American Tourister Colora! I really love this bag.  Let me tell you why... American Tourister Colora What a fantastic, well designed, and FUN line of luggage this is.   You pick up quickly on the playful vibe by following American Tourister's #PackMoreFun hashtag on social media, but your first clue about Colora line is the gorgeous, distinctive colors these bags are available in:  Lime green, Orange, and Raspberry. Mine's lime green.  He's stunning, and lovely.  (And I call him Mike Wazoski...  :)  ) But he's oh, so much more than just a pretty, stand-out-wherever-he-goes kinda bag.   Colora comes in three … [Read more...]

Travel Kool With TrendyKid’s Travel Gear

As the airlines continue to squeeze additional fees out of travelers left and right, more and more people are resorting to packing smarter (ie lighter) and bringing a carry-on suitcase.   Since my kids are now of an age where they can negotiate their own rolling case through an airport, I began the quest for a great kids travel gear option.  I found TrendyKid, a Washington DC-based children’s travel accessory company.  And we were very excited when our TrendyKid Travel Kool Case arrived! TrendyKid Travel Kool Case Billed as being the perfect size and style for tweens, the TrendyKid Travel Kool case is a great 17" size, meeting carry-on regulations.  This is an ABS hard shell design case, so it's nice and light weight.  In the world of hard-side luggage, ABS is said to be not as durable of a material as polycarbonate.  But it is lighter, which is probably a more important feature in a kids travel case. It features polyester lining and polycarbonate wheels.  If you do decide to … [Read more...]

Travel Planning With Office 365 & OneNote [Giveaway, Ended 6/5]

The new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium is an essential tool to help you and your family plan and prepare for that next big trip - so you can enjoy more of the things you want to do. With Office 365 Home Premium and the new features in OneNote, you can access all of your ideas and information even when you’re on-the-go.  Plus, you can now put all of your notes, reservations, confirmation numbers, directions, website links, and more into one place and get great travel advice from the new, free travel notebook, with expert tips from Travel + Leisure. Your information will be easier than ever to find with the search and tagging features, plus you can access it from anywhere by saving it to the cloud on SkyDrive. I have no doubts that this is the wave of the future in personal home (and mobile) computing, and a very handy tool to have for travel planning. -->  Before your trip, the free OneNote travel notebook offers you a cool template which can help guide you through which … [Read more...]

Tour Italy With Lonely Planet Travel Guides

"Benvenuti in Italia!"... Welcome to Italy!  If you were planning a trip to this amazing country, how would you chose a Travel Guide? Travel Guide books are exciting.  They open your eyes to a place you are longing to experience for yourself.  They equip you with fun and helpful information to assist you in planning vital trip details ahead of time.  And they help you get the most enjoyment out of your visit while you're there. At least they should do all of those things.  An important decision indeed!  Here's why I picked Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet ~ Real Guides for Independent Travelers Lonely Planet publishes travel guides for almost anywhere around the globe.  Let's face it, there are definitely a few quality options out there, when it comes to travel guide publishers. Personally, when I searched for the "just right" travel guide for me, after fairly extensive research I decided on Lonely Planet.  Why? Because I think Lonely Planet strikes a nice balance, in … [Read more...]