How To Get Rid Of Cluster Flies At Home

Flies in general are extremely annoying. They buzz round in circles, potentially carrying a huge range of diseases and then land on your food and work surfaces. Worse than this is the fact that they spit acid to dissolve their food and then suck the liquid up. A completely liquid diet means that they are constantly leaving a waste trail behind. Cluster flies are larger flies, approximately 10 – 15 mm and are a little slower than the standard fly. They are generally an issue in the autumn when they move inside; they need the warmth to stay alive during the winter. They find places to live in dark corners and they cluster together.  Every cluster fly emits a pheromone which will draw other cluster flies to them. This rapidly builds the swarm and the pheromone remains; even after the flies have died. There are several steps to take when looking to get rid of cluster flies. You will need to order a good fly control insecticide to aid with the process. Step 1 – Look for the flies in … [Read more...]

What is Best for Interiors: Winding or Spiral Staircases?

Building your dream home, or perhaps just gathering ideas?  Consider including a unique and gorgeous staircase, which can add incredible design appeal.  Here are a few tips when investigating this option. While large houses can sometimes allow for straight staircases, its more common to have a at least one bend or turn in the stairs to make it fit in a tighter space. In small multi-floor apartments, this can be a significant architectural issue as every inch counts. A spiral staircase can be a dramatic choice that allows stairs in the smallest of areas, but are they better than a more gently winding stairway? If you're thinking about doing some stair renovations, you might want to learn more about your options. Footprint Size In terms of space, the spiral staircase will have a smaller footprint and take up less room. If your biggest concern is saving space, this this can be the way to go. On average, a spiral unit can be around 4 feet in diameter (they have a circular space … [Read more...]

Planning In Advance For Future Home Emergencies

The following was contributed by guest author  Kevin Bennett Are You a Gambler? Colorado is a beautiful state. Sand dunes to the south are balanced by mountains stretching the length of the territory. To the east are vast plains, and as you travel the I-25 corridor, there are no shortage of activities to entertain you. It’s no wonder this state has grown dramatically in the last ten years, and is continuing to expand. Many people are moving to this colorful, temperate region and starting families. But for any family moving to a new home, it is important to reach “cruising altitude” before finding your routine. What does this mean? You’ve got to hope for the best and expect the worst. Plumbing Considerations Hope that when the year’s hottest days come, your AC works. Expect it to malfunction from time to time and have a technician on file should you need to call for assistance. Hope the year’s coolest blizzard won’t freeze the pipes and cause them to break, but expect this … [Read more...]

Lies Travelers Tell Themselves To Justify Their Trip

The following post was contributed by a partner. We all have our own affirmations about many aspects in life. At work, we say we can do this or that without taking into account what might really happen. In traveling, this is also true as we justify our travel plans with certain affirmations. However, most affirmations we make when we travel are unrealistic. In fact, there are things that we tell ourselves that are flat out lies, and we travel in vain and return home without achieving anything. There are times that we have travel regrets, whether travel expenses, or a missed opportunity, and it haunts us. Today, we will go into the five lies that travelers tell themselves, and you can see if any of these relate to the last time you went anywhere. Five Tall-Tale Lies We Tell Ourselves   Morning Flights are the Best You probably want to get a 6:00 am flight, so you can start your day early and reduce your stress. Ironically, air travel is stressful; … [Read more...]

Expert Thoughts on Dealing with Loss

The following article was contributed by Christensen & Hymas and Lorii Hubbard Counseling After losing someone you may be wondering how you are going to adjust to your altered life. It’s not easy but fortunately, there are others who have experienced what you might be feeling. Additionally, there are professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping people who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. Dealing with Loss We reached out to Lorii Hubbard, a grief counselor and asked her to share her most helpful thoughts on how someone can cope with death. This blog post contains some of her suggestions. Include Your Loved One in Your Everyday Life This can mean a lot of different things including talking about favorite memories with others, talking to a picture of your loved one about everyday things or writing a letter to them thanking them for the place they hold in your heart. Plan Meaningful Memorial Activities These can include planting flowers or trees in … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Family Ties Strong

Family is everything, wouldn't you agree?  One of the hardest things in life can be successfully maintaining family ties with parents, siblings, and other family members.  Everyone has their own life, but that doesn’t mean that communication and togetherness should cease.  It is our responsibility as parents to strive to keep the bond strong and make a foundation that will help our children succeed in life. Here are some ways you can keep your family ties strong. Show genuine care and affection towards one another Never be afraid to show affection for a loved one. Whether it’s a kiss or a simple hug each night when you say goodnight to your kids or spouse. Simple things like patting your son on the back after he hits a home run, or just jubilantly calling out your daughter’s name while she’s cheerleading goes a long way. Providing each one with affection and warmth keeps the family ties strong and helps them to be confident when they are on their own. Follow family rituals. … [Read more...]

Effective Health Tips for Healthy Living

Health is a worthwhile priority for moms and all women. A happy mom equates to a happy family. Husbands can suffer when their wives are out on vacation for a day or two, because it is at this point that they realize how much their wives manage.  The whole household, kids and all responsibilities that circulate in the home. As a mom, you need to invest in taking good care of yourself, and be as fit as a fiddle. This  may require a course of strength, patience, and hard work.  Whether it's a Monday or a Sunday, you rarely get any time to sit and think about your health.  As a woman, you have proved to have different talents in different fields. You try to be a perfect colleague mom and mother, but if all of this is at stake in your health, it will be of no use. If you are above thirty, you need to pay special attention to your health, weaknesses, and nutrition. Your total well-being as reproduction and biological factors do not determine a woman but also other aspects such as … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Organic Towels

There’s been a surge of enthusiasm for the current trend of using organic cotton towels. Why so much attention? There are actually some great reasons to join the crowd when it comes to organic towels and sheets. Take a look at some of the following facts and you just might be convinced yourself: No Chemicals The manufacturing process used to create traditional linens (bedding and towels) includes the use of added chemicals. These treatments are used to prevent sheets and towels from getting wrinkled when they’re used and those chemicals are added near the end of the manufacturing process. What does this mean to you? It means that there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be rubbing chemicals all over your freshly bathed skin every time you dry off with traditional towels. If this sounds concerning to you, then organic is the way to go. Allergen-Free It seems that today, allergies and skin sensitivity are at all-time high. It’s no wonder when you consider the common use of chemicals … [Read more...]

Preparing the Family for Cycling

  Are you trying to improve your fitness levels, but have a fitness regime that's confined to the gym and a few fitness classes?  How about trying cycling? It is something that the whole family could do and, potentially, do together. With this in mind, start looking at bikes and you will likely be amazed at how much things have changed.  When we were younger, we all rode road bikes.   The only other kind of bike out there was a racing bike - and only serious cyclists rode those. But things have changed since then, and changed radically.... for the better! The bewildering world of modern cycling You can buy road bikes from Radial Cycles, but they also sell a huge range of different sports and adventure bikes. For example, who knew there was such a thing as a gravel bike?  The choices can be bewildering, but as a family you may not be ready for mountain biking, cyclo-cross or enduro riding. Perhaps all you need are some good road bikes. You could even start by … [Read more...]

Einstein Bros. Bagels Coupon for Free Bagel Topper

My family and I have an absolute favorite bagel shop:  Einstein Bros. Bagels.  They have an awesome variety on the menu, and we love it all!  We order the gamut, from frosted sugar cookie for my son, to a egg-spinach-mushroom-and-swiss bagel sandwich for me.  Mmmmm... I can taste it now! Well, now the order decision making process just got even more challenging, with some delicious new options!  Einstein Bros. Bagels just added a new menu item to inject some fun and creativity into how people “top” their bagels – beyond the basic cream cheese and lox: Bagel Toppers. Served open-faced, new Einstein Bros. Bagel Toppers are available in four innovative flavor combinations that are sure to please everyone from the certified chocoholic to the vegetable lover. To find out which Bagel Topper is your match please click here. Spicy Devil: a toasted bagel with Jalapeno Salsa shmear, bacon and sliced jalapenos Nutty Monkey with Nutella: a toasted bagel with Nutella hazelnut chocolate … [Read more...]