Tips From My 6 Week Fitness Challenge

Because I'm tall, like to be active, genetically have a decent metabolism and don't insist on being model thin - I've never had to fret much about my weight.   For which I'm grateful, because the few times I've tried dieting I felt weak and nauseated all day, and failed miserably. Maybe it's that I've been sick with a respiratory bug since November, which leaves me drained and has reduced my exercise level to near zilch.  Or maybe it's that my age and body changes are finally catching up with me.  Probably both.  Whatever the case, I've definitely gained weight that's sticking around, this past few months.  And now that many of my clothes are becoming uncomfortably snug (sob!), I realized I had to do something. You do get to that point where you contemplate, "Am I done caring?  Should I just start purchasing the next size up, and embrace the new, squishier me?" Or should I fight? I'm going to fight. And I'm thrilled that my place of employment just decided to offer a "6 … [Read more...]