Gear Girl Review ~ Tamrac® HooDoo 18 Camera Backpack

You adventure into some amazing outdoor places, and having a real camera along (not just your phone) to take photos is highly desirable.  But do you want to risk tossing it in your backpack with your other hiking gear, to get scratched or damaged?  That dilemma is solved with the comfortable and practical Tamrac® HooDoo 18 Camera Backpack. Tamrac® HooDoo 18 Camera Backpack Review The Tamrac® HooDoo 18 is a specialized camera backpack, which contains a handy, top loading padded compartment to safely store and easily retrieve your camera.  This protected compartment is large enough to also hold a lens and some other accessories, yet a good depth so that the contents are still easily viewed and retrieved. "But I need a real backpack, for real hiking" you say?  Read on... you'll get that, too. Features: This is a legitimate backpack, with all the comfort features you'd want while taking a decent hike.  In addition to the padded camera compartment, This small-to-medium sized pack … [Read more...]

Kids Gear: Deuter Junior Backpack

Our youngest child has a Deuter Kids backpack that we are very impressed with.  So when my 8 year old daughter needed a slightly larger, but still kid sized pack... we looked to the Deuter Junior Backpack. In the specifications for the Deuter Junior Backpack it says 'ages 3 and up'.  Personally, I think the Deuter Kids would work best for any toddler, up through about age 5 or 6.  Once they pass that age, I think they would do even better with a Deuter Junior Backpack.  While still a reasonable size for a child, it also features a small back system but offers additional space. I've not seen a better backpack designed with such great features for a child to use while hiking.  Take a look at what we experienced with the Deuter Junior Backpack. Deuter Junior Backpack Features Deuter backpacks are of excellent quality, made of nylon fabric with ripstop threads.   The Deuter Junior Backpack is lightweight, and the buckles are sturdy but still easily opened by young … [Read more...]