7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Backyard Chickens

We’ve been the proud owners of backyard chickens for 2 ½ years now.  Although we don’t know it all, we have learned a few unexpected things about this venture.  If you are debating about buying some peeps and taking the plunge, here's what to know about backyard chickens.  A few helpful tips that may help you make your decision. There’s definitely many benefits to owning these enjoyable and funny birds, and we are still very happy with ours.  However, there are both good and bad aspects to having them roam your backyard. # 1 - They Will Trash Your Yard First up for what to know about backyard chickens:  Let’s talk about that backyard.  Prepare yourself, cause the girls are gonna trash it. Sure, you could keep your backyard chickens in their coop at all times.  It would certainly be tidier.  But in order to get the full benefit of those extra-nutrient rich, free range eggs - you gotta let the girls out. The upside is that they have so much fun around the yard.  … [Read more...]

6 Things To Love About Fall

It's not a hard season to love.  And if it didn't herald winter on it's immediate haunches, I'd reckon many would say it's their favorite time of year.  Since I finally live somewhere that actually has 3 months spent in each season, as God intended (no offense, South Dakota)... I absolutely love Fall!  Here are some of my favorite things about it. Pumpkin Spiced Anything     Either Starbucks has changed their #PSL (ridiculously priced Pumpkin Spiced Latte) recipe to include a nearly inconsumable amount of flavoring, or I've gotten too old to handle it.  Don't get me wrong... I still order one from time to time, because they are pretty fantastic.  But that's because of my overall pumpkin addiction. Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin buttermilk pancakes (for real - check that recipe out!), burning pumpkin scented candles.  Can't. Get. Enough. New Episodes of Favorite TV Series I don't watch that much TV, and had … [Read more...]

Meet My Baby Peeps!

We joined the Backyard Chicken Club!  Yes, that's a real thing.   Although we live within city limits, we are allowed to have up to 6 chickens on our property.  Meet Peaches, Tink, Bambi, Clementine, and Flynn Rider! Sleeping.  Seriously... how cute are they?!  When you cup them in your hand, the warmth makes them nod right off. So, yes.  Unknown to us, owning "urban chickens" is apparently a hip new thing to do.  Personally, we just got suckered in by the adorable, fuzzy baby chicks at our local feed store this Spring.  And my husband has a soft spot for birds.  So there you go. We almost didn't get Peaches.  We had a different chick in our box, and the teenaged employee at Murdock's clarified to me, "Do you realize that one is actually a meat bird?"  *gasp*!  We don't need any MEAT BIRDS, forgoodnesssakes!  So that one went back, and Peaches was added into the mix. Right now they live in our garage, with a heat lamp.  They are surprisingly affordable and low … [Read more...]