Zoom! Remembering Axel’s Love of Biking

Two year old Axel loved to ride his bike.  Born into an active, outdoorsy family, the balance bike they equipped him with early-on served him well on his toddler adventures... exploring desert, mountains, and many a rain puddle. Last year, Axel's life was cut short tragically and abruptly.   Being the mother of a little boy the same age as Axel, I've had a hard time wrapping my mind around what his family has gone through.  They've courageously chosen to focus on their happy memories.  Specifically, Axel's love of biking and helping to spread this joy by introducing and nurturing a love of biking in other children and families. Zoom!  Remembering Axel's Love of Biking In honor of Axel, Zoom!, is the story of a boy and his balance bike. It's a new children's picture book currently in the works, and is designed to inspire others to discover a love of biking. In the words of Axel's family: "[We] decided to honor his memory by helping other families to discover and embrace … [Read more...]

Skip the Trike, Toddlers Can (Balance) Bike!

Have you ever seen a tiny tyke dashing along on a two-wheeled bike, looking barely old enough to have left the baby stroller behind?  Behold the power of the toddler balance bike, a new outdoor play phenomenon that delivers some easy, worthwhile, and exciting benefits. My son just turned 3, has truly found his stride on his balance bike, and loves every minute that he spends on it.  Frankly, he sheds almost daily tears whenever we need to remove him from it and head back indoors.  But that's a good thing. I can't take credit for the initial discovery of balance bikes.  It was my parents who had admired wee riders from afar, in their local parks, watching them impressively darting along on their Strider bikes. Grandpa thought this was a very cool trick, indeed, and had the balance bike purchase all planned out.  (I'm pretty sure this occurred a few  hours after my son's birth.) Toddlers Can Balance Bike! I won't get into the engineering details here, I primarily wanted to … [Read more...]